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typology paris review | personalized skincare with all natural, simple ingredients

As some of you may know, I’m quite particular as to what I put on my skin. Skincare is so critical, and ensuring well moisturized, pampered skin can keep you young for years. I’ve recently found a skincare routine that I’m quite fond of, but I’m also on ever on the lookout for new and interesting brands and products, while trying to manage a minimal “inventory” of my favorite products to support a more minimalist lifestyle. When Typology reached out offering a

personalized skincare regiment, with products that contained as little as 5 ingredients,

I couldn’t refuse. A few months later, after I’ve had the chance to consistently use the products for several weeks, and wanted to share this Typology Paris review.

my personalized skincare routine | typology paris skincare review

Before we begin, let’s talk about how and why the future of skincare and beauty is all about personalization.

As consumers increasingly seek out beauty solutions suited to their specific needs, there has never been a greater need for personalization. Everyone has unique skin, so why create products that only tailor to one specific kind of skin or problem? The concept of personalization in any field is becoming more popular due to the influx of information online and the ability to receive feedback or consumer data. Social media has also played a major role by informing people about what their beauty needs should be.

in my beauty bag  | typology paris skincare review

We know more about our skin than ever before. Skincare has never been a one-size-fits-all product, and now, more than ever, we are waking up to this idea. 

Typology Paris is a radical new skincare brand that focuses on eradicating impossible expectations and suspect chemicals. They wanted to take an autonomous approach by working from the ground up. Typology Paris built an online-only, direct to customer model,

which meant they could sell premium products with the highest quality ingredients at a great price.

natural incredients | typology paris skincare review

Their philosophy is not to add anything to their products, but instead to make them stand out. Typology distills each formula down to the most essential, natural, and active ingredients. When going to try out typology, you must complete a fairly extensive “skin test” that evaluates which products best address your skin.

Typology dedicates itself to finding the best ingredients.

“Whether in France, around Europe or further afield in search of exotic extracts, they must be sourced from sustainable farms using gentle extraction techniques.” – Typology

simple natural ingredient formulas | typology paris skincare review

The formulas are simple and effective. Typology’s formulas aren’t the only thing that’s clean and refreshing. Their packaging perfectly reflects the mission of the brand by not leaving a trace of products or their brand in the environment. “At every step of the production process, we use recyclable materials and sustainable transport.” The packaging has a beautiful, minimalist aesthetic. The same goes for their materials. They use glass for smaller packaging and recycled plastic for larger ones. 

sustainable packaging | typology paris skincare review

Typology Paris Purifying Toner

The first step in my custom skincare regiment (after a gentle wash) was the Purifying Toner with 1% Salicylic Acid. This antibacterial toner is meant to tackle dark spots and blemishes. This toner has a pH similar to that of our own skin, so works to rebalance the skin’s pH after every cleanse. In my previous morning and evening routine, I use pure rose water as my toner (also because I love the fresh scent). This one has slightly more “texture” with a gentle, clean smell.

Typology Paris Purifying Toner review
Typology Paris Purifying Toner

Typology 9 Ingredient Face Moisturizer

The typology face moisturizer is a minimalist fragrance-free moisturizer with a lightweight, non-greasy texture. This lightweight hydrating cream is comprised of just nine ingredients including organic coconut oil, sugar cane pentylene glycol, and a few other natural ingredients. I love this moisturizer because it is really light, and doesn’t “set heavily” on your skin. It also comes in a tube, which is great for easy packing or throwing in a bag for midday moister.

Typology 9 Ingredient Face Moisturizer review

Typology Hydrating Cleansing Bar

The Hydrating Cleansing Bar with palmarosa is a face and body soap that nourishes the skin with a high concentration of oils and moisturizing glycerin. Weirdly enough to say about a bar soap – I’m a huge fan. It gently cleanses and moisturizes the skin without damaging trying it out, thanks to its 8% fatty acid content. Those oils and fatty acids – they really work. Unlike other bar soap, it really didn’t dry out my skin, and I skew towards more dry skin naturally. It has a pleasant, homemade sort of soap smell and texture, and honestly could be my favorite product from Typology. I used it on my face and body (with sensitive skin) and haven’t found a bar soap I like so much since.

Typology Hydrating Cleansing Bar review

Typology Radiance Night Serum

The Radiance Night Serum in Botanical blend with white rose is an overnight oil that boosts radiance and regenerates the skin while you sleep. Overnight, this serum starts cell renewal and repairs your skin. Its rapid penetration leaves a silky finish without any oily residue. The texture is a bit tacky, so if you don’t like getting your fingers sticky, you may want to opt for an alternate blend. However, the texture on my face was smooth after application.

Typology Radiance Night Serum review
Typology Radiance Night Serum review

Typology Antioxidant Serum

Next, the Antioxidant serum with 3% Ferulic Acid and 3% Resveratrol. This serum aims to improve radiance, firm skin and fight against premature aging. Use it the same way as the Vitamin C serum, and as frequently as possible for the best results. Similar to the night serum, the texture is a bit thick, but after application it settles nicely into your skin. I would say it’s difficult for me to share results since this is more of a long-term result, but the scent was pleasant and again, love that it uses fewer ingredients than traditional skincare options.

Typology Antioxidant Serum review

Typology Vitamin C Serum

The Radiance Serum with 11% Vitamin C is an active-rich serum that restores radiance to dull and tired skin. I’ve had amazing results with products that contain vitamin C thanks to the long line of skin benefits Vitamin C provides – this one was no exception. Though I had an accidental spill that left me just enough use for a couple of weeks, I did notice a lightening of my dark spots and a natural glow that I often credit to vitamin C-rich products.

Typology Vitamin C Serum review
Typology Vitamin C Serum review

The review and results after several weeks using exclusively Typology skincare products?

Typology not only creates amazing products, but also presents an option for luxury skincare at unmatched attainable prices. Typology set out to be available to everyone so they can experience personalized skincare. The future of skincare is personalization, and I loved that Typology was able to create a custom routine for me based off of my exact skincare needs.

typology paris skincare review

After several weeks of use, I noticed healthy, clear skin with a smooth even texture. A little less oily than my normal routine. I want to buy the bar soap in cases, and might shed a tear after my moisturizer runs dry. If you have sensitive or specific skin concerns and don’t want to slab on a truck load of ingredients, take the skin quiz and give your customized routine a try!

typology paris skincare review

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