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wowed by the leather | Tamara Mellon boots review

tamara mellon boots review

The velvety touch of the best leathers, the posture from 4” stilettos, that over the knee silhouette – they’re going to look when you walk into the room. Tamara Mellon continues to break the mold with the delivery of their luxury leather boots.

Without any pre-determined exchange, I was gifted a pair of choice from from the Tamara Mellon AW20 collection. After making my initial share on social media, I really wanted to take the time to share more details as this has become a staple in my wardrobe. In this Tamara Mellon review, I’ll be sharing just why you’re going die over the sheer luxury of these boots.

luxury fashion leather boots by tamara mellon

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | boots c/o:TAMARA MELLON

A bit about Tamara Mellon

about tamara mellon site review

Image Cred: Tamara Mellon

Tamara Mellon is a brand of luxury footwear named after their designer, Tamara Mellon, AKA the co-founder of Jimmy Choo in 1996. Her mission in launching a brand on the side… her determination to redefine luxury by breaking the rules. Put simply in this quote, “I co-founded Jimmy Choo in 1996. Today, I’m still obsessed with shoes, but not the traditional way of doing things. So I’m starting over. This is my reboot (pun intended). I’m redefining luxury and doing what I do best: designing shoes and breaking rules.” – Tamara

quote from luxury fashion designer tamara mellon

Image Cred: Tamara Mellon

True to their statement, Tamara Mellon boots and shoes are show-stopping masterpieces. The collection is littered with bold, sexy, over the edge footwear that’s straight from the 20th Century.

Tamara Mellon boots collection

Tamara Mellon boots are made with incredible materials and craftsmanship, truly redefining the luxury experience. They’re designed for women taking over the world; isn’t that all of us?

In the collection you’ll find an assortment of boots, pumps, flats, sneakers, sandals and even handbags. For the purpose of this Tamara Mellon review, the focus will be on the boots. However, many attributes can be said about their collection as a whole.

tamara mellon luxury boot collection

Image Cred: Tamara Mellon

Back to the boots… you may have seen Tamara Mellon’s social media campaign pop up on your Facebook or Instagram. In the key style collection, you’ll find flat lug sole boots, heeled booties, over the knee boots, and their signature Sweet Revenge legging and boot combo.

tamara mellon boot leather closeup

Tamara Mellon boot leather

After experiencing Tamara Mellon for myself, the most stand-out wow factor is in the nappa leather. A pair of black boots are not hard to find. Finding a pair that’s as buttery and rich as these… I dare you. In my several years of working in the fashion industry, I haven’t felt anything like it to the touch. In fact, it inspired the writing of this entire post.

You can watch my Instagram Stories Tamara Mellon review below to get a feel of the luxurious leather.

Tamara Mellon Icon Knee High boot

My pair of choice to sample from the AW20 collection was the Icon Knee High 105 boot. This boot hits generously at the top of the knee. At 5’ 7”, my legs are quite long, and these land at the perfect height.

2-in-one slouch boot by tamara mellon

Image Cred: Tamara Mellon

What makes it so fun, this boot can be worn pulled up, or slouched by slipping the top down allowing the leather to fold in a deconstructed pleat.

It’s not just the leather and versatile wear that makes these luxury boots incredible. The modern wide ankle cut is a bold silhouette that immediately draws your eye to the incredible design and craftsmanship. Having worn them out countless times, they receive countless comments and acclamations. If you’re looking for a statement boot that you can keep in your wardrobe for years, this is it.

Icon Boot Features:
– 2-way slouch or knee high boot
– Handcrafted in Italy
– Made with (the softest ever) nappa leather
– Fully lined with leather
– Leather sole
– 4” heel

walking in tamara mellon boots

Tamara Mellon fit and comfort

Tamara Mellon is handcrafted in Italy, and as such they’re labeled in European sizing. This can be challenging to navigate at times, however their on-site US conversion is listed right along the Euro size. I usually wear a size 6.0-6.5 in US sizing, and 36.5-37 in Euro sizing.

I selected my boots in a 37 to be safe, ignoring the size 7.0 US correlation size. That was my mistake, and the boots fit as a perfect size 7.0 (a bit too large for me). I recommend to follow the US size chart. Good news is, I added in a padded gel footbed that not only bridged the size gap, but also gave me a bit of extra cushion to walk in.

tamara mellon boots

After a 3+ hour wear test, they were comfortable ’til the end, with no areas rubbing or or squeezing. The Icon boot does have a high pitch, so if you’re not used to walking in high heels, you may want to consider a lower heel or flat boot for ever day use.

What to wear with Tamara Mellon boots

As a luxury fashion blogger, I’m constantly receiving new fashion pieces in the mail. However, I always follow the circle of life and cycle pieces to friends and family to share to maximize wear on a more capsule collection.

what to wear with Tamara Mellon boots

The Icon Knee High boots are absolutely a new essential piece for me. You can wear them with leather leggings and a blazer for a true empowered punk look, or dress them up with a mini dress or skirt. I’ve even worn them super casual with an oversized sweatshirt for quick runs.

The versatility of the 2-in-one slouch or knee high boot makes this style especially versatile. Versatility = lower cost per wear as you can wear them with almost anything. This is the mark of a luxury investment worth making. To further extend their use, Tamara Mellon also offers a 2-year cobbler concierge repair service that guarantees repairs for up to two years.

luxury fashion blogger wears tamara mellon

Tamara Mellon boots in review

For all of you fierce, empowered women, if you buy one pair of boots this season, make it Tamara Mellon. Your investment will last for years, and you won’t find a better quality luxury boot at their prices.

Invest in the best, and you’ll have it for years to come. If you have any questions not covered in this Tamara Mellon boots review, be sure to reach out in the comments below. Check out the entire collection at

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, these boots were gifted from Tamara Mellon. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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