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buzzing without the buzz, monday gin review

monday gin review

A shot pop in post for today. Chris, the co-founder of Monday Gin, reached out to me a few weeks back to introduce their headlining product… “a zero alcohol spirit that helps people drink delicious cocktails while staying sharp and keeping immunity levels up.” – Chris, Co-Founder of Monday Gin

monday gin bottle

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | non-alcoholic gin c/o:MONDAY GIN


While I know many of you drink like fish (myself included), I thought it was an interesting concept. I do have many friends that don’t partake in alcohol at all… and they’ve expressed feeling “left out” of the delicious cocktail options many of us enjoy. Many of these people are upper class and enjoy the luxury of a good drink as an experience. They’re  happy to pay for virgin cocktails at the bar, but disappointed with the sugary artificial flavors that they get back.

non-alcoholic gin by monday gin reviewChris co-founder of Monday Gin

Enticed by the idea of a non-alcoholic gin, I agreed to give it a try. Chris got a bottle in the mail right away, and I received the Monday Zero Alcohol Gin in the 750ML bottle. It retails for $45.99, but they’re currently offering it at a discount of $39.99. Here’s what you can expect.

They’re getting buzz without giving you one… just featured on Uncrate this week as a wiser drink solution, people are starting to take notice.

“Free of alcohol, full of spirit.” Monday presents the gin as “a complex, aromatic blend of juniper, natural botanicals, citrus, and spices that satisfies like a classic London Dry, finishing with the familiar kick of your favorite spirit.”

Monday gin review photosdrink made with monday gin

Some good things to note, there are zero carbs, no sugar, no calories, and it’s vegan. So no matter your hangup or diet, it’s something everyone can enjoy. It’s handcrafted from a family owned distillery in Southern California, so yeah… that’s pretty cool too.

Now that you know a bit about them, let’s get into the taste and review of Monday Gin. First off, packaging. Packaging is important to me, especially for premium or luxury products. It’s your first hands-on experience with the product, and all of the senses should be engaged. Packaging is also a determining factor for me on whether or not the item would qualify as a good gifting idea.

Monday Gin packaging

It came in an ordinary box (the shipping box was the packaging box). Which may or may not be because it was sent to me as a sample of sorts. The bottle itself is beautiful. It has a forest green label with geometrical gold embossing and lettering. It’s cork has a tasteful seal that makes you feel like you’re opening something special.

Next experience, the smell (I always smell food and drinks before tasting). It smells just like gin! In fact I was surprised how similar the aroma is…. Minus the bite from the alcohol of course. Excited to give it a try, I gave the gin a taste on it’s own.

The flavor is semi sweet, and quite mild. It’s not a super concentrated taste, so you may want to double up on the ratio of “spirits” to mixers.

monday gin presentation review

My go-to drink of choice for gin is a gin and tonic (basic I know). I didn’t have tonic water on hand, so I used sparkling soda water, and garnished with fresh rosemary from my garden for an extra botanical twist. The taste… (drum roll) quite lovely. It starts with a sort of rosy, fruity taste, and ends with a Juniper finish. Quite refreshing indeed. It’s a nice flavor for a summer drink, and I imagine it would be great with a cucumber twist.

The moment of truth – how much does it taste like true gin? It’s in the ballpark. Well we must first premise by acknowledging that there are so many flavors of gin. Gin is basically a botanical alcohol that is traditionally noted by the predominant Juniper flavor. So for points on the Juniper and botanical notes, Monday Gin is a win! That makes it great as a mocktail mixer for people looking for a special drink without the buzz. (So much better than the weird syrupy solutions).

mocktail gin cocktail with monday gin

Alcohol itself also has a taste… a sort of burning, mildly bitter flavor according to some. Without the alcohol, Monday Gin doesn’t have the burn, so it registers slightly sweeter than an alcoholic gin would. Since most people that drink this on a regular basis probably don’t drink alcohol (or only drink it rarely), it goes to say that they would probably prefer the non-burning sensation, that often gets a negative connotation with new drinkers.

For those who like the burn… don’t by non-alcoholic drinks. (Duh.). Jk. On a real note, I do enjoy alcoholic beverages, but still enjoyed Monday Gin as a non-alcoholic specialty drink. It would be great for dinner parties and dry gatherings where you still want something special to compliment your meal or Hors d’Oeuvres.

What about for the drinkers out there like me? Though it’s not it’s purpose, Monday Gin makes a great mixer WITH alcohol! (Sorry Monday, don’t kill me for saying it). Because of the bright botanical taste (and smell), it makes a great compliment to vodka and gin beverages. It adds that little pop of flavor, without being overwhelming to the rest of your recipe.

monday gin review recap

What’s the recap? Monday Gin is such a cool, cozy sized company doing awesome things, innovating non-alcoholic beverages. Finally options that don’t involve pure simple syrup and juice! It’s a game changer for regular virgin drinkers who want options. If that’s you, you’ve got to try it.

For my alcoholics out there, no alcohol doesn’t mean it’s not for you! Try it for a dry night, entertaining, or even as a cocktail mixer in your favorite vodka or gin drink recipe. Its fresh, it’s delightful, and has a robust Juniper taste that all of us gin fans adore. Enjoy, remember to make life an experience, and thanks for the trial run Monday Gin! I’ll be polishing off my bottle.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the featured Monday Gin was gifted to me by Monday Gin. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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