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3 easy steps for a capsule wardrobe this spring

Fashion moves fast, and you’ve probably already been eyeing some of your favorite spring fashion trends from editorials, magazines and your social inspirations. You’re trembling over the “order now” buttons, but wait. Let’s do it right this time. If you ever want to get closer to having a capsule wardrobe with a few better luxury fashion essentials, that means not impulse buying ever spring trend you love.

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As a fashion blogger, I receive so many items gifted from brands or for sponsored content. While it’s a thrill to enjoy the best of the best each season, it can get wasteful. In an industry that’s notorious for excess, let’s strive to do better, and take a more sustainable approach to long-lasting style.

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There’s a project brewing I’ll be sharing soon… it is one more way I hope to contribute to a circular economy and sharing fashion. In the mean time, here are a few practical steps you can take to enjoy the new trends coming in for spring, while still taking a less-is-more approach to shaping a capsule wardrobe. And what better time than when we’re all trying to find ways to be happy and productive at home!

capsule wardrobe

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is one defined by fewer items. It may sound difficult to narrow your selection down significantly, but if you do it the right way, you won’t be missing a thing.

A capsule wardrobe is about defining what exactly you wear the most often, investing in great quality, luxury pieces on items you’ll wear again and again, and avoiding fast fashion fads.

capsule wardrobe of blazers

Of course you’re going to want a refresh each season, but by keeping a proper inventory you can avoid re-buying pieces you’ve already got covered. You’ll also be able to focus new purchases on your next, updated essentials… ones you’ll hopefully wear for seasons to come.

Buy it nice or buy it twice. Learn what to invest in, and what not to. A capsule wardrobe can be a challenge, but you’ll find it rewarding to be able to enjoy luxury tier fashion with a few select pieces, instead of cheaply made fast-fashion trends from chain retailers. It’s fine to treat yourself to those impulse buys sometimes, but if you keep your focus on the essentials, you’ll be building a more luxurious and sustainable closet.

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And you’ll never be standing in front of your wardrobe feeling like you don’t have anything to wear ever again. Ready to get started? Here are a few small changes you make to get started in the right direction.

Clean out your closet, and purge before you purchase

Please, clean out your closet before you start purchasing for the new season. There are likely pieces you have forgotten about that are still great for the new season. It happens, we over stuff, and then we miss stuff. One more reason to resort to a more minimal capsule wardrobe this year.

large full organized closet

Clean out the clutter. You can also avoid re-buying things that you already have in your wardrobe, but might have forgotten about. Think sustainably, and purge before you purchase.

Repurpose last year’s essentials

After you clean out your closet you’ll be able to see how you can re-purpose your unused items. If there was something you didn’t wear all winter, now would be the time to say goodbye. Donate them, send them in for recycling, or get creative and turn them in to something new.

repurpose clothes sustainablyrepurposed denim

They’ll either have a new life with someone else, or with you! Cut jeans into shorts, long t-shirts into short ones, try it on backwards, button it different – consider this grown up dress up time. You’ll be surprised at how pieces you disregarded that can come back to life.

There is a slew of returning trends this year, and you’ll likely have some dreamy pieces in your wardrobe that you might have forgotten about. Bring them all front and center, and you’ll have an excellent starting base to know where you want to shop for missing items.

Fashion comes back around. There are probably a few pieces you still have from the 90’s… guess what. They’re back. Pull out the archives and start re-loving some past favorites.

shopping list

Make a list before you shop

Once you’ve Take inventory of any missing wardrobe essentials, and items you have plenty of, you’ll know where you need to fill in the gaps – and where you don’t.

For capsule wardrobe essentials, don’t re-buy staple items like black jeans, white t-shirts or leggings if you already have 5 pairs. Unless that is, you’ve finally worn them to death (because you’ve worn them 100 times) and it’s time to replace with a new one.

black jeans

Avoid purchasing items you’re only going to be wearing once or twice. If it’s not something you’d think to add to your list now, you probably don’t need it. Try to examine each item on your list… will this become a new essential? Or is it just a “fling” you’ll be over in a few short months.

bogger's shoe closetluxury blog closet

Do write out your list, you’ll be able to cross-check for access. You should be focusing on your next key items. That means fashion that not only fits perfectly into spring fashion trends for 2020, but pieces you’ll also be able to wear later, or pieces you know you’ll wear over and over again.

