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25+ leopard print skirt and fashion steals to shop

trendy fashion leopard print skirt with chunky sneakers outfit

Ready to embrace your wild side? Animal print is the fiercest trend of 2018 fall fashion, and everyone is scrambling to get the best pieces before this fast fashion trend sells out. The most iconic piece being the satin leopard print skirt – the best styles are already hard to find, so I’ve shortlisted a few shopping links that you can still grab your favorites before they’re gone!

trendy fashion leopard print skirt with chunky sneakers style

Let’s start where this trend is hitting the hardest, the silky satin leopard print skirt. This one took a bit for me to give you guys a few options, but I was able to scrape up the best of the best below – including where I got mine: AliExpress. That’s right, even a luxury fashion blogger cheats sometimes. Always an advocate of splurging on timeless fashion and grabbing the steals for trendy pieces, leopard-print counts towards my fast-fashion steals, so a low price with decent quality is a happy balance to a well-stocked luxury wardrobe. Looking for a double steal? You can get a leopard print dress and let it double as a skirt with some careful layering. Shop your steal below!

shop luxury fashion leopard print skirts from shopbop

(Shop Amazon skirt HERE) (Shop AliExpress skirt HERE) (Shop tons of leopard print styles from Shopbop HERE)

Not sure what to wear with your leopard print skirts? I’ve pulled some Inso for you guys on my Pinterest with a board dedicated just to leopard print fashion items. The key to classy over trashy – pairing with minimalist fashion basics. You’ll find the hottest Instagram bloggers wearing leopard as a neutral, styling their wild pieces with staples like basic T-shirts, leather jackets, white chunky sneakers, and boots. The splurge basic pieces to go with the trend: Balenciaga sneakers, Vans sneakers, Doc Martin boots, luxury t-shirts, and your staple motto jacket.

Feeling unsure of rocking a skirt in the fall? Leopard print pants and jeans are in! Same rules for wear apply. Pair your pants with essentials from your luxury essentials wardrobe. Shopping links below.

shop leopard print pants

(Shop leopard print pants HERE)

fluffy leopard print coats

(Shop leopard print coats HERE)

Want to stay extra warm? Go for a leopard print jacket. They key to these pieces is to go plush over your basics. Your jacket should be oversized, and the statement piece of your outfit. This look is the most fierce of all, so prepare for those stares.

leopard print luxury fashion sneakers from shopbop shoes

(Shop leopard sneakers and shoes HERE)

Leopard print has even found it’s way to footwear. Some of the hottest fashion brands have resorted to this purrfect pattern for sneakers, boots and more. You can shop a few unique styles to jazz up your shoe closet above. Can you tell sneakers are my top pick for the trend?

fashion bloggers wearing leopard print

PHOTO CRED UPPER LEFT TO BOTTOM RIGHT: @mvb, @mikutas@lydiajanetomlinson@kimmykitta, @thehautepursuit, @alyssa.lenore

Looking for the trend in action? Here are a few of the best fashion bloggers pairing the leopard print trend in effortless, minimal style. You’ll be able to spot those key luxury essential pieces being paired in almost all of these looks. Links above, be sure to follow their accounts for more inspiration on the daily.

Want even more? I’ve been so addicted, I created an entire Pinterest board dedicated to this 2018 fashion trend, leading me to purchase the essential Doc Martin boots and Vans sneakers that mesh so perfectly with this style. I have a problem, I know. There are worse vices, right?

leopard print pinterest outfit ideas

leopard print and sweatshirt athleisure casual style

Until next time, have a fierce week kittens. #meow

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shopbop. occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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