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indulge in escape with Anne Fontaine’s ss22 new collection of lace blouses and dreamy resort wear

Not another soul in sight as far as the shoreline stretched north to south. Serenity. The only sounds to be heard – crashing waves and the same colony of seagulls that had been scavenging the stretch of beach the last few days. 

I could have spent hours alone there, and so we did. The realization of escape. A place you must cross over by ferry to reach, and amongst the last havens on earth, or at least the east coast. 

Joining with Anne Fontaine for another season, the solitary island was the perfect setting to introduce the SS22 collection –  showcasing looks of pure fantasy with nods to escapism. 

Without further adieu, here’s a taste of Anne’s latest collection of masterful creations, inspired from the exploration of France’s Basque Country of Biarritz and the arresting landscapes. 

The Anne Fontaine new collection

Littered in soft brights, feminine lace and luxurious silhouettes, Anne Fontaine has really captured the essence of sophisticated resort, occasion, and everyday work wear in the perfect seasonal collection roll out.  

My top selects for our secluded getaway – Anne Fontaine lace blouses that doubled as beach covers during our 6 days of luxury escape. 

I wanted to go with something iconic and timeless, as this particular adventure also marks the last days of life alone with my husband and I – as we prepare to welcome the arrival of our first child due to arrive just a few weeks from now. 

I knew these moments would last forever, and I wanted to embody a sort of timeless romanticism that captured the essence of each experience we shared during our time there. 

Anne Fontaine lace blouse and floor grazing tulle skirt

Pure, ethereal and dreamy, this first combination is inspired by sea foam, and the waves creating a fresh new landscape with every touch to the shoreline.

Featuring the Cefalu eyelet embroidered shirt with poplin details, the French cuffs on this classic Anne Fontaine blouse allow for decorative cufflinks with crisp poplin details that can translate from resort wear to office attire with some simple layering. 

Capturing the fantasy, the look is transformed to an unworldly  elegance with the floor-grazing tulle Clady skirt – a piece that one can only be described as completely and utterly enchanting.

To say I felt like I was part of a dream is an understatement. No other look could have captured the emotions and visions of this irreplaceable experience better than these luxury selections from the SS22 Anne Fontaine collection

Anne Fontaine black blouse

Part II, anther day seaside, another lace blouse from Anne Fontaine. There are some great silhouettes with a subtle 90’s influence that trigger a sense of nostalgia, evoking memories we can now relive in a new way. 

The Lys lace shirt is one such piece. Crafted with unlined stretch lace, this Anne Fontaine black blouse is one I will recall when thinking back to these moments spent watching him cast his line at sea from our makeshift camp on the windy eastern shoreline. 

It has a sort of familiar feel. Same as these moments spent together here on this island we’ve come to frequent for escape. 

The details are pristine, with long sleeves and French cuff links. The center button placket and pointed collar add a sense of sensual sophistication that can transform the piece to an ideal selection for a date night out – or, a feminine transition piece for day to night wear with thoughtful layering.

Best of Anne Fontaine 2022 new collection

Transitioning to daytime resort wear, the Anne Fontaine SS22 collection also features elegant dress wear, ruffled blouses, and of course – more of their classic white shirting.

Some of my favorite pieces

I love the Cannes dress with pleated and ruffle details. It’s beautifully feminine with a soft edge that creates a certain curious intrigue. It reminds me of a seaside escape with a beautiful stranger stealing glances from passer bys. 

Of course the Anne Fontaine white shirts remain a staple in my wardrobe, and play a big role in repeat wears with so many looks throughout the seasons. 

The color block combos have a great duality vibe that really captures the essence of today’s culture and expressing individuality. 

Fitted knit cardigan

For myself, my last select was a piece from Anne Fontaine’s previous season, the Solfege cardigan. The perfect fitted v-neck for layering over summer wear during chilly nights, it completed my collection built for late spring and early summer escapes. 

The wardrobe essential is finished with elegant feminine details that I’ve come to know and love from Anne Fontaine.

I wore it open top button down over a growing baby belly, and plan to make the piece a wardrobe staple with its fitted silhouette that pairs perfectly with trousers and an assortment of summer dresses.

The Anne Fontaine SS22 collection radiates a playful energy that reminds us to indulge in summer escape. Each piece exudes a relaxed, effortless luxury while maintaining the brand’s iconic, timeless heritage. 

Just a few of the many reasons I look to the Anne Fontaine new collection of shirts and dreamy occasion wear that can transition effortlessly from resort wear to office attire. 

Anne Fontaine white shirts

Want more? Here are 4 ways to style Anne Fontaine’s classic white button down blouses

Shop a curated collection of Anne Fontaine’s new collection

Want to discover the rest of Anne Fontaine’s SS22 collection? Browse my curated shortlist with these featured styles and more, inspired by my own escapes and life experiences, designed for a life where dreams and reality collide, a day in my dreams.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the featured post is in collaboration with Anne Fontaine. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

bespoke mother’s day gift ideas

Unconditional love, support and friendship, a mother is one of the most cherished relationships in our lives that no one could ever replace. Mother’s Day is just a week away, and finding something special to express your love and gratitude can be challenging. 

Instead of defaulting to something generic, get her a gift she’ll truly love that shows just how much you know and understand her. Need some inspo to get started?

Here are some unique, out of the box, bespoke gift ideas for Mother’s day or any special occasions for the women in your life. 

