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items from my wardrobe I always re-wear over and over

The absolute chaos, hangers pressed so tightly together you could get blisters from pulling them apart – we all know what it feels like to have too many pieces crammed in our wardrobe. And, as much as we like the idea of a truly minimalist wardrobe, sometimes it’s not as easy as it sounds. If you’re trying to create some extra space, I’ve shared a few of my hacks for minimizing to a capsule wardrobe. But one of the most important factors we often overlook, is: Don’t purchase items you’ll rarely wear in the first place. Let’s be honest. Most of us only wear our favorite 20 or so items, and the rest of our clothes sits untouched month after month… sometimes longer. What if you only purchased those reworn items? With dozens of pieces arriving every month for features on Day in my Dreams fashion blog, I’ve had the opportunity to wear new outfits just about every day. But amidst the piles of trendy fast fashion pieces, there are a few items I find …

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4 ways to wear a classic button down blouse at home with Anne Fontaine

Essential. That word has become so prevalent in our lives. But what does it mean? The fashion culture has experienced a monumental shift. But now as the world rediscovers stability, it’s been fascinating to watch effortless, modern staples reenter our focus in a fundamental way. When things get complicated, we seek out effortless solutions that are as adaptable as we’ve become. One such piece, the timeless button down blouse. photography:JOSH WOLFE | camera:SONY A7riii | essential blouses c/o:ANNE FONTAINE While a blouse is a quintessential piece in everyone’s wardrobe, I’ve found it to be even more relevant in my newly adapted at home lifestyle. The truth is, this isn’t just a roadblock or pause on life anymore. We’re living in the new normal. A normal where we work, play and create a new life for ourselves from our own homes. We have embraced the positive aspects of solitude, finding tranquility in the serene environment that’s created some space from the chaos happening all around us. With those vitals at the heart of our evolution, this …