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luxury gift guide for every woman on your list

2020 luxury gift guide for her

Holiday sales are approaching. As such, holiday shopping is on many a mind. Seeing the faces of friends and family light up is truly the greatest gift of all. The challenge, finding something truly special and unique to get for everyone on your list. Whether you’re shortlisting your Black Friday hit list or looking for some gifting inspiration, this luxury gift guide is a step in the right direction.

Discover new and known luxury brands that I’ve personally experienced and recommend for people looking for gift ideas.

Working with hundreds of brands year over year, these are the cream of the crop along with some new discoveries. They’re not just sponsored brands. They’re companies I personally believe in, and products I’ve found to be beautiful, unique, and special enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

Without further adieu, here are my top recommendations for unique luxury gift ideas.

anne fontaine white blouse

For the modern sophisticate: Anne Fontaine essential white blouse

If you’ve followed Day in my Dreams for any notable period of time, you’ve heard me rave about Anne Fontaine. That’s because in my opinion, they’re the #1 destination for the essential white blouse. Trust me on this one… I have a wardrobe FULL of luxury fashion pieces. Anne Fontaine blouses are pieces I continue to wear season after season. They’re high quality, wash easily, and last season after season. If you’re shopping for someone who appreciates luxury fashion, an Anne Fontaine white blouse is the perfect gift either to bolster a substantial luxury wardrobe, or as a special essential item for someone just getting started on their luxury basics. Looking for something more unique? Their fall and winter collection also includes statement holiday wear, suiting and more.

luxury gift guide for her 2020 fashion anne fontaine blouses

For every woman on your list: 14K-24K gold plated jewelry from Day in my Dreams

Ok, obviously I can’t write a gift guide without a shoutout to my pride and joy… Shop Day in my Dreams. A passion project that started over a year ago, Shop Day in my Dreams has a collection of minimal style 14K-24K gold plated jewelry that I personally curated myself. Each piece has been personally tried and tested, from the sea, to showers, to hands in batter and so much more. These pieces are the high quality gold jewelry that I live in everyday and last. The designs range from modern statement pieces to luxury essentials as simple as a gold band. I’m truly confident they’ll be the new favorite of every woman on your list, because they’ve been mine, and so many other women who I’ve already gifted them to since the site launched. Please do support small businesses and check out this truly awesome range.

palm smart phone mini

For the tech savvy girl boss on the go: Palm mini smart phone

Apple watches are so last year. You may remember my first introduction to the Palm mini smart phone about a year back. In case you missed it, Palm is an exciting startup company innovating mobile technology accessories. Palm is basically replacing mobile accessories (like the Apple Watch) offering two digital cameras, app support, Google assistant and a stunning HD display on a small flatscreen about the size of a credit card.

Palm can be used as a standalone smartphone, or it can sync with your existing smartphone.

So you can take a break from your big phone and cut back to the essentials when that’s all you really need. Take it to the gym for music and texting, to the store for your grocery list and quick calls, for hikes and adventures where your big phone just weighs you down. The possibilities are endless, and this is a truly innovative gift for anyone on your list who’s savvy with technology.

Stefano Navi diamond stud earrings review

For the woman who deserves the best: Stefano Navi diamond stud earrings

What says true love and luxury like diamonds? Stefano Navi specializes in glittering occasion diamond jewelry. Even better, their focus is centralized around conflict-free, sustainable, lab-created diamonds. Lab diamonds have the most bright clarity, while supporting an equally bright future through an ethical diamond culture. Indistinguishable from raw mined diamonds, you can rest assured your gift didn’t come at the cost of someone’s well being. Conflict-free diamond stud earrings are the perfect way to say “I love you” from a place of true purity.

bootay bag monthly subscription

For the woman who likes gifts to keep on giving: Bootay Bag monthly subscription

Here’s something fun, new panties every month. Who doesn’t like to freshen up their panty drawer? If you have someone on your list that would love to get a little gift in the mail every month for the next 6-12 months, Bootay Bag is a super fun subscription gifting panties in the mail. For just $13 a month for 2 panties, it’s also a steal! I’ve received a couple trial packages of Bootay Bag goodies and honestly, the panties blow Victoria’s Secret out of the water.