For the master chef, homemaker and entertainer: DLISH gift boxes

No one ever really cooks quite like mom. But how often does she treat herself to exquisite food and kitchen goods? DLISH curates bespoke gift boxes and elevated home goods from the epicenter of food culture – Italy. Combining food, art and design into a one-of-a-kind experience, DLISH is an excellent gift idea for the mom who loves to cook and entertain. Each gift box is curated with rare, exquisite items from local craftsman and artisans with only limited quantities available, and they’re delightfully packaged in bright art-deco colors that make them a fun, playful gift to give and receive. 

If you want to learn more, you can read my full review of DLISH Gift boxes (I’ve tried three!) or shop their collection online with free shipping.

For the homebody and lovers of comfort: weighted blanked 

For the mom who’s embraced life at home, get her a weighted blanket to help take the weight off her shoulders. Weighted blankets can help reduce stress with a strangely calming effect.

I got one from Bearaby last winter and it has been a great home accessory to have around for days you’re seeking just a bit of extra comfort. Plus, they’re super chic.


For the on-trend fashion and accessory lovers: Artizan trendy gold plated jewelry

I just recently discovered Artizan Jewelry, and they have so many pieces to love. Their style is trendy and aesthetic, yet a good assortment of rich looking luxe classics. They’re a good source for fashionable jewelry that should last longer than your average fashion finds, as they are crafted with quality stainless steel and plated in 18K gold.

For the natural beauty lover and ageless beauties: Biossance Rose Oil and Eye Cream

I first tried and reviewed Biossance rose oil and assortment of beauty products last spring, and have only glowing (literally) things to say about the entire product line. After I tried it and loved it so much, I brought my mom the assortment as a gift to try as well. My mom and I both are now daily users of several of their products, and we’ve enjoyed visibly smoother and happier skin ever since.

Her favorite, the Biossance Squalane + Maine Algae Eye Cream. The Squalane + Maine Algae Eye Cream instantly firms, lifts, and smooths the look of skin. My personal favorite, the Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil. My skin has improved so much since using.

For the timeless fashion and handbag lover: Status Anxiety buttery leather handbags

When I think soft buttery leather, I think Status Anxiety. Status Anxiety crafts beautiful leather bags for men and women. I’ve worn mine through airports, errands and everywhere in between, and they not only receive compliments, they’ve withheld the test of time and wear. Their designs are simple and chic, and work well into a wardrobe of timeless essentials.

They’ve also mastered pocket placement and easy closures, so they’re as functional as they are beautiful.


For the homemaker and aesthetic artists: Modern home accents

Is your mom into sprucing up her home with fresh decor from time to time? Matches Fashion has some luxurious home decor items that are not just your average knick knack – they’re true works of art. You can find ceramic and earthenware vases, designer wine goblets, specialty serving wear and mohair blankets from the best designers in luxury home decor.


For the jet setter and beach dwellers: Saint Laurent Rive Gauche raffia beach tote

The Saint Laurent Rive Gauche beach tote is the perfect Mother’s day gift idea for the jet setter and beach dweller. Perfect to toss in a towel and seaside essentials, this gift is effortlessly stylish, on trend, and practical (just like she likes). A little pricey for a beach tote, but she deserves it. After all, how often does she treat herself to true luxury?

image cred: LEON AND GEORGE

For the plant moms: Exotic Living indoor plants

Skip the flowers and go for longevity with a beautiful, exotic houseplant. If you mom loves her life as a plant mom, you can find some really specialty plant selections at Leon and George that also arrive in beautiful mid-century modern potters – perfectly ready to gift.


For the jewelry lover: new classic IVI toy chain bracelet

For the jewelry lover, this luxe gold bracelet is the perfect new classic mom can wear alone or stack with her favorites. It has a rich texture and bold links that make it a modern statement piece now, and a classic staple later.

For a lover of a good fragrance: Replica perfume by Maison Margiela

Speaking of luxury, Maison Margiela’s Replica line of perfumes is an olfactory treat every mom can appreciate. There’s a scent for everyone, and you can check out my Maison Margiela Replica perfume review to select a fragrance more personalized for your special someone.

Looking for more Mother’s Day gift ideas?

You can shop my curated list of 34 surprisingly sophisticated gifts from Amazon and get them here in a flash. Or, browse this season’s curated list of best luxe summer accessories and gift ideas from Neiman Marcus.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, some items in this post were gifted, and may receive affiliate commissions on some items in this post. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

my skin feels like butter with this 10 ingredient wash – JUNOCO skincare review

Poreless, smooth, glowing skin – we all want it. But with life comes an inevitable dullness courtesy of time, that lingers with us and reminds us of lost youth. 

A flooded beauty market promises the return of our youthful glow, but with so many products it can be a nightmare to navigate, and we’re often left disappointed with unkept promises.

When JUNOCO reached out to offer a regiment of their skincare – I was skeptical. But, agreed to give them a try over a couple of weeks to see if their products could live up to their claims. 

A couple of weeks later, I’m happy to share this JUNOCO skincare review, with some actually surprising results. 

I discovered a hack that leaves my skin with the smoothest, buttery (almost velvety) texture. And it’s the reason I’ll be using JUNOCO again!

