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crossing the line

contrast sheath dress

from chaotic to more chaotic – this week has been a rollercoaster of events, and I’m happily unwinding with a schedule that’s busy – but no longer excruciatingly so.

Here’s wishing you enjoyed a truly relaxing holiday weekend. Did enjoy a bit of sun and some poolside moments so life continues to be a happily orchestrated journey. Thought of the week… (yeah, got nothin) Let’s keep this short and sweet. Summer has arrived! (more or less), and busy summer schedule = no time for wardrobe planning. Perfect time to snatch a sheath dress from the closet and pair it with some killer boots. It’s a no-brainer fashion solution that has yet to fail. So here’s the scoop on the look.

contrast sheath fashion dress ootd

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | contrast sheath dress c/o:THE RUSHING HOUR (use code: dayinmydreams30 for 30% off!) | cut-out boots c/o:WINDSOR SMITH | statement earrings c/o:EVERY MONDAY | knot cuff c/o:LUXE BLOGGER | leather bag c/o:WANDERER WANDERER | timepiece c/o:DANIEL WELLINGTON | stack rings c/o:EVERY MONDAY

contrast sheath fashion dress

closeup contrast sheath dress


First off, if you read my post about how to wear boots in the summer, you already know that wearing boots with a summer dress is a preferred combo. These Windsor Smith beauties have just enough cut-out to keep them light for the summer, but full-enough for transitional seasons.

closeup silver jewelry and sheath dress

Today’s inspo comes from effortless style, driven by the need to avoid time-traps like digging in the wardrobe for 3 hours trying to decide what to wear. A sheath dress is an easy answer, and this contrast piece was a top grab paired with a layering jacket for a week at the NYC office as well. Received from a newly discovered brand, (The Rushing Hour… how appropriately named) this dress is a must-have, and they have an equally striking collection of black and white contrast pieces for the modern fashionista. There mission: to provide timeless, quality and edgy styles while supporting a passionate cause. Their cause: to promote equal rights and empower women. With every item sold (in collaboration with One Girl) — they sponsor a girl’s education costs for a month.

Other deets worth mentioning: stack rings, knot cuffleather bag, and DW (yes, I’ve joined the club).

And can we take a moment to talk about these earrings? Every Monday crafts jewelry by hand, and this silver drop pair make enough of a statement that you don’t have to. #micdrop

contrast ootd streetstyle dresscontrast fashion dress and leather bag

What’s your speedy-solution for wardrobe grab-and-go? Sheath dress, monochrome…. sweats (hehe) whatever it is as long as you feel fab you look fab, so here’s to those pieces that make it easy.

contrast sheath fashion dress 4


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