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top 10 minimalist instagram blogs you should follow

top 10 minimalist fashion bloggers

Clean, crisp, inspirational – suddenly you have the urge to purge your wardrobe and reduce your collection to a few luxury fashion pieces hanging neatly in your dream-like wardrobe. The wooden hangers, the shoes aligned neatly on white shelves, a single bar necklace and a few statement blazers… A single tropical leaf graces an all white desk, and monochrome magazines lie neatly stacked in a corner. Here’s a tribute to minimalist fashion bloggers, and the serene, peace and desire they make us feel while scrolling for hours in their feeds. I once tried to convert to a totally minimalist lifestyle, but had a hard time parting with a few of my favorite things.

Whether you’ve succeeded in your endeavors or just love sinking yourself visually into their empty spaces, it goes without saying their an inspiration to us all. Looking for some fresh content to feed off of? Here are the top 10 minimalist Instagram blogs you should follow, because I know I could get lost for hours on their accounts.

bright white and beige by @kirstenanderton

If you’re all about #allwhite, #whiteaddict, and minimalist style, @kirstenanderton is a fashion blogger you won’t want to miss. Her feed is airy and light, speckled with European cityscapes. She has mastered everything from style to beauty and travel, and has a look that’s decidedly modern and feminine.

minimalist instagram blogger kirstenanderton

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boss babe @kristywho

Hear sirens? @kristywho repeatedly stops traffic with her edgy take on minimalist fashion. Her boss lady vibes are enough to inspire any woman to run the streets in tailored, minimalist style. Expect a neutral color palette with splashes of color – not too much – just enough to keep things interesting. She often wears unique, statement pieces. So, if you’re looking to mix up your wardrobe with something fresh, she’s a great resource.

minimalist instagram blogger kristy who

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a little sporty, a lot of luxury by @viennawedekind

Like to mix a little athliesure in your luxury style? @viennawedekind does a great job of combining luxury fashion pieces and sporty elements like puff jackets and sport sneakers. You’ll spot a slew of luxury fashion bags and European backdrops amongst her mostly monochrome wardrobe.

minimalist instagram bloggers vienna

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nyc streetstyle by my friend @ivanakorda

Good friend and talented blogger @ivanakorda slays the streets of NYC in a minimalist fashion wardrobe. She knows just the right way to pair a basic jean or pant with structured suiting for effortless, truly minimal style. She’s elegant, and prefers subtle accessories to compliment her beautifully un-stressed looks. You’ll spot her with some distinctly NYC backdrops with cheekbones popping.

minimalist instagram blogger ivana

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if you could have one wardrobe, it would be from @kaity_modern

One of my all time favorite minimalist fashion bloggers is @kaity_modern – if I had to swap closets with anyone, it would definitely be with her. Sporting luxury essential pieces in a minimalist, monochrome-and-toffee color palette, she’s yet to make a post ’til date that I didn’t obsess over. You’ll notice a lot of attention to detail in the pieces she features, with luxurious silks, distinct silhouettes, and statement hardware.

minimalist fashion blogger kaity modern

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black, grey and denim with @theversastyle

@theversastyle  is the queen of monochrome fashion… with a frequent pop of denim blue. If you love casual streetstyle, she’s a gal you’re going to want to follow. Her feed has a distinctly grey hue, and you’ll be in a trans over her in-street attire and meticulously curated wardrobe collections. Her account is proof one can never have too many crossbody bags and black booties.

minimalist instagram blogger versastyle

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inviting luxury with @maroobii_

If I had two words to describe the account of @maroobii_  they would be “minimalist luxury”. If you want to enjoy the finer things of life in the utmost simplicity, she’s the fashion blogger to follow. Her taste is simple, but impactful. Her account is checkered with inspiration-worthy outfits and luxurious lifestyle settings.

minimalist instagram blogger maroobii

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white marble and blush hues @gracejayde

Another great friend and blogger @gracejayde  inspires us with her all white, minimalist beauty inspirations. If you don’t live in a pure white world with marble coffee tables and modern light fixtures, you’ll want to once you visit her account. She blogs mostly about beauty, but also shares an occasional, well-styled fashion post and plenty of interior design. Her color platte with have you reaching for a glass of rose with pops of pink speckling her glowing account.

minimalist beauty blogger grace jayde

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casual compass with @mypetitedilemma

If you enjoy luxury fashion but don’t like to try too hard, you’ll love @mypetitedilemma  and her casual-lux feed. You’ll typically spot her in sneakers or jeans, but looking anything but ordinary. Her color card is mostly monochrome with a splash of denim blue and toffee hues.

minimalist luxury blogger my petite dilemma

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minimalist to the core by @ovrslo

For the ultimate form of minimalism, @ovrslo  inspires me on the daily with her monochrome fashion selections and a notable absence of color. If you thought there were only so many ways you could mix a no-color wardrobe, you were wrong. Her style is strong and inspired with a touch of bada**ness that you won’t be able to resist.

minimalist fashion blogger

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@dayinmydreams on Instagram

Ok I promised you my top 10 minimalist fashion bloggers, and they’re all above! If you don’t follow me on Instagram, let’s connect on all platforms. You can find my minimal musings on my travel, lifestyle and fashion account @dayinmydreams

minimalist instagram blog day in my dreams

Hope you enjoy these incredible, talented women and their accounts as much as I do. Be an inspiration, get inspired, and never forget to support the people that inspire you.


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