But first, here are some of the highlights I’ll cover in this review:

  • MINIMAL, NATURAL INGREDIENTS: I’m no scientist, but packing in a slew of active ingredients without thorough testing doesn’t seem wise. JUNOCO carefully selects just a few ingredients like rice, orange oil and vitamin E that are gentle, yet effective.
  • CLEAN FRESH SMELL: A light natural fragrance from citrus oils and other natural ingredients is rejuvenating and fresh.
  • HIGHLY MOISTURIZING CLEANSERS: I use face oil as my moisturizer, and somehow this wash has left my skin feeling even more plump and moisturized 
  • MY SKIN FEELS LIKE BUTTER: After testing for a couple of weeks, I’m thrilled with the results. Especially with my secret hack I’ll share later in this review
  • NO MICROPLASTICS: Beauty products use a lot of filler, some like micro plastics are also really bad for the environment. JUNOCO doesn’t use them.

Let’s start with an introduction to the JUNOCO brand.

Their stance, minimalist and sustainable. JUNOCO is an organic, vegan skincare brand that believes less is more. That means less ingredients, and less impact on the environment. 

They’ve assorted their collection with cleansing balm, kale clay masks, and energizing serums formulated to revitalize, without overwhelming your skin with an onslaught of unnatural ingredients. 

And, with a price range around $12-15, they’ve made a beauty line that’s truly attainable for everyone, and have already been featured by some notable sources including Forbes, BYRDIE and GLOSSY.

Now, let’s get into the truth behind their products – a two-week test of a couple of their signature cleansers. 

Clean 10 Cleansing Balm review

The first product tested, JUNOCO’s Clean 10 Cleansing balm – an oil-based cleanser promising skin brightening, a deep cleanse and moisturizing finish.

Made with just 10 ingredients including Vitamin E, Orange peel oil and Japanese pearl barley, this cleanser is a good source of vitamins and antioxidants that help regulate the skin’s completion. 

The soft, refreshing scent is from the natural orange oil, and the texture is rich and creamy. It’s designed to use daily, massaging into skin followed by a rinse and pat dry. 

Why I’ve come to love this product – I often skip facial cleanser all together as it often becomes too drying on my skin. Because this product is oil-based, it has the opposite effect.

While it doesn’t replace your moisturizer, it preserves some of your natural oils, preventing your skin from drying out like traditional cleansers. 

Because it’s oil based, it also works well to remove even the toughest waterproof makeup with a little help from the gentle cleansing cookie pad.

Clarifying Cleanser Powder review

The second product I tried was the Clarifying Cleanser powder. This product is unique in that it has a sort of powder-to-foam texture. Its key ingredient is rice lees extract, which hydrates and strengthens the skin’s barrier. 

It also has a touch of beauty lover’s favorite – hyaluronic acid which helps hydrate and exfoliate. Froth with a bit of water in your hands until powder becomes a light foam to cleanse.

I liked this cleanser because the texture was unique, and I felt like I was treating my skin to a sort of natural experience.

I’ve also recently read a lot about the use of rice in beauty products. It has a lot of benefits for both skin and hair and is known to be gentle, softening and revitalizing – so I was excited as both rice lees extract and rice powder are main ingredients of this cleanser. 

My JUNOCO skincare hack that leaves my skin soft as butter

I actually discovered this hack on accident (blame me not initially reading instructions). But I’m so glad I did, because it leaves my skin with the smoothest, buttery (almost velvety) texture. And it’s the reason I’ll be using JUNOCO again!

Unsure how to use the cleansing powder initially, I followed my instincts and mixed a small portion of both the cleansing powder and oil based balm. Without water, they combine to make a pleasantly gritty texture, perfect for exfoliating. 

I massaged thoroughly over my face and neck until the little powder beads had mostly dissolved, then rinsed as normal and followed up with my usual daily oil moisturizer. 

Almost instantly I noticed the difference. The combination of both cleansers left my skin both clean and exfoliated, while not drying it out.

After a few more days of this method, I noticed even some of the rougher “problem” areas of my skin feeling smoother and filled out. Like you’d expect happy youthful skin to feel. 

I say problem areas lightly, because I do have mostly healthy skin. However areas like my nose (general T-zone) and front jawline can sometimes feel a bit rougher than I’d like with a tough mix of oily and dry skin. 

Thanks to JUNOCO (and my accidental combination), my skin woes are a thing of the past. 

If you’ve avoided using cleansers because you have sensitive or dry to mixed skin, give JUNOCO a try. You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. If their minimal ingredients, sustainable practices, noticeable results and attainable price points aren’t alluring enough, you can even save a bit more on their bundle offers. 

Personal recommendation – The Ultimate Cleanse combo, where you can get both cleansers that I tried to use separately, or mix up some accidental magic of your own. 

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with JUNOCO. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

just breathe, then you can save the world

When is the last time you took a moment to just breathe? I don’t mean collapsing on the couch to binge watch Netflix in complete mental exhaustion.

I mean really, just to breathe. No phone. No podcast. No subliminal mental agenda. No distractions. 

Our society is sick. Over stimulated, over pressured. And instead of breeding a culture with the strength to heal it, we feed into it by caving into the pressure, falling before we can even begin to make a difference.

The truth is, when we are not well as an individual – not only do we find ourselves constantly overwhelmed fighting between fits of over-productivity and total mental collapse…

We can’t help others, because we can’t help ourselves.

We live in a digital era, where a wealth of information is at our fingertips. We’ve researched every aspect of our lives from the best morning routine to how to how to fix our relationships. We also run to technology to fix our most personal issues in our lives.

How can I fix my anxiety. Why am I so depressed. How can I save my marriage. While we’re quick to spot the problem, we have failed to seek the most obvious solutions.

Google doesn’t know why you’re depressed. It knows that depression exists, and it knows out of 100 people surveyed there was a mathematical equation of reasons why. The only person who really knows why you’re struggling – is you. 

