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seasons of the setting sun

inspiration of the season

How did we get here.

We stood there in the breeze. That moment was right. Even if the road leading there wasn’t perfect. Even if tomorrow was not going to be ok. We stared into the distance. The silent mountains bathed in the clearest of spring lakes. The setting sun slowly painted and re-painted the horizon.

lake lugano at sunset

Hues changed from the vivid lakes and trees of the day. Sunset transformed the earth to gold. Dusk settled in smokey pinks and blues. It was like watching the earth become reborn overnight.

lake lugano architecturelugano italian pizza

Everything old melted with the sun, only to be brought back to life more beautiful each time.


Life has seasons. Some colorful and exciting. Some are crisp and clear, letting you see for miles. Some seasons are hazy and dark. Sometimes it feels like the sun may never rise again.

fall sunsetjosh wolfe music at sunset in luganocity of lugano from the sky

Yet, that beautiful circle of light rises each day. Every day we are reminded we have something to be grateful for. Everyday is reborn, with a chance to start everything new.


We often can’t see past the season we’re in. Either overwhelmed in complete bliss, or drowning alone in darkness.

view of lake lugano

Our hearts are so fragile. Imploding with each and every change. Our hearts are so strong. We survive. We live. We triumph over another circle of the world.

What tomorrow may hold, I cannot tell. But I will see you there, of that I am certain.

city of lugano at dusklake lugano mountains at sunset

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