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today’s outfit inspo: the sweater vest

No filters, no effects, today’s actual outfit. After putting some thought into what I want to see @dayinmydreams represent this fall as a minimalist and luxury fashion blog,

I want to share more real life moments and fashion that isn’t just styled for a feed, but styled for life.

Today is one of my last work from home days, before I return to the office full time as marketing director of CSC. while most of this year has been a blur, I’ll tell you my 8-5 work from home style has been essentially loungewear with a blazer thrown over top.

That’s about to change as we return to the office, and I have to admit, I’m a bit excited for the shift in gears.

Lots coming for fall. Just published this fall’s trend report on key styles we’re seeing from around the globe.

Get ready for a continuation of preppy sophisticates, as well as an emergence of nature-inspired trends – largely rooted in sustainability. You can check out the full fall trend report here.

With October right around the corner, it’s already time to break out some essential pieces like this grey sweater vest. Sweater vests are making a big comeback this fall, and if you’re looking for one staple item to bolster your winter wardrobe – this is it. You’ll be seeing a lot more of this key item on the blog.

Wear a sweater vest alone (like today’s work from home outfit), or style them over blouses, under blazers, with skirts, trousers, and basically any other combination you can think of.

It’s an extremely versatile piece that can be styled preppy sophisticate, or cozy cottage depending on your pairing choices.

Today’s look is a transitional sophisticate style, paired with dress shorts from Delphine the label, and a statement Hermes belt. This is an easy home, weekend or errand combo when you want to be tailored and professional, but still comfy casual. No accessories needed, but a luxury statement belt doesn’t hurt.

(If you haven’t invested in a statement belt, it’s worth it. This one is reversible, with a removable buckle that can be swapped to combine with other Hermes items. Thank you for being functional and fashionable Hermes.)

Swap the shorts for trousers and you have a comfy, minimalist combo. As the weather gets cooler, continue to layer with a simple button down.

Come November? Throw a blazer of the top. Still chilly, get that tie sweater over your shoulders 90’s prep style, and you’ll have a look you can rotate in all season.

Want more ideas? Check out this article on POPSUGAR with more sweater vest outfit ideas.

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