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the 5 top minimalist fall fashion trends

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In years past we may have shed a tear for the parting of summer style and the beginning of the new top fall fashion trends… but in a world so much different than seasons past, we welcome the change (any change really). There is always a political or social driver behind fashion trends. This year, a global pandemic rocked our world. With our sense of security shaken, we see “wellbeing” as an industry that is growing twice as fast as the global economy.

We have become more aware. Not only regarding global culture, and sustainability, but also of the intimate condition of one’s self. In a chaotic world, simplicity, learning experiences, and mental and physical health become a force behind conscious fashion choices.

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As we step towards a new season, we have cut back to the essentials. We’ve learned what’s important, and the era of a true minimalist fashion wardrobe has arrived. But no fear, that doesn’t mean fashion is dead. In fact, the top minimalist fall fashion trends are receiving quite a warm welcome, as it seems we are all ready to put aside our sweats, and rediscover the outward expression of our inner style.

My aspirational capsule wardrobe has gone over a major overhaul in the past few weeks. And though 80º days prevail, I’ve already started swapping out summer favorites for more fall style. Here’s what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks. Without farther adieu, here are the top 5 minimalist fall fashion trends for 2020.

Femme Ladylike Prep

Of course, I had to start with my favorite. This will be the strongest trend defining my wardrobe selections this season. It’s time to watch Gossip Girl reruns. Ladylike prep is back, with all of it’s 90’s old school glamour. Wide headbands, pleated skirts and tights have overrun my new fall wardrobe purchases. Join the society of femme empowerment with understated glamour, tailored essentials and updated classics. Chanel, it’s your time to shine.

The twist, we’re not quite as sweet as we once were, so expect a femme fatale flair with edgy accessories, more simple undone hair and a hint of British influence.

To get your wardrobe ready, start with a few well-loved ladylike heritage pieces like plaid blazers and a classic pleated skirt. Then pull in a few updated classics like a bowtie white blouse, Gucci tights, a sweater vest and some statement shoes.

preppy fall style

IMAGE CRED: unknown

Key elements to look for include tweed materials, elegant prints, and equestrian or collegiate motiffs. This trend is at the center of minimalist fall fashion – if you haven’t seen it yet, expect an Instagram, TikTok and Pinterest overload of these top trending looks. If you’re looking for accessories to polish your look, be sure to check out the heritage gold pieces in my shop!

You can check out my Pinterest board for hundreds of outfit ideas. Pick your favorites, and find out what the repeating pieces are. These should be your investment pieces for the new season.

IMAGE CRED: pinterest

This trend is all about female empowerment, so gentleman step aside. You can’t compete with an it girl on the run.

Check out some more Gossip Girl inspired preppy outfits on trend reporters like Who What Wear announcing preppy fashion as the biggest comeback for fall and winter 2020.

british inspired preppy style

IMAGE CRED: @oljaryz

Empowered Punk

Not so different from ladylike prep, imaging if prep was Blair and Serena… empowered punk is Jenny’s play. If you don’t know what I mean, we’re obvi not friends.

empowered punk fall fashion trends


Still rooted heavily in femme fatale, the new dark queen of fall fashion rises with tailored feminine pieces offsetting heavy lug soles and a dark palette that’s often associated with every season’s “underground” trend. This look is all about making a bold, powerful statement – as if to say, screw you Covid… you’re not taking me down.

But it’s not all dark and heavy. That femme pull stays strong, and even the dark side can’t resist showing a hint of softness. Key pieces combine with feminine, lingerie-inspired pieces. Dark, rebellious and daring, 80’s rocker style combines heavy lug soles and studs with sexy feminine elements like silk, suiting, and shockingly sophisticated style. Strong shapes and tough belting create a look of armored protection. Texture is critical.

empowered punk fall fashion trends featuring blvckd0pe

IMAGE CRED: @blvckd0pe

Key pieces to note for this top fall fashion trend include lingerie-inspired silk dresses, tailored blazers, statement belts, and heavy lug soles. If you’re all-in for ladylike prep, this can be a fun way to blend the trends into your personal style for more edgy, evening looks.

