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VASA BLÅ by sudio review

Remember Vasa by Sudio Review from last year? Well they’re back babes, and beautiful as ever.

My first set of earbuds from Sudio proved to be one of the staple pieces of the season. With a mini leather travel pouch and tangle-free cord – they were the ideal set for travel and office use, and lived in my bag making regular appearances in just about every location I frequent. This year, Sudio has launched an upgrade – the wireless bluetooth version of my beloved babes called the VASA BLÅ. Of course, I couldn’t resist giving them a try. Marrying the worlds of innovative technology and elegant beauty, Sudio is an experience that’s seen and heard. So here’s what’s new.


photography:YOURS TRULY (ME) | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | wireless bluetooth earphones VASA BLÅ c/o:SUDIO (use code: dayinmydreams for 15% off)


First and most obvious, they’re wireless! (And here I thought the flat, impossible-to-tangle cord of the Vasa was good). The VASA BLÅ has no cord at all (excepting the one connecting the buds of course) and have already been claimed by my boyfriend for the convenience factor (sorry buddy, you’re going to have to fight me for this one).

Aside from that, even with the bluetooth they were able to maintain the same quality of sound (which is quite good). And set up is super easy. In case you haven’t had much experience with wireless bluetooth earphones yet, here’s the simple how-to set them up:

  1. Turn off the bluetooth on your phone.
  2. The first video is to demonstrate when you click the middle button (around 7 seconds), the first blue blink means that it is now turned on, and DO NOT LET GO and KEEP PRESSING, then you will see the blue and red blinks, that means the earphones is on seeding mode.
  3. Go to the bluetooth in your phone, and turn it on.
  4. You will see “Sudio Vasa Bla”, click connect.
  5. The second video demonstrates that when it is connected, the earphones will blink the blue lights every 8 seconds or so.
  6. Then you can now use the bluetooth earphones.
  7. The last video demonstrates how to turn off the bluetooth earphones. Hold the middle button for 7 seconds or so, and it will blink the blue light, that means it is now turned off.

2016-0222-vasa-bla-by-sudio-review-06 2016-0222-vasa-bla-by-sudio-review-05

VASA BLÅ also comes packaged in Sudio’s signature white box, and not only includes the earbuds, but also a leather travel pouch, several adjustable sleeve sizes, and a coordinating clip. That’s it! So since then I’ve been enjoying my sound more beautifully. Thank you Sudio for leading the pack and understanding that nothing is worth it unless it’s functional and Insta-worthy. I will forever be a fan of your technology – thank you for the beautiful bluetooth earbuds.

If you’ve been on the search for a set and still haven’t made the leap, you can use my code: dayinmydreams for 15% off. Now all that’s left to do is update my playlist from 2005 X) Any suggestions?


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  2. I never knew a set of earbuds could be so elegant haha! I’ve never been picky about mine (usually just use the ones that come with my phone) but these are making me want to up my game..and you obviously can’t beat the rose gold finish. Love it lady!

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  5. Caroline grace deal peña says

    What it your earphones blink with blue and red @ the same time.. What will I do 😢


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