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filippo loreti watch review with gold band and moon face

5 tips on how to find a perfect watch with Filippo Loreti

Being a fashion blogger has it’s perks, and owning a few dozen fashion timepieces is one of them. As one of my favorite accessories, you probably see me posting on Instagram on a regular basis. Want to get a timepiece of your own but not sure where to start? Here are my 5 pro tips on how to find a perfect watch from an avid (obsessed) collector, plus a Filippo Loreti review as the newest piece to my collection.

Look for the “wow” factor

As one of the biggest accessory trends of the generation, there are thousands upon thousands of fashion watches for consumers to choose from. Having dozens myself, I’ve started to notice many brands producing nearly identical designs. If you’re looking for a single fashion statement, look for a watch that has a “wow” factor that sets it apart from the crowd. Whether it’s a unique face, material or dial design – details matter. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for opulent design, it just means you should be looking for something special enough that it catches your eye that you won’t find for half the price somewhere else.

Filippo Loreti has an impeccable “wow” factor with luxury details you just don’t see in most watch designs. It’s elegant, and the beveled curves give it a really rich look and feel. It’s a great statement piece that instantly ups the countenance of any look.

filippo loretti watch review in packaging box

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | timepiece c/o:FILIPPO LORETI

Consider the design

How does a timepiece fit into your personal style? Do you dress minimal, chic, urban or street? Consider a design that’s going to work well with your wardrobe. I tend to mix things up a lot in my personal style (hence the need for a couple dozen watches). So for me, I look for pieces that compliment a certain mood or genre of fashion that I wear frequently.

I have an unnatural obsession with the moon, so the Venice Moonphase watch by Filippo Loreti especially caught my eyes. There is a subtle star print in the cut-out just above the logo, and the stone-grey face is reminiscent of the glowing moon itself.

filippo loreti gold watch reviewsophisticated filippo loreti watch review closeup

Understand value

With a market flooded with so many timepieces to choose from, it’s important to understand value. Prices for a fashion watch can range from fifteen dollars to hundreds (and that’s before we even begin to talk about luxury timepieces). When you’re trying to find the perfect watch, do your research and compare what’s on the market in a similar price range, and select based on the highest quality. What features are important to you? Details like the thickness and material of the watch band, to the level of intricacy on the face all play a factor in pricing. It’s important not to make unnecessary sacrifices – instead choose based on balance of cost and worth.

Filippo Loreti timepiece selections have excellent value, and the quality can be seen in their designs. The band is extra thick, and the finishes are flawless and smooth. If I had received the watch without first knowing the retail price, I would have guessed it much higher based on the quality – making this piece a high value selection.

filippo loreti gold watch band review

Seek versatility

As a minimalist fashion blogger, I do seek to live a minimalist lifestyle to the best of my ability. Though that an be a challenge with such a influx of new products arriving on almost a daily basis, some versatility incorporated into fashion goes a long way. For timepieces, I like to look for options that minimize the number of pieces I need in my wardrobe. Changeable bands is a huge benefit that doubles the value of your timepiece through versatility.

This Filippo Loreti watch features small notches that make a band change effortless. I selected the gold mesh Venice Moonphase, with this beautiful grey croc leather band that gives the face an entirely different look. The design makes it ultra versatile, working with different outfits, looks and styles that suit your every mood.

filippo loretti interchangable croc leather bandfilippo loreti watch review with croc band

Select quality

Last but not least, if you want to reduce to a capsule wardrobe quality is a must. Few pieces afford you the luxury of choosing quality with a less-is-more approach. This was my first watch from Filippo Loreti, and it’s always exciting for me when the package first arrives and you get a more hands-on experience.

