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fashion blogger wears heeled sandals and blue levi jeans

three ways to wear heels – stepping up summer fashion trends

When the world goes one way, fashion inevitably starts to go the other. In case you missed the memo, dress is back. With athleisure now fully saturated into both European and American markets, the consumer has started to get bored, and they’re reaching back to their archives for a compromise away from athleisure style. Don’t worry, it’s not going anywhere soon. But while athleisure strays away from fashion and moves toward traditional sport brands like Nike, Puma and Adidas – 2019 summer fashion trends are leaning towards the ultimate return of the feminine evolution – heels.

heeled sandals with casual style and levi jeans

photography:MY MOM | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | shoes c/o:JO MERCER | classic blue levi jeans c/o:SHOPBOP | black jeans c/o: PARKER SMITH | leather biker jacket c/o:ALL SAINTS


Don’t worry ladies, we know you got used to the comfort of sneaker styles and flat-bed sandals. So let’s start simple. Kitten heels fill the largest category of the return of heels for spring and summer 2019, while only the bravest are bringing back the pumps and stiletto heels. Minimal feminine silhouettes mark the evolution of the trend, replacing gaudy platforms of years past. Simplicity is key with a faint 90’s vintage flair. To illustrate the movement for you, I reached out to Australian brand Jo Mercer to show you three ways to wear heels this summer.

jo mercer shoes review with white heeled sandals

Jo Mercer shoes review

First, a bit about the brand. I worked with Jo Mercer for the first time just a few weeks back, on a brief, single-post campaign. They were kind enough to send a couple of pairs of shoes for me to try out at that time, and I so fell in love with the brand – they were the first I contacted for this spring and summer footwear trend edition. Why? The Aussie fashion scene is well marked for being leaders of the modern, minimalist fashion movement. Jo Mercer’s summer collection was just what I was looking for to exemplify the trend of minimal, feminine, low-heel shoes that we’ve started to see everywhere.

jo mercer shoe lineup

Their quality is also exceptional. They focus on luxury fashion that fits into the niche of what day in my dreams represents, from a minimalist lifestyle approach of less is more – focusing on quality essential items. Their collections are designed with premium genuine leathers and engineered both for quite luxury and comfort. Note to understand my full support of the brand, they have not paid me for the post, only provided my selection of footwear to pair with these luxury summer outfits.

“Our shoes are engineered for real life. A Jo Mercer shoe has to meet a certain standard to be included in the range; the leather must be of fine quality, the heel balanced and the fit unparalleled. Trends inform our designs, fashion influences our collection whilst our customers defines the range. To create what you desire, without compromise, is our aim.”Jo Mercer

To illustrate three ways to wear heels this summer, I’ve selected three different styles from their collection, to give you a range of luxury, minimalist outfit ideas. Featured below are the Phoenix high sandal heel, Amore high heel mule sandal, and the Leah mules in beige snake print. More details on each in the outfits outlined below.

High heel sandals: The luxury of minimalist comfort in Levi jeans and a boxy tee

The first look features Jo Mercer’s Phoenix high sandal in white leather paired with an oversized t-shirt and classic Levi blue jeans. Levi’s are the minimalist fashion enthusiast’s go-to for casual style, and this summer will be no exception. The boxy tee is a new interpretation of modern boho style, and creates a look that’s ultra relaxed. Heels are great for this look, as they keep your casual wardrobe items from looking sloppy. A heeled sandal is the perfect feminine touch. This minimal silhouette features 3 straps with a wood-look 9.5cm heel, giving a great boost in height. I wore this look throughout the day, including for the shoot, errands, a bit of shopping and dinner late that night – happy to say they were comfortable until day’s end.

jo mercer heeled sandals reviewboxy tee and casual levi denim jeans on minimalist fashion bloggercasual style levi jeans

This is an outfit you’ll probably see me in Monday – Friday, because there’s really nothing more comfortable and practical for running my life on the go. Time and comfort are luxuries everyone can afford, and this is one way I splurge on myself.