Modern Citizen Suiting

As we return to our offices, lunch meetings and dinner appointments, suiting returns in a new powerful way. It flows smoothly from the empowered punk looks but in a more sophisticated way. The new modern citizen is wearing beautifully uncomplicated, tailored looks and simple lines that allow the eyes to focus on luxury materials. These styles play off of elegant simplicity and monochrome style.

A signature look in modern minimalist style, this year’s suiting is more relaxed and confident.

Don’t wear a suit because you need to. Wear one for how it makes you feel. These looks are for the office and beyond, and some styles get a bit daring showing off some significant skin either at stems or neckline.

2020 fall fashion trends suits josefinehj

IMAGE CRED: @josefinehj

Wear a large blazer in place of a dress and pair with basic booties, or wear them oversized over tailored piece or casual denim. Key pieces should already be in a minimalist capsule wardrobe.

Bring out the blazers, bodysuits, simple booties, mini skirts and monochrome denim. If you’re going casual, pair them with chunky sole booties or volume sneakers. Want to dress it up, thigh high boots are back ladies. Enjoy.

2020 fall fashion trends suits lolariostyle

IMAGE CRED: @lolariostyle

Streetstyle Utility

If Burberry is more of your jam, make prep classic and go for a bit more khaki than plaid. In the fall fashion utility trend, you’ll note a neutral color palette of military greens and tans paired with functional features and sophisticated work-wear details. This style is for those that have hardly noticed the change in political shifts.

Instead, it’s a look that says, I know who I am, and I’ll survive just fine.

Pair your classic trench coat with utility lug soles and lace-up boots. Functionality is in, so look for pieces that are weather proof, insulated, and utilitarian. One of the more minimalist fashion trends for fall, this is about resorting to basic essentials, and not much else.

streetstyle utility fall fashion trend 2020

IMAGE CRED: @sofiamcoelho

Invest in a couple of essential tees (if you don’t already have them), pull out your trench coat, and layer over staple items like a simple black mini, khaki trousers, a basic white blouse, and call it a day. The look is chic, sophisticated and uncomplicated – just what we all need to help transition ourselves out of those sweats.

streetstyle utility fall fashion trend 2020

IMAGE CRED: @kristywho

Luxury Athleisure Style

Speaking of sweats, you don’t need to say goodbye just yet. You’ve gotten used to your cozy basics. That’s ok. Embrace that. Sporty style is always in, and this year fall fashion is directing us to the pieces we love, worn in new creative ways.

First off, sporty is still feminine, and basic silhouettes are getting mixed with functional luxury fabrics and lightweight volume soles. Women are wearing these sport pieces with simple, feminine essentials as well as a few of their re-discovered favorites that were dug up during Covid.

fall fashion trends 2020 luxury athleisure sporty style

IMAGE CRED @naomigenes

You’ll note a still distinctly preppy influence, with collegiate sweaters over biker shorts, lots of Ralph Lauren, and a mix up between heavy lug soles and volume sneaker styles.

The best part, you likely won’t need to bulk up your wardrobe to join in on this fall fashion trend. Key pieces include a basic black biker short oversized tees and pullovers. The luxury fashion element comes from the accessories, so don’t hold back pairing these basic athleisure pieces with your favorite designer bag, and throw a blazer over it when you’re expecting an evening chill.

fall fashion trends 2020 luxury athleisure sporty style bellahadid

IMAGE CRED: @bellahadid

I always find lifestyle to be the biggest driver of important fashion trends in my own life. Returning to the office has me in pumps and blouses, so the femme fatale and nostalgia of ladylike prep has stolen my heart. Move over Blair Waldorf, there’s a new girl in town. Evenings, you’ll catch me in a hint of more sophisticated punk, and of course suiting for those days of power play. Weekends, althleisure is my jam… until 9pm of course. Then I’d just as soon surprise myself as to what style might emerge for mood of the night. What minimalist fall fashion trend are you stocking your wardrobe for this season?

My Pinterest boards overflow if you’re looking for some more inspiration from some real femme fatale women pairing together some of the best fall fashion looks. Check it out, and check back for the looks we’ll be putting together here in the luxury fashion blog, Day in my Dreams.


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