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fall trends: the logo belt

logo belt fall fashion trend 2018

It’s the era of readjusted vision with radically independent viewpoints and an optimistic view. Fashion is a reflection of our culture, and a sect of young, assertive individuals has paved the way for a 2018 fashion trend that’s grounded in moody irony and an expanded identity as they refuse to adapt to the norms, and seek instead to be boldly confident in their own personal choices. Youthful rebellion is nothing new, but the mood is distinctly evolved. No longer are these insurgents bitter, angry or aggressive. Instead, they are jubilant with their lifestyle choices. They no longer seek to defy their surrounding culture, but rather are more focused on the positive energy they feel in the freedom of their own choices.

teen tribe - logomania takes over the fashion trends for 2018

Hence is born the new tribe of youthful independence. Interpreted into fashion, we see a strong mix of sporty and nostalgic pieces. Graphic elements and denim basics mix in unusual ways. This trend is more about the unique combinations. A part of this trend is a graphic fashion movement called logomania. Logomania is a big part of the 80’s fashion which we’ve seen comeback in the 20th century. An appreciation for the bright, bold era is the perfect trip for these youths to interpret into the more modern, athleisure wardrobes of this era. It’s represented by logos and typography dramatically imprinted across various fashion pieces. You can spot Logomania presenting itself on many key fashion items in the form of patches on bags and shoes, printed straps, and the back of bomber jackets. Brands like APC have done a tasteful presentation of the trend with nostalgic logo sweatshirts and fanny packs, paired with a set of sporty basics that balance the trend.

luxury logo belts from farfetch logo mania fashion trend 2018

photo credit:FARFETCH


One fun way to get a taste of the trend, the logo belt. A logo belt is a great single-purchase accessory that will allow you to dabble in the trend, without having to invest in an huge assortment of graffitied pieces filling your wardrobe. It’s an easy layering piece, and the trend is subtle represented this way, making it a great ready-to-wear interpretation of a strong aesthetic.

luxury fashion belt

You can find the logo belt across most of your big-name luxury fashion brands, all capitalizing on the influx of millennium buyers. Balmain, Dsquared2, Fendi, Philipp Plein, Balenciaga and Givenchy all have iterations of the logo belt that you can find on luxury retailer sites like Farfetch for a large assortment to choose from. The most popular strain of belts is crafted with a sporty nylon to play off the athleisure influence of the trend. The fun thing about Givenchy’s logo belt is the also nostalgic slider buckle, that let’s you wear it both at waist and hip heights. If your looking for a luxury piece that’s versatile, it’s a great choice for maximum wearability.

Wondering what you can wear with a logo belt? Remember, the trend is all about individual expression, so don’t over think it. This look is for the confident, youthful and energetic. Sporty athleisure basics are your perfect combo, keeping the look casual and fun. Designer and athletic collaborations like Stella McCartney Adidas are the perfect pairing featuring the bright color pops associated with the trend, some great basics, and logo-spattered pieces.

athleisure and logomania luxury fashion trends for 2018

If you dare, you can also go for a stronger contrast, mixing logomania pieces with luxury fashion dresses and evening wear for a more contour look. I’ve put some shopping links below if you want to check out the look. Here’s to a new chapter of exuberant confidence and positive grunge spirit.

(Shop belts here)(Shop APC logomania collection here)(Shop Stella McCartney Adidas here)

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