Filippo Loreti timepiece selections are a gorgeous statement accessory with accentuated details that really set them apart. Quite frankly, the watch was even more beautiful and high quality than I had expected. The band is extra thick and the clasp hardware is robust and luxurious. Even the back of the face has an intricately engraved detail featuring the Basilica Di San Marco. The frame is luminous with a flawless finish, and after a couple weeks of constant wear, there’s still not a scratch to be seen.

filippo loreti watch review with engraved back facesophisticated filippo loreti watch review

Over all, I have been thrilled with my first experience, and was happy to share this Filippo Loreti review. Hoping to share more down the road, and keep your eyes on on the Filippo Loreti instagram feed to keep up with what’s fresh in their collection.. May these 5 tips for finding a perfect watch help you on your buying journey!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Filippo Loreti. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

travel blogger on minimalist beaches of costa rica

i am the sea

The sun had just begun its last descend. We had arrived there for a purpose, but that purpose was quickly lost. The golden sky-paint was kissing the stones and sea. The faint smell of rum and ocean beings came in waves with the breeze. The sound of reggae could be heard faintly playing on a beach far off. It was all too perfect to focus on anything but that. We had arrived to Costa Rica, on the sandy sunset beaches of Tamarindo.

travel blogger in the sea with minimal golden backdrop

photography:JOSH WOLFE MUSIC | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk dress c/o:GIGI MODA


Our hearts were stirred and as if we had became a part of this place. A sort of blissful drunkenness swept over. Not from the rum punch or local beer, but from the air itself. A feeling of light and movement consumed us. The sand was soft, and just cooling from the afternoon sun. The water had a crisp bite that ways playful and inviting in the warm air.

minimalist travel blogger wading into the sea of costa ricawet silk dress in the sea

A group of a dozen comrades joined us there. A moment of true, un-adultered happiness shared by all created a sort of high that was tangible. We all spread our wings and flittered around the beach, each finding his own true meaning of happiness. Some wandered carelessly to the tiki bar for a beach cocktail. Some laughed and played in the sand. Others site quietly gazing into the endless waves and miles of vacant beach. I went to the sea, hearing its call like a force in my veins.

i am the sea

The water was cool, but the cold felt enchanting, like a temptress with a frozen heart. I waded in slowly at first, allowing my body time to understand her world. Staring into the sea, you realize how big the world can be. How limitless the possibilities truly are. If there had ever been a moment I desired nothing more than to live a minimalist lifestyle never leaving the sea – it was that moment.

a minimalist lifestyle means happiness is the seaminimalist blogger playing in the seaplaying in the sea in a silk dress

Then, as if overtaken by the purest of joy at the thought, I could feel a soft laughter emerging. Not the funny sort of laugh, but the laughter that comes only from raw happiness that touches deep in your soul. I let the water consume me. Her cold facade lifted, and she became a welcoming place of enchantment. We laughed together, played in the golden light of the sun. In those moments you are not in the sea – I am the sea.

I am the sea

minimalist fashion blog, fashion trends 2019, 2019 fashion trends women’s, 2019 fashion trends summer with pepamack

fashion forecast for summer 2019

Getting desperate for summer sun, evening mojitos and an escape from the dredge of winter. In lighter notes, spring has nearly arrived, and it’s time to start assembling a summer wardrobe. Just returning home from a season of the biggest women’s fashion conventions in Vegas and Atlanta, I’ve had the opportunity to have first looks of what’s coming up on the fashion forecast for summer 2019 and into fall/winter of 2020.

Everything in the fashion world is changing

Many trends transpire season to season. This year, expect everything to change. Evolution is the foremost word of the season, with unexpected combinations and futuristic looks. Thank an overrun media or boredom with current style. Fashion is a reflection of culture, and it’s clear people are ready to change. Your eyes will be delightedly confused as runway fashion hits mainsteam style, and a juxtapose of classic and hyper modern elements come together for fashion without a filter.

2019 spring and summer fashion trends suiting

photo cred: ImaxTree

minimalist fashion blog, fashion trends 2019, 2019 fashion trends women’s, 2019 fashion trends summer with pepamack

photo cred: pepamack

Classic tailored suiting gets belted

Starting on runways and luxury fashion street style scenes this winter, classic suiting is back, but with an entirely transformed attitude. Tailored classics used to feel formal and inflexible. The new tailoring is oversized, edgy and rebellious. We see this in a few ways, most notably worn much like a motto jacket layered over basics. The form is boxy and 3 sizes larger than your frame. It’s a statement of understated luxury – strong and confident without trying. Wear an oversized blazer over basic classic-cut jeans and an oversized t-shirt, or swap jeans for biker shorts if you are feeling especially brave. Your accessories should be simple – vintage sunglasses, gold jewelry and chunky sneakers mark the look.

