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casual sport sneaker style

casual minimalist sneakers

Kick back and let your hair down, summer is here and it’s time to squeeze the most enjoyment out of each day.

There are so many experiences possible in life’s journey, and I plan to take as many as possible. So many times we get caught up in daily routine and forget to spend time relaxing or getting out to explore the world. Instead, have a mindset of get-up-and-go with a no-excuse attitude for getting stuck in the rut. So far so good with days spent poolside, mini trips to D.C., VA beach, NYC and beyond. What’s on your jetset list for the summer? Don’t make excuses of why next weekend might be better… GO!

minimalist sneaker style

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | slip-on slacks c/o:FABRIZIO GIANNI | leatherette top c/o:THE RUSHING HOUR (30% off with code: dayinmydreams30 ) | saddle bag c/o:DESIGUAL | purse pom pom c/o:LUXE BLOGGER | casual sport sneakers c/o:WINDSOR SMITH

minimalist fashion pom pom

minimalist sneaker style

Nothing makes me feel more relaxed and ready to go than casual sneaker style that lets me run as fast as my feet will take me. This first look is inspired by tackling the weekly to-dos in style. Feel like you don’t have time for exploring new opportunities? Spend one day a week like a raging psychopath and knock out as many to-dos as possible. That way, when the weekend rolls around you’ll have a sense of accomplishment, and no excuses to stay stuck in the house. This look is made to run, and that one day of fast-pace motivation goes a long way in freeing up extra time! These pull-on trousers have been a lifesaver for clean-professional (and wrinkle-free!) style that fits into a lifestyle in motion.

sneaker fashion minimal overalls

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | oversized overalls c/o:THE RUSHING HOUR (30% off with code: dayinmydreams30 ) | casual sport sneakers c/o:EGO | silver rings c/o:CHARLOTTE VALKENIERS

minimal casual style

Allowing the ultimate form of laid-back mentality to win over your mind on occasion is a great way to recoup after your hectic to-do day. Reward yourself with some of life’s much needed comforts (fresh air, good wine, and good company), and map out the adventure ahead. Having a couple hours to unwind in equally casual style let’s you clear your mind of the unnecessary, so you’ll be ready for the worriless adventures that follow.

grey casual sneakers

overalls sneaker style

When you’re overwhelmed with daily tasks… work, work, work, work, work… get it done. Relax. Then Play. All are equally important to a happy, healthy you. Don’t make excuses, go! Take on the world by storm (and don’t forget to smile).

happiness minimal style


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