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Dr. Marten must have the cure, because these boots just won’t die

2020 dr marten fashion trend

Trying to work yourself down to a capsule wardrobe? We’ve been all about the Dr. Marten boot trend since its re-birth in 2018. This past summer, everyone kept wearing their Dr. Martens with shorts, skirts and Parisian inspired style. Fall ’20 has now arrived. What shoe silhouette is dominating the trend reports for the season? You guessed it.

2020 dr marten fashion trend

IMAGE CRED: unknown

Dr. Marten boots return yet again for another season in the spotlight.

And it’s not just me saying it… the top luxury fashion trend reporters are all on board for another season. Check out InStyle’s claims of Dr. Marten as the most popular runway shoe of 2020. Even Elle lists Dr. Marten as a key player for the lug sole fashion trend of 2020.

Dr. Marten was reborn with the early return cycle of 90’s fashion. Apparently the nostalgic millennials are still not ready to let go. With 90’s prep in hot as a major player in fall 2020 fashion trends, it’s not time to say goodbye yet. You’ll be seeing these with classic 90’s preppy pieces like cardigans, pleated skirts and plenty of plaid.

fall fashion trend preppy style plaid

IMAGE CRED: @bibico_00

What’s even more to fathom? Most footwear and fashion trends revolve around an idea, rather than a specific style. For example, athleisure was huge last year, and continues to play an important role in fashion. Especially as people were urged to stay home during the pandemic. However, the styles have evolved. Adidas was the first big player with their Stan Smith sneaker, then the chunky Balenciaga Triple S sneaker stole the spotlight. Though the overall trend has remained strong season over season, the key shoe continues to change.

dr marten boots

IMAGE CRED: dr. marten

That’s not the case for Dr. Martens. While they have a few variations on their classic combat boot, the style has remained basically the same. Apparently, there’s a lot to love about an ankle-high, lace-up combat boot with a rubber sole.

dr marten runway 2020 NOAM GALAI GETTY IMAGES

IMAGE SOURCE: noam galai getty images

If you were on this fashion trend a couple years back as an early adopter, you’re a step ahead of the game this season. If not, the good news is there’s still time.

Fashion trends trickle down from the big, luxury fashion designers who create their designs considering cultural and social evolution. They’re still on the lug sole boots. In fact, last fall made this trend bigger than ever with Prada’s Goliath boot takeover. According to fashion history, that means your Dr. Martens will not only be trending this season, they’re likely to last another full year cycle.

dr martens fall fashion trend georgwhite

IMAGE CRED: @georgwhite

Aside from being a long-lasting player on the fashion scene, Dr. Martens help you cut back your shoe count by being the only shoe you really need this season.

Really. Try to find an outfit you can’t wear with them. Following fashion bloggers, luxury fashion runways, and hot city street style, you’ll spot Dr. Martens with every outfit combination you can imagine.

dr marten outfit dadadajin_

IMAGE CRED: @dadadajin_

Silk dresses, floral printed skirts, preppy plaid, lingerie inspired pieces, luxury athleisure sweats – you name it. The ladies are paring them with their beloved Dr. Martens.

There’s truly a lot to love. Dr. Martens have a bit of a heal to give you a boost, and there are platform variations if you want to get even higher. The key color choices – black on black and white with a black sole.

They’re comfortable, have great traction, and match everything. You can tread through NYC streets without skipping a beat, and head straight to the cocktail lounge after while still looking like a boss.

dr marten outfit hannahfloraclark

IMAGE CRED: @hannahfloraclark

The style itself has a little bit of a ‘tude. What’s not to love about that? Embrace your rebel and get ready to kick some serious a**.

These shoes aren’t for the lighthearted (literally). They’re only apparent flaw is the weight of the shoe itself, which might be a bit of a drag. If you’re worried about weight, opt for the flatter soles. It’s the rubber weighing down the shoe.

dr marten outfit passionandtheveins

IMAGE CRED: @passionandtheveins

Looking for inspiration to get the most out of your Dr. Martens this season? I have 400+ and counting photos saved of trending Dr. Marten outfits on Pinterest. Love the platform for saving outfit ideas. Feel free to share my inspiration and check them out.

You can shop Dr. Martens at most major retailers or buy them directly on their site online. I purchased my Dr. Marten Boots from Shopbop when they first hit the fashion scene in 2018, and yes – I plan to keep wearing them.


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