oversized blazer 2019 summer fashion trend

photo cred: @beatrice.gutu

For those who identify with a more playful, sophisticated and daring take on fashion, suiting has also evolved alongside athleisure. In this look, blazers are worn more naturally fitted with coordinating suit pieces, track pants, biker shorts and no top at all. Instead, let the cut of the blazer jut deeply down your chest with a tightly cinched belt at your waistline. The look is fierce and mischievous. Wear your hair tied back in a tight pony or neat knot. Accessories are slightly more feminine to contrast with the suiting. Pair with 90’s kitten heels or booties with architectural details.

belted blazer for 2019 summer fashion trends

photo cred: emfashionfiles

The death of minimalism, sort of

A couple years back, minimalist lifestyle blogs exploded with the fastest fashion trends coming out of Australia and the UK. While these looks are still on point, a shift is seen with the direction of minimalist styling. Oversized everything is being replaced with vintage jeans and enormous t-shirts tucked to show your waistline. Stark lines and contrast have moved more towards our evolution of suiting, and minimalism has taken a turn backwards. In fact, the most unexpected clash of trends has now begun merging. The new minimalist is rooted deeply in boho vintage style. Where boho used to be represented in chunky jewelry and tacky prints, it’s now become refined and feminine, meeting minimalism half way. Accessories are dainty, and footwear, belting and handbags have become more bold. Don’t worry, the crazy prints aren’t coming back. Rather, subtle pinstripes, monotone mini-floral prints and other barely-there details pair with the most minimalist basics. Pair with a short wavy bob cut and an effortless awareness of your surroundings.

2019 summer fashion trends, the new minimalist boho vintage

photo cred: streetstyleseekers

trend of vintage boho styles for summer 2019

photo cred: Vogue France

Dress is back

After months of fashion refusing to put forth effort, dress is back. Athleisure dominated style long enough. While you don’t have to ditch your new expansive sneaker collection just yet, be prepared to mix in kitten heels and dressier accessories. We are realizing once again that just because the relaxed look of athleisure is easy, it’s also adrenalizing to step out of your comfort zone. Dress is coming back, in a small way for now. Expect to see heels, silk dresses, even sequins and other feminine pieces mixed with the undying athleisure styles.

2019 kitten heel trend

photo cred: Vogue France

luxury fashion shopping tips with shopbop seasonal sale with coupon code

limited discounts on luxury fashion essentials during shopbop’s seasonal sale

Luxury may be difficult to afford, but if you’ve been coveting a few favorites, today is your lucky day. Now through March 2nd, Shopbop is having one of the biggest sales of the season – buy more, save more. Luxury fashion is desired for its exclusivity, and as of such, many luxury retailers never mark down items or run seasonal sales. One way around it, is shopping through key luxury retail sites like Shopbop. Here’s the scoop on the sale and a few picks on my favorited list. Being an advocate of a capsule wardrobe and living a minimalist lifestyle, quality comes before quantity. As such, many of my purchases are luxury fashion pieces that I will have for years to come, with a heavy rotation that more than covers the initial investment.

luxury fashion wardrobe with shopbop

Buying luxury for a purpose

First, it’s important to mention that I do, and always have valued experience over material possessions. Those are the memories that last a lifetime, and I believe that living with less to allow yourself your dream lifestyle is the best way to live. Having said that, there is also plenty of reason to value luxury fashion as a part of that lifestyle. Buying fewer pieces that last year over year in both style and quality is a better long term investment than purchasing fast-fashion pieces that you’ll be ready to toss at the end of the month (provided they don’t rip in the wash before then). Luxury fashion blogging has allowed me the opportunity to experience many levels of luxury working with small boutique brands and large tycoons like All Saints and Maison Margela. I’ve purchased luxury, and also steals I find along the way. It has never failed, luxury last longer both in style and quality of the manufacturing and materials. If you’re working towards a capsule wardrobe, consider investing a little extra to get the basics that will last.