Kitten heels: Day to night with black skinny jeans

The next look is also casual, but slightly more sophisticated with a skinny crop black jean from Parker Smith, and a fitted white tank paired with high to mid-heel sandals. This is a great everyday look that can take you from errands to cocktails with a release of the bun. With a mostly monochrome, luxury fashion blog – black and white dominate my wardrobe. A subtle hint of nude is a refreshing way to keep the look modern and bright. The shoes are Jo Mercer’s Amore high heel mule sandal in ivory leather. Also featuring thin, feminine straps, it’s an ideal match to dress-up casual styles, or to pair with summer sophisticates. Kitten heels are a big 2019 summer fashion trend, and these are just the right height for that effortless luxury look.

casual day to night style with white tank and black jeansblack parker smith jeans and jo mercer heeled sandalsstrappy low heel sandals by jo mercerparker smith jeans

This crossbody has also become a new staple. Purchased from Shopbop, this Marc Jacobs bag is convertible, with two straps that make it either a crossbody or a belted bag. I’ve worn it both ways, and if you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen it plenty already. The jeans are also a major call-out. Parker Smith has long been a standing favorite of mine for denim brands. Offering the right amount of stretch and fray hems, they find their way into my attire on a weekly basis.

Snake print mules: You don’t own me t-shirt dress and biker jacket

Last but not least, I couldn’t share an update on 2019 heel trends without talking about the mule. Mules have come and gone, and to every woman’s delight, they’re back in for the season. Mules are a truly effortless luxury, with an open back that lets you slide in on the go. This pair of Leah mules from Jo Mercer is an exceptional specimen, crafted in a snake-print leather. The heel height is 11cm, giving you an incredible boost while maintaining a comfortable feel. Animal prints including leopard print, tiger and snake print are a mega material trend that started this past fall / winter and carried over into the new season. This style is versatile, and a great transitional piece you can wear all year round.

fashion blogger wears luxury all saints jacket and jo mercer mulesjo mercer snake skin print mules reviewjo mercer review leatherfashion blogger in casual biker jacket style and jo mercer shoes

While you can wear mules with everyday jean or casual denim looks, I prefer to wear them cocktail stile to balance the full coverage of the shoe itself. Showing a bit of leg, I’ve paired them with a t-shirt dress and my most worn leather jacket from All Saints. A t-shirt dress may not be the first thing you think of when I say “cocktail attire”, but alas the world has gone casual, and I’m happy to go with it. Just because you’re wearing heels doesn’t mean you need to be in a gown. These three looks are all casual luxury styles that you can wear everyday, while still sporting some of your favorite comfort pieces. With a capsule wardrobe and a few core essentials, casuals do become our office wear, evening wear and everything in between.

luxury fashion blogger wears all saints biker jacket, t-shirt dress and jo mercer mules

More on 2019 fashion trends and the return of heels

I spoke with marketing guru, Elle regarding the 2019 fashion trends and the return of heels. As a leader in the luxury fashion community, it was insightful to have her perspective on the shift from total athleisure to a balance of true sport and feminine heel styles.

Her statement: “The culture of footwear is shifting, and the sneaker trend has become less of a trend and more of a staple. Women have the right to wear whatever they want and having worn imbalanced, awkward and ill-fitting stilettos before, the restriction that comes with this footwear is all too familiar.