That’s right. You don’t even have to find it on your cell. You don’t have to read dozens of articles. Because deep in our hearts, we understand a lot more about ourselves than even we realize.

The problem, you’re not taking the time to think it through. You want the answer without thinking – without self examination.

Because maybe, we don’t want to know some things about ourselves. Maybe it’s too painful. Maybe we want to find something else to blame like a chronic illness that everyone is struggling with or social media. Maybe because we don’t want to fix it. We want someone else to. Or we want to put a bandaid over it so we don’t have to look at it ever again.

Breathe. Reflect. And not in a rabbit tunnel of your darkest thoughts – that’s where anxiety is fed. Be in control of your thoughts. Even better, let God guide your thoughts.

It’s amazing what a moral compass does when we hold ourselves accountable to thinking through our problems from a pure, righteous perspective. Suddenly everything becomes a lot more clear.

Like we’re seeing ourselves and our surroundings for the first time. Like a fog is wiped away from our eyes.

Fighting with a spouse or loved one? Googling why he drives you crazy isn’t going to help. Breathe. Why are they saying that? What is your first response? Why is that your first response? Is your first response right? Or are you just counterattacking or defending yourself?

Find your cure. Don’t let the world tell you it’s not your fault or give you pre-packaged solutions that have nothing to do with your actual problems. 

Feeling anxious about the future? Why? Is it because you’re under prepared? Or are you worried about something completely out of your control? Is it a legitimate concern? Or have you let your rabbit trail of negative thoughts breed deeper anxiety and even fear.

You can’t change the past, but you can change your present and your future.

Or maybe you’re just saying fuck it. Living your life the way you want because solving your problems feels like too much effort. 

Breathe. Seek what is right and pure. Control your thoughts, instead of letting them control you. Learn to identify what is in your control – and what is not. Only then can you find peace with yourself.

And then, just maybe, you can be well enough not only to live a life of light for yourself and your loved ones – maybe then we can save the world. 

“God has chosen you to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory. We proclaim him, admonishing and teaching everyone with all wisdom, so that we may present everyone perfect in Christ.” – Colossians 1:27-28

Dr. Martens does chelsea boots – here’s how to style them for summer

Dr. Marten Chelsea boots for summer? It’s officially a thing.

And, aside from stars like Megan Fox already spotted in her Dr. Marten boots, we’ve seen a big rise in this cool girl trend by ample Gen Z influencers like Olivia Rodrigo, Addison Rae and Emma Chamberlain. From TikTok to tabloids, Dr. Martin (still) isn’t going anywhere.

Dr. Martens boots have a cult following that just won’t die. Debatably an even bigger trend, the rise of Chelsea boots in the fashion scene. Thankfully, you won’t have to choose. Now, you can jump on one of summer’s hottest trends with Chelsea boots designed by the Dr. himself. 

Not sure what to wear with Chelsea boots for summer style? Here are some summer Chelsea boot outfit ideas, infused with cues from runway to street style pros – and of course, styled by yours truly.

image cred @dayinmydreams

Daytime feminine: Chelsea boots + poplin cotton dress

While I’d have to say jeans and a ribbed tank is my favorite outfit combo for Chelsea boots, for the sake of this article I wanted to illustrate a couple more feminine options as well. For his look I’ve styled my Dr. Marten Chelsea boots with a poplin dress and understated accessories.

This look is playful and feminine, and you can personalize with your accessories. I’ve kept mine simple for a more minimalistic approach. It’s a great outfit combo for brunch, errands and daytime occasions when you want to be a bit more formal than jeans and a tee, but still comfortable and relaxed.

image cred @victoriatornegren and @madisonelainechertow

Casual sophisticated: biker shorts + Chelsea boots

Effortlessly sophisticated? Copy-paste @victoriatornegren and @madisonelainechertow’s twinning looks with a simple black biker short cordi paired with Chelsea boots. 

image cred @victoriatornegren

Casual tomboy: ribbed tank and jeans + Chelsea boots

Did I mention this is one of my favorite looks? There’s just something about the classics, and nothing says casual off duty quite like your favorite jeans and a simple tank. Chelsea boots or classic Dr. Martens are a nice alternative when you want to make the look a little more London chic.

image cred @smythsisters

From office to evening: knit dress + Chelsea boots

If you’re looking for a fool-proof outfit to take you from office to an evening out, pair your Chelsea boots with a sleek kit dress. 

image cred @lefevrediary

Casual preppy: pair them with your polo

If you’ve been all about 2022’s prep culture, pair your Docs with your favorite polo and jeans. Bonus points for layering on a statement bag. It’s a perfect look for casual Fridays and daytime summer wear.

image cred @myforteisfashion

So in vogue: Chelsea boots + an oversized blazer

Confident in your cool girl style? Nothing says effortlessly in vogue quite like an oversized blazer and Chelsea boots. This confident off-duty look is also tres chic enough to wear from day to night, and you can mix up your looks by what you pair under that boxy boy blazer.

image cred @cassdimicco

Saturday’s are still chic: summer loungewear + Chelsea boots

Master your model off duty look by pairing your most comfy loungewear sets with Chelsea boots. Simple accessories go a long way, and neat hair and a luxury handbag keep the look from looking like you just rolled out of bed (they’ll never know your secret). 

image cred @jacquiealexander

90’s chic: flair pants + Chelsea boots

Rock Jacquie’s signature 90’s and 2000’s looks by pairing your Chelsea boots with one of the hottest trends of the season. You can go full 90’s with flair pants, or rock a 90’s mini with this trend.

