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light and night

Playing with contrast. Two things contradicting each other, yet existing side by side can be a truly beautiful thing. They say opposites attract. While I can’t always agree with that, there is something to be said for differences making everything a bit more interesting. Without one side, how could you truly appreciate the other?

If you want to see the whole bunch and caboodle side by side, go to New York. There isn’t a type of person there you won’t find. And in fact… I love it. (alternate read: I am that creepy people watcher staring at you from the coffee shop across the street).


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 | jacket:FRONTROWSHOP | faux leather top c/o:HYPHEN | denim:MADEWELL | booties c/o:CLARKS | timepiece c/o:SIMPL | rosegold bar necklaces c/o:DE PRISCILLA


Comfort is always my #1 priority when packing for the city. These pointed boots from Clarks have quickly become one of the most worn pairs in my wardrobe (and trust me, that’s saying a lot). Officially their new groupie #clarkstrendsetter


Slinking around in all black. Faux leather top is another piece from Hyphen. The criss-cross back stole my heard immediately. Also, anyone else giving rose gold a second look lately? (and can someone please explain to me the color difference between rose gold and copper??)  It’s been fashion-forecasted to be the next silver, and certainly making it’s way into my wardrobe in a big way. These bar necklaces from De Priscilla are a nice subtle play on the trend.


Here’s to spending the rest of the night dreaming of the stars in the city lights.



    • fyi, the pup’s chin is currently on my laptop… so if there are any weird typos I blame her lol. thank you! just cleaned through my closet this weekend and realize – i 1eed to play with more color! loved your last post btw =)


    • it’s so much fun! haha happy to see you’ve got another post up… I know you’ve been crazy busy but it makes me all the more excited when you do have a chance to write =) I’ll see you there!


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