The return of the heel will be introduced on Women’s terms. Therefore I predict that the importance of wear-ability will become paramount. Fit, construction and materials will become the definition of luxury, not the height and circumference of the heel. These are the shoes designed for real-life” – Elle Bugge, Marketing at Jo Mercer

What are you thoughts on the return of heels into spring and summer fashion trends for 2019? I’ve put together so many different summer looks with these three pieces, and can’t wait to continue wearing them throughout the summer as versatile key pieces. If you’ve started making investments on key luxury essential items for your capsule wardrobe, be sure to check out Jo Mercer and their collection of minimalist luxury fashion essentials from low to mid heels, sandals, flats and sneakers.

basic minimalist fashion blogger outfit lifestyle

getting back to the basics

A quiet hum of the dryer beats softly in the background. You can hear the birds above the white noise. A bright light shines through the ample windows. Spring has arrived, and with it a moment of stillness. After weeks on the road traveling between Nashville, Vegas, Atlanta, Costa Rica, Switzerland and Milan – this time at home feels like a haven of its own. No rowdy traffic, no drunken alleyways, no meetings or spewing stress of colleagues – it’s just me, the birds and the creaking ghost of the house (whom I’ve lovingly named Ralph).

minimalist fashion blogger in basic tshirt and vinyl leggings

photography:NICK PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | vinyl leggings c/0:COMMANDO


It’s easy to get caught up in the pursuit of perfection both at work, at home, and managing life as a fashion blogger. These moments are ones that I cherish the most. The moments that allow us a clear vision and stable mind help us to reset and focus on our current existence. The next few weeks will pass here in this place, deep in the heart of Virginia. Though the rush of the fashion world will continue, evenings will be spent in gratitude, finding a place of rejuvenation for the next rush of travels in May.

There are a few ways I kickstart getting back to the basics in times like these. Pursuing a more active lifestyle is one, and the gym has seen my face a few times this week for the first time in months. Physical activity can help relieve stress, and generates a rush of endorphins that keep your body on a high.

minimalist white tshirt style with vinyl leggings

Living a more minimalist lifestyle can also remind us of what things are important. This is the time to rid yourself of the unnecessary. As a part of this tradition, I will be cutting back to a more capsule wardrobe, saving only the essentials I would imagine myself re-buying were they not in my closet already. Basic t-shirts, classic denim, and versatile items like these vinyl leggings will make the cut, while occasion dresses and fast-fashion pieces will be relocated to new homes.

fashion girl relaxing in basic white tshirt and vinyl leggings

I often imagine this purge as a weight lifted. Ridding yourself of unneeded positions, emotions, and struggles that you’ve held on to is the most relieving feeling one could imagine. Learning to let go can be a challenge, but more than worth it in the end. I hope this spring finds you lighter, brighter, and more beautiful than before. Remember to enjoy simplicity amidst life’s rush. It’s time to get back to the basics.

luxury fashion blogger travels to costa rica

Costa Rica sunshine and the true meaning of luxury

Something about the sun warms not only our skin, but also the soul. Hello blog world. The last couple of months have taken me to Nashville, Vegas, Atlanta, Milan, Lugano, and Costa Rica. Wrapping up an intense travel season, I have a moment to reflect on the adventures had and memories made. Here’s another snippet from Costa Rica – an annual international travel tradition with myself and a few friends.

travel costa rica in a luxury villasummer fashion trends gingham top and white levi denim shorts

photography:JOSH WOLFE MUSIC | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | denim shorts:LEVI | location:VILLA TRANQUILA, COSTA RICA


Each year, we choose a new destination where we enjoy all of the local food, sights and leisure we can soak up in 10 days. Each a true luxury to experience, this was no exception. Our caravan of 18 companions flew into San Jose, where we spent a night at a resort enjoying late night bites, a local casino, and a night view of the tropical poolside. The stop was quick, as the earliest shuttle transported us to the beaches of Tamarindo early the next morning.

minimalist luxury fashion blogger in vacation stylesummer fashion in costa rica

With such a large entourage, we opted for the Villa Tranquila, a mantion that slept 18-24. On site we enjoyed the an excellent, friendly staff including an in-house chef, concierge, and local activities including pool, beach surfing, golf course and more. If you’re traveling in a large group, it was definitely the way to go. Our concierge arranged everything from travel to meal plans, and helped us organize our excursions in a way that took the load of the primary planners (myself included). These photos are from the villa itself – a mansion of beauty just a few minutes from the downtown nightlife area of Tamarindo. Costa Rica is much bigger than most people realize, so excursions were up to 3 hours away.