replica candle

For someone who likes to enjoy luxury from home: Replica luxury candles

There’s something inside of us all that relaxes just a bit more under the flicker of candle light. For someone on your list that enjoys taking some some time for themselves (or desperately needs it), give the gift of relaxation with Replica’s newest release of luxury candles. I confess I own the entire collection of Maison Margiela’s fragrance line of Replica perfumes. I’ve even enjoyed a couple of their candles in the past. This season, I was literally thrilled to receive two new additions as a gift. Hey, I’m not the easiest person to buy for, so yeah… these are good. The two new Replica candle scents: Whispers in the Library and Springtime in a Park. (Yes, I have both of those scents in the perfume as well). Whispers in the Library has a deep, earthy musky smell that’s not too heavy. It’s by far my favorite scent of all time. Springtime in a Park is light and refreshing, perfect for creating an upbeat atmosphere that’s also welcoming and sweet.

onecklace custom name necklace

For someone who likes personalization: oNecklace personalized gold plated necklaces

Part of the joy in gifting is picking something that’s truly personalized to the recipient. oNecklace is a new brand I’ve just discovered recently that offers custom lettered gold plated necklaces. You can have a gift personalized with a name, inspirational words, or something personal to remind them of you. The typography is modern and sleek. This is a fun trendy gift in a glowing gold finish. I had been looking for a lettered necklace to add to my collection, and oNecklace was generous enough to gift me a piece to try. It arrived just a few days back, and it’s absolutely beautiful! I had mine customized to read “dream”… for Day in my Dreams of course. But more importantly, because I believe in the power of chasing a dream.

status anxiety leather handbag

For the leather lover: Status Anxiety buttery, luxury leather handbags

That butter soft feeling that literally sends tingles down your body? Yeah. Have a handbag girl on your list? Status Anxiety crafts beautiful leather bags for men and women. All I can say is, their leather is absolute butter, and extremely high quality. I’ve torn mine through airports, errands and everywhere in between, and they not only receive compliments, they’ve withheld the test of time and wear. Confession… I have more than 5-6 pieces from their collection. This is a gift guide repeat, because they’re that great.

dose & co collagen powder

For the health enthusiast: Khloe Kardashian’s new Dose & Co. collagen powders

Skin health, always at the forefront of my concerns. Good news for the health conscious girl on your gift list, Khloe Kardashian just launched her new brand Dose & Co., offering an assortment of collagen powders. Admittedly, I haven’t tried them yet. But only because they just arrived in absolutely beautiful packaging a couple of days back. I can’t wait to add them to soups and drinks for a quick and easy skin health booster. Each serving of Dose & Co. boasts 10,000mg (10g) of collagen to support hair, skin and nails. That’s a heavy punch in a delicious scoop of either flavored or plain powders.

Looking for more luxury gift ideas? Check out another luxury gift guide for her with more subscription and clothing brands worth discovering, or 12 great luxury basic gift ideas for the minimalist on your list. Of course, don’t forget to celebrate the real meaning behind the holidays. And don’t stress, this time is a gift. Enjoy the season with your friends and family. I hope this luxury gift guide is helpful in your holiday planning. Happy shopping, and keep checking back on Day in my Dreams blog for more luxury brand discoveries.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, some of the items above have been gifted to me over the years. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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  2. Freshly says

    Hi, What are the ranges of candles from the Maison Margiela brand that you liked the most?
    I really like your blog and I am a lol man


    • Hello Freshly! Thanks so much for your comment and so happy to hear you like the blog! The two newest are “Springtime in a park” and “Whispers in a library”. I also have the same scents. Springtime in a park is really light and floral. Whispers has a deep musky smell which is really nice. I’ve also had “By the fireplace” and that’s my absolute FAVORITE.


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