Follow that rule of thumb, and you’ll save money and get more wear out of the pieces you own now and years to come. Checklist done? It’s time to shop! Stay tuned for some top spring trends for spring and summer coming soon.

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extravagance and ice, and imma shine like gloss

Something about the the way the light moves across the facets like sunlight over water… sparkling with each ripple. It feels like a movie scene in slow motion. Sharp edges, the clear depth of each crystal, a bright flash with the slightest shift towards the sun.

After a full month of quarantine clothes… it was time to mix it up.

as by df shirt dress luxury fashionas by df shirt dress luxury fashion sexy

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK & JOSH WOLFE | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | shirtdress c/o:AS BY DF | chandelier earrings c/o:CAPRICE DECADENT | gold ring c/o: ANA LUIS JEWELRY


There’s something powerful in draping yourself in luxuries, like a queen feeling her crown settle on her head. Flowing fabrics, decadent embellishments, something sexy, but subtle.

The kind of adornment that makes you raise an eyebrow, jut out your chin and crave a $40 cocktail on the rooftops of Dubai. Extravagance.

as by df luxury shirt dress with crystalsas by df shirtdress evening attire

While I often speak about minimalism and the simple joys in life, there’s something to be said of treating yourself on occasion. And, after all of this lockdown, it’s something we’re all craving. The cocktail attire, glittering jewels, the tallest pair of heels you own, and a squad of your women all in full-length stride… floating in and out of each establishment as quickly as the glint of each draping crystal.

draping crystal earrings by caprise decadent

We may be in separation now, but here’s a reminder it won’t last forever. And when it’s lifted, we will be ready. Lining up cocktail looks in a row, for the sequential city raids that will follow immediately after safety restrictions have been lifted.

This year has been different, but it’s not lost. Make the best of it now. And bide your time kittens, the return will be all the sweeter.

as by df shirtdress luxury fashion blogger

First on the rack, new decadently iced shirtdress by AS by DF. Dripping in luxury, the sheer finish complements an evening blush in it’s smokey lavender glory. Each piece of the starchild is hand beaded in a direction that literally feels it’s dripping from your shoulders. I now own several pieces from their collection, and they’ve quickly become a favorite in emerging luxury fashion brands.

hand beaded as by df luxury fashionluxury fashion blogger in coctail dress

Their looks are bold, feminine and empowering, with a distinctly rebellious undertone. All of the things I crave after a week in sweats.

The only accessory you’ll need, undone hair and even more, sparkling, embellishments. Ear candy compliments of Caprice Decadent. Their pieces are exorbitant and extravagant. The kind of ice you wear when you want to feel like money.

caprise decadent earringscaprise decadent crystals closeupcaprise decadent chandelier earrings

Long Feathers was my first style of choice, with an excess of sparkling crystals and draping fringe that catches every ounce of light around them. Feathers was a close second, styled in a sunburst half-circle. Ready to make a real statement? Get both and wear one on each side. Because rules are meant to be broken.

luxury fashion blogger day in my dreams wears shirtdress

Now, go blast the song that makes you move. Get iced up, and get ready. This quarantine isn’t going to last forever…

SHOP: Get 10% off these earrings (or anything else) by Caprice Decadent through this link! A percentage of proceeds this month will be donated to COVID relief efforts specifically impacting mothers and children.

“Money on the floor when we dance on it
Shine bright, finna put a tan on it
Said, I took it and I ran for it
I run it then I stand on it
Money on the floor when we dance on it
Shine bright, finna put a tan on it like
I’m a bitch, I’m a boss
I’m a bitch and a boss, I’ma shine like gloss”
– Boss Bitch, Doja Cat

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, the featured items were gifted to me by AS by DF and Caprice Decadent. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

bite beauty lip therapy products

pucker up and bite me | dramatically improved lip care routine

Day 130,342,088 of quarantine (oh so it feels). But in reality it hasn’t been half bad. In fact, I’ve found so many positive takeaways since working from home during the Covid crisis. One of which – more time for personal care. I actually can’t wait to share with you some of the incredible changes I’ve seen with my skin since following a more regulated routine. One of the most notable, the pucker factor. If you aren’t already, yes… there is a routine you should be following for your lips.