image cred @nlmarilyn

Proper office wear: skirt suit + Chelsea boots

Another from UK street style, pair your Chelsea boots with a classic skirt suit for a look that’s sophisticated with just a bit of edge. 

image cred @myforteisfashion

A night out: lbd + Chelsea boots

Going out for the night? Ditch the heels and pair your little black dress with Chelsea boots to show off a bit of your raw edges.

image cred @myforteisfashion

Rainy days: trench coat + Chelsea boots

One of the most iconic Chelsea boots outfits – pair them with your trench. Perfect for rainy days, this look is London street style approved and as practical as it is chic.

image cred @pepamack

Stick with the basics: jeans and a tee + Chelsea boots

Feel like sticking with the classics? Wear your Chelsea boots with some of your most essential basics, like jeans and a tee. Guaranteed to feel comfy in your own skin. Layer on a blazer for a touch of sophistication.

Want more? Who What Wear declares Chelsea boots the #1 boot trend of 2022… and shares some of the coolest ways to wear it. 

Looking for the perfect pair? You can shop my classic Dr. Martens Chelsea boots online or find a pair that suits your favorite all-season wear.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with Klear. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

Jonathan Mezibov masters luxury grade dress shirts crafted in small batches in Italy and the US

The corporate world. Something we fight against yet can never stay fully away from. It’s commerce, and along with the monopolization of industries followed by diminished craftsmanship, comes the convenience of attainability and efficiency. But what if we could have the best of both worlds? 

Introducing Jonathan Mezibov. A luxury shirt brand crafting small batch shirts manufactured in Italy and the US.

Held to the highest quality standards, Jonathan has made his collection a craft that is fully attainable, with a direct to consumer online business model. 

After personally experiencing the label for myself, this Jonathan Mezibov shirt review will cover the brand’s’ business ethics and standards, along with a hands-on review of quality, fabrics, fit and styling. Here’s a breakdown of some highlights to note as we cover each in more detail.

Jonathan Mezibov noteworthy qualities:

  • SIMPLE, ELEGANT PACKAGING: Luxury grade, understated, and through fully planned
  • LUXURY GRADE CRAFTSMANSHIP: Very fine stitching, not a single stitch out of place from button holes to inseam
  • CRISP, LIGHTWEIGHT POPLINS: A blend of cotton, polyester and elastane that’s machine washable
  • THOUGHTFUL MODERN DESIGNS: Featuring tab cuffs, shoulder epaulettes, mother-of-pearl buttons and other signature details

Let’s begin with first impressions.

Jonathan Mezibov packaging and presentation

I selected three dress shirts to get a full brand experience. Two women’s dress shirts for myself, and a crisp white dress shirt from the men’s collection. All arrived neatly packed in slate grey, luxury grade boxes with a simple two corner ribbon.

Clean and elegant. As should be expected for a collection of luxury dress shirts.

In the packages, the dress shirts were neatly folded and held in place with smooth metal mini clips. A small detail but much preferred over pinning, which can cause thread breakage, holes and unwanted hard wrinkling in new dress wear. 

Jonathan Mezibov quality of craftsmanship and materials

Most impressive to the collection is Jonathan Mezibov’s attention to detail in the truly luxury grade craftsmanship of his designer shirts.

Neat button holes, cuffs, darting – even the inseams have been sewn without a stitch out of place. A rarity in a world of corporate manufacturing – even for many known luxury brands. 

Driven by Jonathan’s mission to make the best shirts on the market, “luxury shirts at the highest quality and value” it’s clear the brand has exemplified his elevated standards. Perhaps due to the small batch craftsmanship designed to sell direct to consumer online. Perhaps because Jonathan has chosen to only work with the highest labor standards, manufacturing with craftsman in Italy and the US.

Jonathan’s team has personally visited all of their partner factories managing personal relationships to insure the integrity of the product is not only from the craftsmanship, but with the craftspeople directly. 

Whatever magic he sprinkles in, it’s clearly working. You’ll be hard pressed to find a luxury brand that exceeds his quality standards.

Jonathan Mezibov shirt review

Beyond the collection as a whole, each Jonathan Mezibov shirt has been thoughtfully designed with signature details to make each a masterpiece of their own.

I’ll cover some of the finer points of each piece I had the pleasure to experience for my own.

The women’s classic white dress shirt

The first piece I selected was the Annette poplin shirt. Primarily because when reviewing dress shirts, a staple is a great place to start. A simple white shirt is one of the most quintessential pieces in a professional’s wardrobe, and should be selected with great care as it will see you though some of the most critical meet ups and events of your career. 

In addition to the high quality of craftsmanship signature to the brand, this essential silhouette was elevated with modern details and an elongated silhouette. 

Hidden front buttons, a crisp point collar, and designed tab cuffs were just a few of the details that make this piece its own story amongst a backdrop of basic white shirts. 

The mix of cotton, polyester and elastane in a fine weave make this piece extremely lightweight with just a subtle stretch. It is a comfortable, effortless staple I will wear for years to come, from office attire to casual layering.


The men’s elevated white dress shirt

From the men’s collection, I selected the Pearson Poplin French cuff shirt. With a cutaway collar and crisp French cuffs, this piece is a mark of true luxury. It is the perfect slim fit men’s dress shirt.

Perfectly paired with a suit and tie, this piece is designed for elevated evening wear, lasting impressions and demure occasions.

It’s made with 100% poplin cotton for that perfectly crisp appearance, and it practically begs to be stolen by a gentleman’s late night company – with an intoxicating faint smell of his evening cologne. 

