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logo belt fall fashion trend 2018

fall trends: the logo belt

It’s the era of readjusted vision with radically independent viewpoints and an optimistic view. Fashion is a reflection of our culture, and a sect of young, assertive individuals has paved the way for a 2018 fashion trend that’s grounded in moody irony and an expanded identity as they refuse to adapt to the norms, and seek instead to be boldly confident in their own personal choices. Youthful rebellion is nothing new, but the mood is distinctly evolved. No longer are these insurgents bitter, angry or aggressive. Instead, they are jubilant with their lifestyle choices. They no longer seek to defy their surrounding culture, but rather are more focused on the positive energy they feel in the freedom of their own choices. Hence is born the new tribe of youthful independence. Interpreted into fashion, we see a strong mix of sporty and nostalgic pieces. Graphic elements and denim basics mix in unusual ways. This trend is more about the unique combinations. A part of this trend is a graphic fashion movement called logomania. Logomania is a …