beautiful plump lips with bite beauty reviewlips

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | all lip treatment products c/o:BITE


Your lips are skin too, and often overlooked. Sure you put on balm like it’s nobody’s businesses. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got a tube in your car, in your purse, in your cosmetic bag, in the kitchen, in the key dish by the front door… you get the idea. But what else are you doing for your lips?

bite lip scrub and mask

Since quarantine, I’ve changed my daily lip care routine. My lips are fuller, more moisturized, and the amount of dryness I’ve experienced has dramatically declined.

I have super dry lips… hence my stashes of balm. But this routine has been a game changer. My friends have asked me if I got new fillers, but the truth is, BITE is my only secret. If you have notoriously dry lips, or you just want to enjoy fuller lips, here’s the routine that changed my pout.

lip transformation with bite beauty

Ok so here’s the spill. There are 6 products I’ve used the past several weeks. I’ll cover each one, how I use them, and what they’re for. They’re all by BITE. I’ve tried quite a few lip care brands, but always end up going back to their products. They’re organic, and infused with healthy, all-natural ingredients that you feel good about soaking into your skin.

bite lip gloss

I’ve shared some reviews on the BITE beauty french press lipgloss, as well as the BITE beauty amuse lipstick and lip pencils. The lipgloss and pencil are both a part of my daily routine as well. Before we get into those, let’s start with my morning lip routine with BITE beauty.

BITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub reviewBITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub closeup

First up, in the morning after I wash my face, I run just a swipe of the BITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub over the rough areas of my lips. I don’t do this everyday (I guess “weekly” is a part of the name for a reason), but I do it any morning that I feel a bit of roughness over my lips. It is so sweet you could almost eat it!

BITE Agave + Weekly lip scrub applicator

The Agave scrub is made with agave nectar, organic sugar, and papaya enzymes that help break down dead skin leaving you with a soft, moisturized surface. Rub it on until you can feel the scales dissolve and pull away. Then rinse and pat dry.

Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask reviewAgave+ nighttime lip therapy mask closeup

Next up, deep moisture. Introducing the Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask. This is what I would consider to be one of the most transforming products I have from BITE.

The instructions say to use this product at night to melt in and moisturize all night long. Buuuut… I don’t always listen well to instructions. So I do use this at night as a mask. But, it’s also the first moisturizer I put on in the morning.

Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask container

I feel like it gives me a head start to staying moisturized throughout the day. It’s smooth, creamy and has a mildly sweet scent. Made with agave nectar, pomegranate extract, and a variety of natural oils (sunflower, safflower and jojoba seed), this lip mask is incredibly moisturizing! I honestly credit a lot of my “lip filler” comments to this product. When your lips are hyper moisturized, they’ll look their best.

You know those mornings you wake up and you’re just like wow, I’m having a great lip day. The BITE nighttime lip therapy is going to get you that everyday.

Agave+ daytime lip balmAgave+ daytime lip balm roller reviewAgave+ daytime lip balm

Up next, day time! Throughout the day, I use the Agave+ daytime lip balm and the Agave+ intensive lip mask interchangeably. They’re both very moisturizing. I find the balm is a bit difficult to use (it’s almost too soft to be in a roller), so I swipe it with my finger to apply. The intensive lip mask has a slightly more “sticky” texture to the touch, but melts away into a smooth, non-sticky finish the second it hits your lips. I keep one in my bag, the other in my car. So really, they’re both great moisturizing products, pending if your preference is a tube or a roller.

Agave+ intensive lip mask tubeAgave+ intensive lip mask review

Night time, you already know! That BITE Agave+ nighttime lip therapy mask… then bed.