The women’s poplin military shirt

For a women who likes to make a bold yet subtle statement, a military dress shirt is a must. It’s a piece that exudes confidence and authority, in a casual, utilitarian way. Jonathan’s Fletcher poplin military shirt was my select.

Possibly my favorite shirt from the collection so far, this piece can easily transition from understated power suiting to casual off duty looks.

A few of the finer details aside from the military-inspired shoulder epaulettes – a crisp spread collar, signature tab cuffs, and neatly pleated chest pockets.

Also made with 100% poplin cotton, this piece is crisp and structured, yet lightweight and breathable. 

Jonathan Mezibov recap of review

All in all, if you’re in search of fine luxury grade dress shirts for men and women, Jonathan Mezibov shirts is a brand that cannot be overlooked. From the exquisite craftsmanship to thoughtful designs, I’m truly impressed with the collection.

Surpassing brands in a competing market in both quality and design, Jonathan Mezibov is coming after the big name brands in the luxury market – and they better take note. Because beyond a label, Jonathan Mezibov is what true luxury is about.

Shop his entire dress shirt collection online, and experience the luxury for yourself.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the items in this post were gifted by Jonathan Mezibov. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

modern, minimal Amazon essentials to grab for your spring wardrobe refresh

Buying luxury for quality pieces you know you’ll rewear for years to come is a principal I stand by. Buy it nice, or have a closet full of nothing to wear. 

However, on an occasion you may find some steals that make your repeat play list that are always worth the buy. If you’re looking for steals to elevate your spring style, look no farther.

Here are a few of the best Amazon grabs for your modern, minimalist spring wardrobe.

Grey crop trousers

(Styled in the feature image), crop trousers are a minimalist essential. And with the elastic waist and lightweight material, these are a great grab for spring style. And a steal at $20. 

90’s Vibe sunnies

Into the y2k fashion trend for spring? Grab these 90’s sunnies to modernize all of your spring outfits for just $15 for the pair.

The perfect basic tee

My husband bought this tee shirt for himself. After wearing his a few dozen times I finally purchased my own. If you’re looking for the perfect soft, quality cotton tee, this is it.

Retro court Nike sneakers

I had these retro court sneakers on my gift guide. They’re still on my wish list.

Large tortoise hair clips

Just ordered these tortoise hair clips to keep back my locks this spring and summer. Already used a few times and they’ve got a great hold.

Simple architectural bag

Architectural bags are in. Grab them in a pop color or a basic like this simple black handbag.

Dainty 18K gold plated anklet

Not over anklets yet. And this dainty 18K gold plated ankle bracelet is a steal at just $16. Perfect to add a touch of gold to all of your summer outfits.

Basic ribbed crop tank

Nothing is quite as essential in a spring wardrobe as a simple ribbed tank. This cropped version is a great layering piece or wear it on its own with tailored trousers.

Black baseball cap

Bought this in two colors. Wear them on repeat. It’s the perfect basic black cap to wear with all your casual athleisure spring and summer style.

Brown super soft leggings with pockets

Brown is the new black. Which means it’s time to bolster some of your basics in this warm chocolate hue. I purchased this pair a couple months back and have been wearing them on repeat. They’re super. Super. Soft. Though fair to note they are a couple shades darker than what they have pictured above.

Veja athleisure sneakers

Veja is one of the hottest sneaker brands in town. This athleisure style is a nice mix up to their standard court shoe silhouettes.

Black cargo pants

Looking for a pair of cargo pants? Think outside the box. These Dickies pants are a total steal. And as a perk they offer them in regular and tall sizes. Perfect for my talk girls hitting on the y2k fashion trends.

Tortoise phone cover for

Class up your daily vibe with a new phone cover that’s all you. This tortoise is a cl

Simple thin strap sandals

A simple pair of thin strap sandals is a must for your spring wardrobe. Look for something with a modern architect to keep your look modern and fresh.

Statement scrunch leather bag

Pleated leathers are a big statement for spring. Grab a scrunch leather bag to elevate your summer looks in effortless sophistication. This one by JW PEI is both feminine and tailored.

Everyday gold herringbone chains

Had these on my last gift guide. Bought them. Wear them on the regular. They’re a great minimalist staple that never really goes out of style.

Ugly sandal pool slides

Sometimes, ugly is in. As is the case with these chunky pool slides. They’re great for running out to the garden for herbs or poolside when effortless is the only vibe you’re going for.

Brown is the new black handbag

We already mentioned brown is the new black, so an updated handbag is an absolute essential. This brown croc bag adds just the right amount of texture to an understated 90’s style.

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4 tips for finding the perfect sneakers in 2022

Decades ago, when sneaker culture was just emerging, it wasn’t hard to keep track of the most recent releases. There were only a couple of sneaker lines, and you would find out about them either through word-of-mouth or prominent magazine and TV ads. Today, however, things are a lot different.

There are multiple major sneaker lines from new cult brands like ON and Veja to the classics like All Stars and Nike Air Force. On top of that, fans have to keep track of the different brand collaborations with athletes, singers, and designers.

However, there are a couple of hacks to find the perfect sneakers in the saturated 2022 sneaker market.

Focus on what you want

The variety of designs, technology, and models available makes it more important than ever to never settle for anything less than what’s perfect for you. There are so many options –  each one made with specific purpose, taste, and needs in mind.  

