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styling cute outfits with black biker shorts

fashion blogger wears black biker shorts outfit

Even with the arrival of fall, black biker shorts have become a staple in my wardrobe. They are comfortable, versatile, easy to find, so chic and great for travel. As a fashion blogger always on the go, they are one of my biggest must-have items this season.

biker shorts

A returning trend of the 80’s fashion scene, they can be intimidating to style. Biker shorts women are now styling as high fashion are more of an athleisure item. You can certainly style biker shorts outfits with your sportswear. But if that’s all you’ve ventured to, you’re missing out. I mean common, how often are fall fashion trends THIS comfortable.

luxury hikeleisure fashion in biker shorts

If you’re looking for some inspiration, I’ve got some tips and tricks on how to plan cute outfits with biker shorts. For this post, I’ve styled 3 outfits with black biker shorts, since they’re my #1 color choice for a few reasons. More on that later. Here are the looks.

biker shorts outfit paired with a coordinating sports bra or crop

Let’s start simple. Biker shorts are lean, and contour to your body precisely. This is why black tends to be my first grab, as it’s the most forgiving color. Pair your biker shorts with a coordinating crop top or sports bra. Layover over it with a long sleeve blouse or a blazer if you’re feeling especially formal.

biker shorts outfit with a sports bra

Keep it casual and lite with chunky white sneakers, or dress it up with pumps. Since it’s more of an athleisure combination, I tend to grab heels to offset the look. This is my favorite way to style outfits with biker shorts.

It is laid back, yet sophisticated. Its comfortable, but exudes style. It’s a weekend favorite in my home. If you stop by, you’ll often see me working in my studio in this look, shedding the outer layer as the sun warms my house midday.

After work, no need to change. I grab my pumps to run errands, pick up groceries for dinner, meet friends for a quick coffee and have even stopped bar side for a casual cocktail.

Because this outfit is the epitome of comfort and effortless style, this is also my go-to outfit for traveling. It’s great for road trips or journeys when even your favorite jeans start to pull too much after a long duration.

hiking in black biker shorts

I also pair this exact outfit with sneakers and wear it to the airport for international trips. The blouse works as a nice extra layer in case the plane is chilly. Or if it’s hot (as it often is) running between gates, I can shed the outer layer and arrive without breaking a sweat.

I’ve even hiked in this outfit! (Minus the pumps of course, that was just for the photo op). Just be sure to use insect repellent with that midriff exposed.

leather biker shorts with a basic t-shirt

Another casual way to style outfits with biker shorts is with a basic, oversized t-shirt. Leather biker shorts are a more bold statement and add a nice dull shine to your look. Oversized t-shirts balance a fitted lower half.

wearing david lerner leather biker shorts in london

I wore this David Lerner combo in London this past summer. Never knowing whether to expect rain or shine, I brought a blazer to layer over in case of a chill.

running errands in london

The oversized t-shirt is the most casual way to wear the trend. It’s my get-down and get-busy look (in this case, shooting a half dozen looks in London for David Lerner). Feeling a bit more saucy?

wearing david lerner biker shorts and oversized t-shirtcasual style in london

You can also wear biker shorts with an oversized t-shirt untucked. This completely changes the look. The concept here is to go XXL with a shirt that could double as a dress. The biker shorts are a nice safety measure in case things go south.

oversized tshirt outfit

My personal pick – an oversized graphic Givenchy Rottweiler t-shirt with black biker shorts and kitten heels. Our designer says “why are you so sexy today?!” Didn’t do a shoot, but how about this selfie? (Though honestly it’s hard to see with the blazer over it… but yeah. You get the idea. That leads us to the next look…

black biker shorts with an oversized blazer

If you’re lucky enough to work in a business casual atmosphere, you might even be able to wear this look to work. Oversized blazers are a big trend for fall fashion. They make a great layer to go over biker shorts.

oversized blazer and biker shorts

Blazers have the power to transform everyday clothes to sophisticated work wear. They even work on biker shorts. I picked up this one second hand from the men’s department. After a thorough dry-cleaning it was as good as new.

Rabbit trail on blazers – I’ve tried buying these oversized styles as a steal from fashion fashion shops, but always found the quality to be disappointing. Big brand luxury retailers and name brands can get expensive for a trend that may be out in a year. I found second hand is the perfect solution for luxury quality at an affordable price. I have picked up a few similar styles from The Real Real for less than $50 and name brands including Helmut Lang, Saint Laurent and more.

prada cahier bag

Which is your favorite outfit with black biker shorts? If you’re looking for more ideas, I have created a Pinterest board with hundreds of cute outfits with biker shorts styled by celebs like Kylie Jenner. It’s a great source for ideas on how to make biker shorts fit into your style story.

biker shorts outfits on pinterest

Want to shop? Shopbop has tons of biker short options here, or you can find them at most any fashion retailer. You can also shop my leather biker shorts from David Lerner here.

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