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the 5 top minimalist fall fashion trends

In years past we may have shed a tear for the parting of summer style and the beginning of the new top fall fashion trends… but in a world so much different than seasons past, we welcome the change (any change really). There is always a political or social driver behind fashion trends. This year, a global pandemic rocked our world. With our sense of security shaken, we see “wellbeing” as an industry that is growing twice as fast as the global economy. We have become more aware. Not only regarding global culture, and sustainability, but also of the intimate condition of one’s self. In a chaotic world, simplicity, learning experiences, and mental and physical health become a force behind conscious fashion choices. As we step towards a new season, we have cut back to the essentials. We’ve learned what’s important, and the era of a true minimalist fashion wardrobe has arrived. But no fear, that doesn’t mean fashion is dead. In fact, the top minimalist fall fashion trends are receiving quite a warm welcome, …