Start with a rough idea of what you’re looking for. For example, we posted recently about some of the best color block sneakers available that combine neutral and bright colors. That’s a distinct look, but if you know it’s one you like, you can start your search by identifying shoes that fit that description, no matter where they’re sold or what brand makes them. Then you can start to narrow your selection to find the perfect sneakers. 

Stay up to date on sneaker content and releases

One of the great things about sneaker fans (aka “sneakerheads”) is that they love to talk about their favorite brands and models. As such, a lot of them have created a great deal of online content, from unboxing and reviewing new pairs, to breaking down details about future releases.

Simply put, there’s almost definitely someone out there talking about a pair of shoes that would be perfect for you. 

There are plenty of YouTubers who have dedicated years to reviewing models and discussing sneaker rumors – with Jacques Slade, Mr. Foamer Simpson, and ShadeTV all coming to mind. Or, consider a great sneaker podcast to keep yourself informed. Not familiar with many sneaker podcasts? Check out SoleSavy’s pod, where hosts not only discuss the latest sneakers, but also conduct interviews with people in the industry and break down news of interest to consumers (like the latest Nike acquisitions, or how to quiet down resale bots). This sort of content can not only keep you up to speed on shoe options, but help you navigate an increasingly complicated industry en route to securing your next favorite pair. 

Follow the influencers

No matter how much you know about something, there’s always someone who knows a lot more. Aside from YouTubers and podcasters who have dedicated years of their lives to researching, sampling, and reviewing as many pairs as they can, there are also influencers across social media you can follow for inspo and information.

Some are not only great for discovering new brands and styling trips, a few of the best have visited countless conventions, interviewed their fair share of expert designers and collectors, and tried out countless shoes for themselves.

Matt Welty’s Instagram is one notable example, displaying his impressive collection of limited edition pairs; designer Alexandra Hackett, meanwhile, provides great advice on how to wear Nike sneakers and teaches about customization through her “miniswoosh” Instagram account. 

image cred: @miniswoosh

Check the pairs in person

No matter how impressive the camera used in unboxing videos and social posts, some things just don’t quite pop the way they will in person. More importantly, nothing replaces the experience of touching a new pair of shoes and, of course, trying them on and seeing how they look and feel while you walk around. Check out your local boutique to see what they have to offer, and support small businesses and your community as a perk.

It’s a great time to be into athleisure. There are more sneaker lines and collaborations than ever, and the styling, options and technology being used to manufacture new models is greater than ever.

If you’re feeling bombarded by news of new sneakers, rare design collaborations, and the like – we hope these practical tips help narrow your search. Ready to find your perfect sneakers? Focus on what you really like, follow those influencers across social and don’t forget podcasts, and ultimately never rule out checking for your perfect pairs in person. 

Written by Matthew A. Dean, published by Day in My Dreams

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with Matthew A. Dean. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

16 best luxe summer accessories wishlist and gift ideas from Neiman Marcus

Looking for luxury accessories to elevate your summer style or gift ideas when flowers just don’t cut it? I’ve scoured the Neiman Marcus site and new arrivals for hours on the hunt for new luxury staples and elevated essentials. And there are a few goodies you won’t want to miss (I’ve nearly talked myself into treating myself to a few things).

Here are the best of the best luxury accessories from exciting new brands in gold jewelry, versatile summer handbags, luxury brand sunglasses, and in Vogue gift ideas for Spring and Summer 2022.

Better than thou Dior luxury brand sunglasses

Did summer really happen if not in a fresh pair of luxury brand sunnies? Christian Dior is the winner in this category this season, with a classic wayfarer silhouette and nostalgic logo details embossed in gold. A little preppy, a little nostalgic, a little “better-than-thou”. And let’s be honest, that’s what this essential is all about. 

Duality Cult Gaia suri pearl anklet

If Cult Gaia isn’t on your brand watch list, it should be. Modernizing luxury with abstract silhouettes reminiscent of modern art, they’re taking over the fashion scene by storm. This natural pearl anklet is just one example of their unique approach to design, perfect to transform your look from ordinary to startling intrigue. 

Everyone wants it Saint Laurent Rive Gauche raffia beach tote

Debatably the most popular beach tote of the season, competing with Prada’s equally fashionable raffia tote. Treat yourself. 

I’m begging you to buy me this Jacquemus le ciuciu chain shoulder bag

If you offered me one item from the Neiman Marcus site right now, this would be it. Hello sleek, modern yet nostalgic, elegant stallion you. This mini handbag is everything, and no surprise from a brand that has been literally slaying all summer style. The elongated geometric silhouette, mixed metallics, and a luxurious simplicity speaks for itself – its an iconic bag for the new season, and a staple for years to come. If I could have two pieces from Neiman… it also comes in white. 

Elevate every look Soko rumba capsule hoop earrings

Circular shapes are a big trend for 2022, and what better way to modernize than with these beautiful capsule hoop earrings. The evolution of the gold hoop, these 24K gold plated earrings are the perfect accessory to elevate all of your summer looks with a more modern aesthetic.

Take me out Cult Gaia knotted rhinestone mini shoulder bag

Luxe evening wear has made a fierce return in 2022 after a long rest. This draped rhinestone cocktail bag reeks of sexy, with a modern elongated silhouette that’s begging for a night out. In one word – obsessed.

New classic IVI toy chain bracelet

Natural ivory, stone and tortoise have made their way into the spotlight for 2022 jewelry trends. This chain bracelet has a rich texture and bold links that make it a modern statement piece now, and a classic staple later.

Keeping it classy Valentino one stud acetate cat-eye sunglasses

If Dior’s better than thou sunnies aren’t quite your vibe, keep it classy in these classic tortoise sunnies by Valentino. With no blaring logos and a subtle wing on a classic silhouette, these are refined luxury at its finest.

