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connected but not consumed | Palm mini smartphone review

palm smartphone review

Looking to cut the access and get back to the essentials for 2021?  Introducing the latest innovation in smartphones – Palm smartphones are changing the way we incorporate technology into our daily lives – for the better. Smartphones have been getting bigger and bigger as the years pass, and a big question on my mind is always “why?”

After all, with most innovation isn’t technology supposed to get more compact?

palm smartphone packaging

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | palm smartphone:PALM

Palm reached out to me just about a year back, offering me a free devise to try out. I was intrigued by the sizes (and frankly also the cuteness) of what appeared to be a miniature, doll-size smartphone, I had no choice but to accept. The result, here are some of the facts and featured I discovered during my Palm smartphone review.

What’s cool about the technology, Palm smartphones are a mini smartphone that works independently, or as a supplement to your existing cellular device. That means you can use it to replace your existing bulky smartphone, or you can sync it to your existing device (much like a smartwatch) and use it to supplement your phone usage.

palm smartphone is thinpalm smartphone review is the size of a credit card

The most exciting part, Palm phones are just about the size of a credit card (see above center next to an iPhoneX). Yet, they still offer all of the most used features of a smartphone including a high-res camera, app support, calls, texting, you name it. Don’t believe me? Here’s the Palm review features breakdown:

palm smartphone technology features


Palm Smartphone Features

  • Phone plan connection for calls and texts
  • Built in GPS
  • Music LTE and Wi-Fi streaming
  • 8-12MP front and rear cameras with back flash
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Pre-loaded with the standard android apps
  • 3.3” HD display (just about the size of a credit card)

walking with a palm smartphonestaying connected with the palm smartphone

We’ve forgotten so many aspects of cell phones that used to make our lives easier. Small, lightweight, and available to handle life’s digital connections. What if you could still have all of that, but in a much smaller, sleeker package.

I would consider myself the average phone user. I use it to check my email, take photos, send texts, listen to music, navigation, grocery lists and as a mode of communication for emergencies.

What I don’t use… pretty much everything else. I currently operate an iPhoneX, purchased shortly after its release. Don’t get me wrong, I love my phone. But there are times it’s just not designed to suit all of life’s scenarios.

palm smartphone reviewpalm smartphone in hand

Where do I keep it when I go for a run or hike? What pocket am I supposed to fit it into at the gym? When I walk the dog, do I really need to take my cell with me? Going out for cocktails, the darn thing doesn’t fit in my bag, or looks bulky in a pocket. There are so many occasions I’d rather have a little less, while still staying connected. Palm smartphones are the ideal mode of connection for people with an active lifestyle.

The Palm mini smartphone has all of the technology I need, in a much, much smaller package.

palm smartphone easy to carry in a pursepalm smartphone is so small

It’s easy to slip in a pocket or even wear on your arm. Palm offers accessories that increase the functionality of their smartphone with lanyards and arm bands that help you take the palm anywhere you want to go. It’s great for those times when you just don’t need to bring a bulky phone with you, but you still want to stay connected.

palm smartphone technology

For my tech geeks out there, here are a few specs from Palm you might be interested in.

Palm Smartphone Technical Features

  • OS: Android 8.1 system
  • Qualcomm® 435 processor, Octa-core CPU
  • 3.3” HD Display with 445 psi high pixel density LCD
  • Impact resistant Gorilla glass
  • 3 GB of RAM with 32 GB of storage
  • Dual speaker
  • Face unlock
  • Weighs just 62.5 grams
  • Measures 50.6 x 96.6 x 7.4 mm
  • Available in titanium and gold

staying connected with palm smartphonestaying active with palm smartphone

What that means for me a year later? I’m able to walk Naizak and live in the moment with my new Palm! Truly exited about this collaboration, and feel honored to be included in some of the first users and advocates of Palm. As soon as I heard about these mini smart phones that can work as a secondary phone with your existing number, I was all onboard. There are so many situations in my ultra-mobile life on go that I need some connectivity basics like texts, time and music, but larger devices just aren’t practical.

Now when I take Naizak for a walk, I can listen to music, send and receive texts without a heavy phone in hand or pocket. It is so light, I hardly notice its there. The camera is 12MP, which is also plenty to get a couple cute shots of the pup on our adventures.

palm smartphone review

It’s perfect for the gym. My phone is pretty bulky, but this little guy fits in my gym pants pockets, and they also have a mini armband available. This thing is tiny. I mean TINY. It’s just over 3” long. It’s sweat resistant, plus it’s syncing to my own phone so I can still get texts to plan dinner after my workout.

You guys all know I’m a huge advocate of getting unplugged. Palm is also taking steps to help you do that. In Life Mode, the Palm helps me focus by silencing calls and notifications any time the screen is off. When you wake the screen, you’re connected again. This is great for times when I’m focusing on writing for my blog, or even just trying to stay in the moment with friends and family.

palm smartphone accessories

A small perk for you fashion fiends, this little guy does fit into your micro bags. (Mic drop). You’re welcome. They actually make a mini Kate Spade wristlet case for it as well.

Definitely worth the investment. When you consider how much we use our phone, it’s about time someone came up with a smaller, mini version that can go everywhere, for times when you don’t need anything but the basics.

If you guys are looking for a small way to unplug or lighten your load, definitely check out the super compact Palm smartphone. This is a small team of entrepreneurs truly innovating technology in our era. They’re creative, enthusiastic, and changing the way we can all connect, while staying connected to the world around us.

If you’ve been thinking about giving it a try, I hope you found this Palm review helpful. Do feel free to reach out with any questions or comments and I’m happy to share more of my experience. Palm also makes a great gift idea! Check out my 2020 luxury gift guide for tons of ideas on innovative brands to check off your holiday list.

palm phone gift idea

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In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this Palm review is in collaboration with Palm. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


    • Great question. I’ve only used it for short spells (walking the dog, gym, etc.) and battery life easily sustained for those 1-2 hour activities. I haven’t tested it for longer, but assuming much like a cell phone it depends how much screen time you’ll use during those times.


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