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What’s on my Farfetch Black Friday wish list and how to score yours

luxury fashion black friday sale from farfetch

Black Friday is just around the corner, and you know what that means – it’s time to grab your luxury fashion essentials for the season, at the best prices you’re likely to see them year-round. Luxury fashion can be an admittedly expensive habit, one I relish to the utmost no doubt. However, I have learned you get what you pay for, and if you’re going to be getting a lot of use out of your purchases, your price-per-wear is probably better when you invest in quality pieces that fit into your lifestyle. And not only are luxury pieces an investment when chosen wisely, that investment can double up quick when you snag said pieces at a bargain price. That’s never done quite as well as Black Friday, when retailers mark down the vast majority of their products for the biggest day in retail all year.

Update: Use code: x20BF for an extra 20% off during the Farfetch Black Friday sale!

Black Friday shopping tips

Tip for scoring big on Black Friday: scope out and shortlist your favorite retailers to shop early, and get the best pieces before they’re gone. I’ve already made my list on a couple of my go-to luxury retailer’s, including Farfetch. One of the biggest names in luxury retail, I was thrilled to be invited to work with Farfetch for the first time a couple of years back. We’re joining up again to share the love of fashion with my Black Friday top picks from their online site.

my farfetch black friday luxury fashion wishlist

Farfetch endeavors to empower individuality, and not only offers products from the leading luxury brands like Givenchy, Balenciaga, Burberry, Chloé and more – they also operate as a global technology platform curating up and coming designers that meet the highest standards of quality and style, offering their consumer demographic something unique and special. I’ve not only made several of my happy luxury purchases from them, I’ve also discovered new brands I’ve come to love and grow with along the way.

My Farfetch Black Friday wishlist

Having said that and without further adieu, here are my favorites I’ve shortlisted in my Black Friday favs to shop during the world’s biggest day of fashion retail. Though Farfetch is keeping their sale items a secret for now, creating a shortlist will help you narrow down your selections on the big day of the sale.

Luxury sneakers and boots

Let’s first talk shoes. There aren’t many things in the fashion world I love more than a pair of luxury sneakers. With pairs from Saint Laurent, Golden Goose and MOBs – it’s a fashion investment I’ve seen pay off over and over as the pieces have been worn dozens of times since their initial purchase, and at a higher grade of quality, most have barely shown signs of wear. I’ve had my eye on this pair of Golden Goose (deliberately worn-in) since I was at their flagship store in Milan, and I’m hoping to catch them on a steal Black Friday. When I’m not wearing sneakers, tis the season for booties, and a black, pointed-toe with a unique heel shape is the essential item for this season. You can find both styles at the shopping links provided.

luxury fashion sneakers and boots from the farfetch black friday sale

(Shop Golden Goose sneakers) (Shop Givenchy boots) (Shop luxury designer shoes)

Luxury handbags

Next up, luxury handbags. Not only does this investment pay of via price-per-wear, the retail value of second hand bags also remains one of the best in the business, so if you tire of your bag (doubtful), you’ll likely be able to get a fair price for it to use for investing in a new piece. I’ve picked to opposite genres of bags. The first is by Off-white, a brand taking over athleisure and grunge style edits all over the globe. Marked for their work-wear themes and logo-manic typography, they’re a straight shooting brand that rebells against fashion norms. The second, a vintage-inspired classic luxury handbag by Versace. If you didn’t know them before the song, you’ve definitely heard of them being on the floor by now. Marked by the signature Medusa medallion, this bag is loaded with them for a more-is-more approach to fashion.

luxury handbags on sale for black friday from farfetch

(Shop Off-white bag) (Shop Versace bag) (Shop luxury handbags)

Givenchy top picks for the Black Friday sale

Givenchy. Enough said. Alongside Prada and Balenciaga, it’s one of my favorite weaknesses. The dark, rebellious grunge in distinct, sporty minimalism is a unique combination I find myself unable to resist. My collection currently boasts a shopper tote, a couple of T’s and a belt I picked up at a vintage boutique in Milan. Next on the list, this basic hoodie sweatshirt and a zodiac inspired T. I’m not a Gemini, but everyone has a couple faces to their personality, right?

casual luxury essentials by givenchy from the black friday farfetch sale

(Shop Givenchy Sweatshirt) (Shop Givenchy zodiac T-shirt) (Shop Givenchy)

Sporty athleisure wishlist

Looking for sporty athleisure basics? Me too. Here is a sporty skirt and jacket that make great staple items to pair with just about anything in your wardrobe. The black and white contrast gives these pieces a genuine sport vibe that combines great with other luxury pieces or feminine attire for a luxe-leisure style that’s essential for everyday wear.

sporty athleisure essentials from the farfetch black friday sale

(Shop Versus skirt) (Shop sporty stripe jacket) (Shop designer clothes)

Planning to snag a couple of your own investment pieces during the sale? Make your favorites list on Farfetch now so you can jump straight to them and get them before they’re gone! A few of my favorites are already down to the last piece… but luckily my list just keeps on growing. Happy shopping, and I hope you’re able to score some well-planned luxury essentials that you’ll get plenty of wear out of in the new year!

Need some help shortlisting? Check out my tips for selecting luxury fashion essentials that you’ll wear over and over again.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Farfetch. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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