Shopbop buy more, save more event details

Ready for luxury at irresistible prices? Shopbop’s seasonal sale is a great way to get started on your luxury essentials with an assortment of current fashion trends from the most iconic luxury brands. Now, for just a couple of days, you can snag those at the best prices you’ll find. Shopbop’s buy more, save more event is a price-tear sale that will allow you to save up to 25%. The discount can be applied to both sale and regular price items, so you can actually save 75% or more off luxury brand purchases if you shop smartly. Be sure to check out their sale section for the biggest discounts. Looking for what’s hot now? Their new items just in are also included in the sale! Here’s the deets. Shop now through March 2nd and get 15%-25% off depending on how much you spend with code: GOBIG19. You can check out the full details on the luxury sale event on the site.

shopbop sale with coupon code buy more save more discount on luxury fashion

What’s on my luxury wish list

Now for my favorite part, the items I’ve favorited for the past several weeks just waiting for this sale (early access has its perks). Kitten heels are a big trend for 2019, and this event will be pulling a couple new pairs to my closet. You’ll read more about the 2019 trend forecast in my next post about dress coming back on the fashion scene. In the mean time, you can shop a huge assortment of kitten heels on Shopbop now. I’ve got my eyes on a couple pairs from Pedro Garcia (a favorite minimalist luxury brand), Jeffrey Campbell and more. All of my favorite categories are linked in the text in red, so you have direct access.

my luxury fashion wishlist from the shopbop sale

Also perfect for a capsule luxury fashion wardrobe, denim. Denim is a trend that never dies, and buying quality denim is never a decision you’ll regret. There are some great basics from Boyish, Levi’s and Acne that you’ll be able to snag during the sale for up to 25% off.

Let’s talk about luxury bags. Luxury bags literally often even retail higher years after purchase as vintage treasures. Shopbop has an assortment of Marc Jacobs, Moschino and other bags that are absolutely to die for (and almost never on sale). You can shop the assortment here.

Other items on my list – a couple basic tees from ATM and AMO, silk camis, graphic tees and other luxury essentials that get high rotation in my wardrobe. You’ll even find some of my past purchases like my champion sweat suit and others now included in the sale. Next up, I’m shopping. ’Til next time, stay gorgeous. Currently working out of Costa Rica, keep up with my Insta stories to stay in touch!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shopbop. occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

black vinyl pants with chunky white sneakers and a bodysuit

vinyl, velvet and volte-faced

If you can’t see your face in my pants, they’re probably not tight enough (and I doubt that’s the case). Feeling sleek with a fierce display of reflective fashion. If I had a spirit animal, it would be a panther, and my wild side certainly materializes with the kind of style that effects your mood. Though, underneath it all, I’m a kitten I suppose, with a soft velvet bodysuit and underlying disposition to match. Split personality you say? Just living life fun I say.

luxury fashion blogger wears commando vinyl leggings and bodysuit with chunky sneakers

[shop: SNEAKERS] [shop: BODYSUITS] [shop:LEGGINGS]

Everyone has multifaceted aspects to their core. Some more distinct than others, and some more subtle. Society tells us to be ourselves, as if it’s a singular state of being we need to force ourselves to conform to. I say, be as many versions of yourself as you think you can handle. Consistency and a strong identity have their perks. Diversity and self contradiction is more fun. A Sagittarius to the core, shifting to and from dynamics is practically second nature. Life is fluid, so why not move with it, or against it if you’re in the mood for a challenge.

reflective vinyl leather leggings

There is a misconception regarding life shifters. Some feel they have a lack of identity, control or are to quick to conform to their surroundings. Those people can kiss their reflection. I like to call it adaptability, nonconformity, and an awareness that the world is your playground. Volt-faced and ready to change my views on a dime, there are no strings holding me to preconceived ideas. There is no law saying I can’t change my mind, and there is no reason for me to keep my personality in a box.

luxury fashion blogger wears a luxury bag, velvet bodysuit and vinyl leather leggings with chunky sneakers

Also outside of the box, flipping from sporty athleisure looks, feminine boho style and this avant garde look from Commando. If you hang out with me in my Instagram stories, you’ve seen these super stretchy bodysuits before. Their primary line is a hyper-flexible material that can stretch out of place and snap back just as much as my personality. New to the line, these luxe featured pieces including velvet and vinyl leggings.

velvet bodysuit body goals

Vinyl, velvet and volte-faced. Sorry I couldn’t resist the triple VVV. All that to say, be fierce and embrace your inner animal. This is my ode to keeping yourself you, no matter how many versions of yourself that might be. It’s your world and it’s time to play.


In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Shopbop. occasionally receives Shopbop sponsorships for mentioning their products and services. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!