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7 luxury fashion blogs you’re going to want to follow now

Luxury fashion blog fashionedshicstyling

It’s time to indulge ourselves and pay homage to the the best luxury fashion blogs the visionaries that bring them to life. From effortless chic ensembles to lust worthy accessories, these are the leaders that inspire fashion for generations.

These powerful women have built empires through their keen eye for aesthetics and understanding of the fashion empire. They inspire us to be the best version of ourselves. They let us drool over their Balenciaga bags and Gucci shoes. They show us how to make everyday a luxurious experience. They remind us that luxury is an experience that we can all be a part of, and that true style is an expression of ourselves.

If you loved my top inspirational minimalist lifestyle blog list, this post is for you. You’ll recognize some of my all time favorite fashion bloggers, as well as a few new faces you’re going to want to follow.

luxury fashion blog @pepamack

IMAGE CRED: @pepamack

Minimalist luxury style without interruption with @pepamack

Petra of @pepamack has nearly a million followers on her luxury fashion Instagram account, and it’s no surprise. She’s created a niche, luxury fashion experience for those who love minimalist style. 

Timeless and sophisticated, her look is luxury style without interruption. You won’t see dramatic city backdrops, gorgeous sunset views or elaborate dining halls. Instead, her approach is direct featuring the best in suiting, tailored pieces and wardrobe essentials.

Her signature look blends basic oversized t-shirts with dress slacks or blazers. With a petite frame and legs for days, the oversized, gender neutral approach is every bit as sexy as smart.

Her frequent brands include a mix of everyday essentials and top designers. For her basics you’ll find attainable brands like Zara, Bassike, Acne and Uniqlo. In the luxury departments, she’s been spotted in Louis Vuitton, IRO Paris, Versace, Alexander Wang and Celine.

luxury fashion blog @mvb


Lux athleisure and upscale grunge with @mvb

Marie von Behrens of @MVB reminds us luxury can rebel. Her unique style mixes hardcore grunge and sporty athleisure style in an upscale way that will have you wondering just how she pulls it off.

Saint Laurent probably worships her. You’ll also spot her in Prada and Chanel like they’re Levis. She’s not afraid to mix a $2 ribbed tank with a limited edition Chanel La Pausa bag, and neither should you.

She’s on my new list of obsessions, and I’m quite sure she’ll be on on yours. Fearless and a natural beauty, she’ll have you re-thinking the definition of luxury fashion.

luxury fashion blog @alyssa.lenore

IMAGE CRED: @alyssa.lenore

Luxury is beige with @alyssa.lenore

Alyssa Lenore of @Alyssa.lenore believes that luxury is beige. Her mostly monochrome feed features casual luxury fashion in black, white and neutrals in classic NYC girl style.

You’ll spot her with city backdrops, in coffee shops and luxury interiors in clothes you can imaging wearing everyday. Key pieces of the season include fuzzy knit sweaters, blazers, blouses and jeans. Her go to shoes are always white sneakers, though her closet is loaded with styles to envy.

Luxury handbags are her thing. You’ll spot her sporting luxury brands most iconic accessories like the Botegga Pouch bag, Fendi, classic Channel, Christian Dior and Louis Vuitton.

luxury fashion blog @happilygrey

IMAGE CRED: @happilygrey

Glamour and luxury with @happilygrey

Who could be more charming than Nashville’s very own Mary Lawless Lee of @happilygrey. Mary lives her entire life in a luxury mindset with sophisticated glamor at the center of her style.

Recently introducing her first baby girl, Navy James just a couple of months back, there’s now even more to love. You’ll find her traipsing around Nashville in couture gowns and feminine blouses. Her look is always pulled together, and she’s made herself an icon of luxury couture style.

She’s been spotted in cool girl brands like Golden Goose and works frequently with luxury retailer Netaporter. You’ll also be able to discover some obscure luxury brands as well as the icons including Chanel, Dior, and Ralph Lauren.

luxury fashion blog lornaluxe

IMAGE CRED: @lornaluxe

Luxury NYC fashion trends @lornaluxe

Lorna from @lornaluxe even puts luxury in her name. Her motto, “breath it all in. Lux it all out.” From London to Paris, her style is upstate proper and stays inside the classics.

You’ll find her in trench coats, knit dresses and layered basics paired with a few suiting pieces. Her hair is always on point, and she’s the “it” girl you imagine never leaves the house without being completely ready.

Some of her most luxury pieces include her classic Chanel bag, the new Christian Dior saddle bag, knits from Balenciaga and Celine everything.

luxury fashion blog vanessahong

IMAGE CRED: @vanessahong

Luxury like modern art @vanessahong

Once The Haute Pursuit, Vanessa has newly updated her blog voice to her name, @vanessahong. She lives a luxury life like it’s art, and has recently expanded to philanthropic work. You can learn more about that on @vanessawantstoknow where she features episode of women inspiring women.

Her style is an eclectic mix of pieces. If you spot her in the streets of NYC, you might just think she is a work of art herself. Expect to see her in the most outrageous luxury trends. Neon zebra, oversized vinyl, unique layering, and decorating her face. Nothing is off limits.

She also frequently features pieces from Netaporter, Burberry, Chanel and other luxury brands, but her taste is more about the art, less about the logo.

Luxury fashion blog fashionedshicstyling

IMAGE CRED: @fashionedchicstyling

Queen of luxury streetstyle @fashionedchicstyling

Last but not least, with over a million followers, Erica Hoida of @fashionedchicstyling shows us how to master street style in luxury. Based in San Diego, this woman is head to toe perfection and is always pulled together. Her looks are sexy, glamours and contour. It’s no wonder her luxury fashion blog is one of the best in the world.

She’s less about fast fashion, and more into timeless feminine style. You’ll spot her in leather moto jackets, silk lace camis, jeans, and an endless assortment of stilettos. Brands she loves to rock include Gucci and Prada. She’s going to be the first to have a bag from every new season.

These women are truly inspirations to me, and I hope you enjoy their content as much as I do. What are your favorite luxury fashion blogs? Share in the comments below. Stay inspired.


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