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trendy fashion leopard print skirt with chunky sneakers outfit

25+ leopard print skirt and fashion steals to shop

Ready to embrace your wild side? Animal print is the fiercest trend of 2018 fall fashion, and everyone is scrambling to get the best pieces before this fast fashion trend sells out. The most iconic piece being the satin leopard print skirt – the best styles are already hard to find, so I’ve shortlisted a few shopping links that you can still grab your favorites before they’re gone! Let’s start where this trend is hitting the hardest, the silky satin leopard print skirt. This one took a bit for me to give you guys a few options, but I was able to scrape up the best of the best below – including where I got mine: AliExpress. That’s right, even a luxury fashion blogger cheats sometimes. Always an advocate of splurging on timeless fashion and grabbing the steals for trendy pieces, leopard-print counts towards my fast-fashion steals, so a low price with decent quality is a happy balance to a well-stocked luxury wardrobe. Looking for a double steal? You can get a leopard print dress …

luxury fashion suit separates get sporty with athleisure pieces

tailored suit set remixed with sporty details

Taking a break to spend some much needed time with my white angel on the couch, and wanted to share this look with you all. One of my favorite trends of fall 2018 is the evolution of athleisure in luxeleisure styles. This year, we see a movement of suiting and dress pieces making bolder statements with sporty accents. From tailored, business suiting layered with belts and sneakers, to more casual takes on the trend (like this two-piece crop and pant set), it’s a playful combination that exudes confidence with a playful twist. You’ll be spotting some more formal execution of this trend here on the blog in weeks to come that’s great for office or day wear, but in the mean time, here’s an easy play off the trend that you can wear at home, or casually out in a more relaxed environment. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | top c/o:AMMARA | logo belt:GIVENCHY   They key to the trend is matching your suiting pieces for a totally monochrome look, or layering a …

grana silk holiday dress

holiday fashion guide for the minimalist

Snowflakes drop heavily against the darkened NYC skyline, then flitter away suddenly with each breath of wind. White lines the window sills and rooftops. The sky is darkened, yet somehow spirits are light. Twinkling lights from street to the highest high rise, the shops have begun their elaborate display of Christmas. A tree every-other door, ornaments dangling from store windows tantalizing passerbys with an overwhelming urgency for shopping. Restaurant windows glow with a warm light and scene of smiling faces toasting to the day, a most welcoming sight from the cold of the streets. Visitors and NY locals alike flood the streets, bundled in down coats with hoods up, rushing to find the last items from their holiday list. It’s Christmas in New York, the most magical time of year. I’ve never been one for much holiday decorations, but I must say, it’s a beautiful sight to behold. It’s as if the world for a moment forgets the harsh cold of winter – warmed by thoughts of family and festivities to come. And so many …