Wait, that was only 4 products you say?? Oh I’m not (quite) done. So that is my everyday lip routine that has honestly given me the most plump, moisturized lips I’ve had in ages. But sometimes, you just want a little bit more.

bite beauty routine for pouty lips

The last 2 products are the French press lipgloss and lip pencil. On days I want my lips to really pop, these two products make an insane amount of difference. Ok, let’s rewind to my morning routine. Everything goes the same, except I go super light on the moisturizer. Then, I follow up with the BITE lip pencil.

bite beauty lip pencil reviewbite beauty lip pencil 016 review

If you haven’t heard it enough already, the trick is to always over-line, but not too far.

I line the corners of my lips right on the line, then the top and bottom “pout” line, I veer off just over the lips, so the bottom of the line is still touching the lip line. On my cupids bow, I run a straight line over instead of emphasizing the arch. It gives you a fuller look.

bite beauty french press coffee lip gloss bite beauty french press coffee lip gloss  dirty chai review

You can dab and rub the pencil inwards so that it blends naturally with your lips. For this look, I matched the pencil up just a shade darker than my natural color.

The finishing touch, a swipe of the French press lip gloss and voila! A SERIOUSLY enhanced pout, from nutrition to beauty!

blogger review of bite beauty agave bite beauty review

Here’s the final look! This is after the full daily routine I’ve shared above, and freshly after the beauty routine with the BITE pencil and gloss. Hello lips! They seriously look more plump and healthy than right after I got fillers over a year back. Want to give it a try?

Snag that nighttime lip mask stat, and don’t forget to exfoliate. Keep some natural moisturizer with you during the day for quick refreshers, and you’ll have a pout that will make ‘em wanna bite.

Now pout those lips out, let ‘em part just a hair, and you’re ready for your closeup. Until next time… xoxo K


positive lifestyle changes since Covid-19

In light of the word’s upheaval during the Covid-19 pandemic, I wanted to share some positivity during a time of struggles. In no way am I making light of the tragic series of events during this crisis. However, I find that the flood in my inbox and news channels of live updates and notifications are the best resource for appropriate guidelines and safety measures.

Here on Day in my dreams, I hope to share something with you that’s inspiring to make a positive moment out of a dire situation. My heart goes out to all who are suffering. For those looking for a silver lining, here are 10 positive lifestyle changes I’ve experienced since the Covid-19 crisis. My hope is to inspire you to make positive changes in your life as well, and learn to grow and adapt in a time of crisis.

Sweats on sweats

1: I’m working remote

Working in pajamas, better snack options, no interruptions during chaotic deadlines… How many of you have wished for and begged to work remotely? For many of us, that is now a reality with the government banning nonessential organizations from more than 10 on-site staff members. Directing marketing and creative direction during a time of global crisis isn’t an easy job. Working from home without added stress makes it a bit easier. For my first positive lifestyle change, I’m thankful for a quiet place to focus and the opportunity to continue work from home (in sweats).

wfh skincare

2: My skin is glowing

Thanks to more time in the mornings and before bed, now is the perfect time for a more thorough skincare routine. Instead of trying on outfits and applying makeup in the mornings before jetting off to the office, I’m taking the time for a more thorough face wash and a deep moisturizing mask to start the day. I’m even using the piles of eye creams and serums I’ve accumulated over the years. I’ll be sharing some more details with you soon with some of my new favorite products I’ve been able to see results from. Some of my favorites include the Vitabrid C12 regime, Dermalogica eye serum, and of course my cult favorite ELEMIS face mask.

wfh yoga

3: I’m exercising from home

There’s no reason you have to say goodbye to fitness while gyms are closed. Now is the time to try out all of the home workout routines you’ve saved on Pinterest. I already had some small free-weights from workouts past, along with yoga mats and plenty of leggings and athleisure wear. I also invested in some resistance bands. Now, everyday I pick a new workout to target my focus areas, and work up a sweat from home. The excess time in the evenings has helped me stay motivated by providing something to do that gets endorphins going and helps me sleep at night.

wfh walking the dog

4: My steps a day have tripled

Working a desk job, it’s not hard to imagine the lack of movement on a typical day. Working from home, I’ve spent a portion of my lunch break and after work hours walking at least 2X a day around the neighborhood. The fresh air is invigorating and keeps me from feeling too cooped up at home. I’ve also found it’s a great time to think through problems and find resolutions and new ideas you may not have considered before.