Make a statement Givenchy G-chain lock bracelet

For those times when you want one piece to do all the talking, this is where the money’s at. Treat yourself to some eye catching bling, and then be so nonchalant about it.

Might as well get yours Veja bicolor low-top court sneakers

Working in the fashion footwear industry for over 10 years, Veja isn’t exactly exciting anymore… but they’re a damn good looking essential – and still fly with the cool kids. So if you haven’t already gotten yourself a pair, here they are.

They’re cute, ok? Burberry giant check canvas bucket hat

Ok, I’m obviously not over the bucket hat trend for 2022, so I’m just going to throw this one out there. I want it. It’s cute. And the subtle nude checks are just enough patter to mix up my minimalist summer style. 

I would rock these Salvatore Ferragamo leather gancini bit loafers

Ferragamo is typically a bit mature for my taste, but to these leather bit loafers, I would rock you. Way to totally slay this trend Ferry. You have me keeping an eye on you. 

A pretty steal Baublebar duality half-pearl anklet

Duality is a big trend in jewelry, and one I’m embracing full force with double the expression. This cute little half-perl anklet doesn’t quite fall under luxury, but it’s a super cute way to freshen up your summer style for just $38. Consider it a wishlist bonus. 

An essential for minimalists Saint Laurent black baseball hat

Baseball hats are a must have for off-duty summer style. This classic black staple by Saint Laurent is a timeless addition to a minimalist wardrobe with subtle varsity lettering.

Old world luxury Dina Mackney emerald-cut faceted quartz pendant on paperclip chain necklace

There’s so much to say about this statement piece. Paperclip chain jewelry is in, as we all know. And emerald-cut stones have also made a big comeback this season. Get a luxurious mix of both with this piece by Dina Mackney, reminiscent of old-world glory… also a big trend for 2022.

Ancient glory Soko jua capsule hoop earrings

Speaking of old world charm, these capsule hoop earrings capture something ancient with the energy of the sun. They combine art and design in a mini masterpiece plated in 24K gold for just over $100. If you’re looking for something exquisite for a steal, add to bag.

Want more? The Neiman Marcus vacation edit is to die for, check it out. 

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with Shoplooks. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

finally, a flattering modern aesthetic luxury swimwear brand

In search of high end swimwear without awkward fit and low grade materials? It’s become increasingly difficult to navigate swimwear, especially when shopping online. (The photos just look so far from the actual fit).

image cred @paramidonna_

The sagging bottoms, loose threads, unflattering fit – it’s almost impossible to find swimwear to suit elevated taste. Even when you shop luxury.

As with all core purchases, swimwear is an investment piece that should feel effortless and sexy, while suiting your personal style. 

I’m truly thankful to have discovered a high end brand that completely eliminates the most common woes of modern swimwear. Introducing PARAMIDONNA. The brand name may take you a minute to pronounce, but is appropriately translated, “for my woman.”  

Designed to suit all women, PARAMIDONNA designs super stretchy luxury swimwear in aesthetic, modern designs that contour to the body for the most flattering fit.

I spent a weekend in Naples, FL from poolside to country club and never changed my swimming suit.  

Here’s what I loved most:

  • The fabric has high elasticity – select designs brag a nearly universal fit of XS – XXL
  • The fit is flattering and lifting – even with so much stretch, on my small frame the suit contoured my body and gave just the right amount of lift with zero sagging
  • The designs are modern and aesthetic – the brand features a range of classic and modern silhouettes that cater to the new 90’s and 2000’s throwbacks while somehow remaining completely timeless. I want them all.
  • The quality is visible – the pieces are well made, and there were no signs of fabric scuffing after sitting poolside on the cement
  • They have some super cute covers and equally stretchy resort wear – I got a mesh two piece cover that I love for beachy y2k style. There are also a couple dresses with cutouts and rings that I’m dying to try.
  • They’re a small brand – I love to support little known and start up brands. People living their dreams and making something that they are truly passionate about is where the magic is at

Follow them on Instagram to check out some of their hottest styles and swim suit styling inspo!

image cred @paramidonna_

PARAMIDONNA swimsuit review

My swimsuit of choice was a staple black bikini. I wanted to find a high end staple that I’d be able to wear for seasons to come. For this, I selected the Irina bikini in black, retailing at €156 EUR. Quite affordable for a core collection piece in a minimalist wardrobe. 

Designed for a nearly universal fit of XS – XXL, I was initially concerned it may not be flattering on my small frame. Yet, the elasticity of the beautifully textured fabric left me impressed. It contoured my body and gave just the right amount of lift with zero sagging. It felt like it was made for me. 

PARAMIDONNA beachwear cover-ups review

I also sampled one of PARAMIDONNA’s mesh beachwear cover ups. I loved the Carla set that included a high neck crop and short sarong. A subtle floral print in toffee neutrals gives the set a distinctly 90’s – 2000’s vibe that I can’t get enough of in this season’s summer fashion trends.

It was lightweight, and takes up almost no space – making it the perfect beach bag layers to toss on over your suit when heading to the tiki bar for drink refills. It’s also quite cute enough to wear the top with an assortment of summer outfits.

If you’ve been on the hunt for more elevated swimwear, PARAMIDONNA is definitely worth the try. Here are a few more favorites on my wishlist, or you can browse their new arrivals online

Shop my favorites:

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the items in this post were gifted by PARAMADONNA. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!