5: I’m eating better

Yes, it’s a bit tough to stock up on food that will last longer to avoid frequent grocery trips. However, I’ve found myself getting more creative finding easy, healthy options with long shelf-life ingredients. Many recipes include tuna, beans and lentils, fresh garlic and ginger, and veggies like cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, peppers, radishes and leeks. Let me know if you’re interested in recipes and I’m happy to share!

wfh houseparty

6: My friends and family have been (in some ways) closer than ever

Expected social life to take one of the biggest hits? It doesn’t have to. Yes, we need to be social distancing to prevent the spread of Covid-19. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in touch. I’ve had more FaceTime, Houseparty, video and group texts than ever before. I’ve also had more one-on-one conversations with people sharing real, emotional thoughts and concerns. It’s become an era of honesty and openness as we all learn to lean on each other for support.

7: My house has never been cleaner

With evenings and weekends at home, there’s no excuse to leave dishes in the sink or dust on the shelves. Every evening, I pick something in the house to tackle. If there isn’t any major project left to do (that actually never happens), I’ll do a walk around cleaning any tiny forgotten spots or tidying up.

8: My wardrobe is finally getting organized

It’s hard to find the time to sort through your closet. But with one weekend at home, you can have an entire wardrobe makeover. Pull out everything (I mean everything). Try them on. Check them out. Decide if you really believe you’ll wear them again or not. It’s the perfect opportunity to clean out old items and start fresh with a more capsule wardrobe.

9: My yard is greener

It’s spring, and as such there is plenty of yard work to be done. If you’ve had projects on the back burner, now is the time to get started. This past weekend, I hand-arrogated and seeded my entire lawn, weeded the landscaping, pruned bushes and shrubs, and kept everything watered. It’s an ongoing project, but I’m excited to have an outdoor haven by summertime.

10: I’m letting go of stress, and welcoming zen (or at least trying to)

It is a stressful time for everyone, no doubt. However, this can be a time of personal reflection and meditation if you allow yourself to focus on that direction. With no outside distractions, you can focus on personal growth, adequate sleep, and time to process things in a healthy way. Use this time to develop your mind. Read a book. Get into yoga. Draw yourself a bath… every night.

No matter the age or era of life, there will always be tragedies, struggles and reasons to give up or let go. Don’t let this be one of them. Instead, take what is given. Use it to better yourself and others. Grow. Mature. Support others when you can. Sometimes you don’t need to travel to expand your horizons. Stay home. Let your mind and your backyard be your new place of discovery.

Elizabethton Tennessee geese spring water river

serenity surrounded by natural springs in Elizabethton, TN

Serenity. If I could choose a single word, that would be it. A long weekend of promised exile from a chaotic world came into fruition like the first budding trees of the season. Welcome to Elizabethton, TN, a quaint town of old southern American history.

covered bridge park, elizabethton tennesseebrunch at a homestead retreat in elizabethton tn

Once a buzzing capital of American government, the city has reached a pleasant lull just off the banks of the Doe River. That’s where we spent the last two days… booking a homestead retreat just outside the local buzz of the historical city center.


Known for its water resources and renewable energy, the rivers flow with fresh spring water that’s distributed more than any other water system in the entire state of Tennessee.

spring water elizabethton tncovered bridge park geese elizabethton tn

That’s where we spent the best of our time. Soaking up the early spring sunshine at Covered Bridge Park overlooking the Doe River. Teaming with geese and swans, the wildlife seemed know just how good life was in such pure, tranquil waters.

The sound of the clearest waters trickling over smooth river stones competed only with that of the soft chirping of the birds and the soft breeze through the branches above us.

The birds glided over the smooth surface of the river, leaving behind them glints of magic sparkling in the sun. After spending a moment with them, you could quickly learn each different spirit of the creatures as they played, competed, and chased each other over the waters.

serenity in elizabethton tn at doe river

We laid there under the trees, until nature accepted us as a part of the moment. The taste of clean, unpolluted air rolling off the spring water felt like purity cleansing our lungs. It didn’t feel like vacation, it felt like home.

A reminder to all to getaway, escape, and get back to the roots of humanity where life is pure and simple. May you all take the time to enjoy God’s creation in serenity between life’s ongoing motion.