tropical plants in costa ricasexy fashion blogger in costa ricatravel blogger at a luxury villa in costa rica

This particular day, we spent only enjoying what our home away from home had to offer. Surrounded by mature palms and tropical flowers galore, it was a perfect paradise. The morning was spent leisurely poolside, where we arranged for 4 private masseuses to provide hour long massages. Travel is meant to be an experience, and this was a luxury almost no one wanted to pass on. Cocktails were had, and fresh bowls of local ceviche never diminished. Our chef kept the mix of local fish, shrimp, tomato, fresh avocado and pico ever-ready in case we needed a mid-afternoon snack. Ceviche is a favorite tropical indulgence, and I’m always sure to include it on the menu plan. We also had prepared homemade salsa and guacamole. The avocados there are rich and creamy – a decadence not to be missed. The local Imperial beer has a sort of beachy taste with a fresh squeeze of lime. I opted for more than a few splashes of champagne.

tropical flowers in costa ricatropical shadow play and white levi shortsluxury villa in tamarindo costa rica

While I believe vacations are a time-luxury that should be spent in pure relaxation to fully enjoy the indulgence of free time – we snuck away for just a few moments to snag a couple of pictures to share. Don’t let the pictures deceive you, I was barefoot most of the day. Working a full-time career while managing life as a luxury fashion blogger sometimes difficult to get away. But when on vacation, I truly believe in some disconnect from the digital world of fashion. I recently participated in an interview regarding luxury research that brought up the concept of the summer fashion trends and the evolution of luxury. Shifting away from material goods, the greatest luxury our consumers can enjoy today is time, and an experience worth remembering. Luxury fashion is meant to hold its value in essential staples that you’ll use year after year. It’s not intended as a culture to hoard material goods. Remember, a minimalist lifestyle enjoyed to the fullest is far more rewarding than a collection of luxury fashion you’ll never wear.

Instead, focus on living a luxury lifestyle, focusing on life essentials, and soak in every moment you can. Costa Rica was certainly that for me, and I hope you can enjoy the same.

happy fashion blogger in costa rica

flying first class in fendi

flying first class in FENDI

The clouds swirl in motion from the movement of the plane. The light is bright white, like being covered in a new sheet.  There’s nothing quite like the rush of energy that comes from being 25,000 feet in the air. Running away from reality for the weekend. From the east side to Europe, the next 6 days will be spent wandering the streets of Milan for an afternoon – then shifting to Lugano for a week of design work in the studio under the Swiss mountains.

travel blogger flies first class in fendiair plane window seat

The feeling is adrenalizing. I’ve spent a lot of time spinning dreams in my head as of late. Letting go of safety lines, the temptation to be truly free from restraints has been overpowering. First class, FENDI, sipping a Tito’s and OJ, overlooking the world mixed in a heavy fog below, it’s not hard to imagine. Safety has brought me where I sit here today. It’s been my constant. I made my safe bets and found a way to achieve a certain level of success in reaching my dreams of luxury and adventure. But what if there’s more?

view of the clouds

Humanity drives us to want more, no matter what we achieve in life. That desire and lust for life can become intoxicating to the point of destruction. Or, it can be a force that empowers us to make the tough choices needed to progress.

Find your balance. Be content with whatever you have. Today is a part of your dream. But never give up on reaching those ideals that you hold closely to your heart. When we are children, they tell us we can be whoever they want. But they don’t really mean it. They tell us our dreams need to be practical. Going to space is great but what about being a lab tech instead? If you want to go to space, go. Be willing to fight and do whatever it takes to get there. But you can. You can achieve anything if you want it badly enough. You want to take over the world, just do it.

rainy flight

filippo loreti watch review with gold band and moon face

5 tips on how to find a perfect watch with Filippo Loreti

Being a fashion blogger has it’s perks, and owning a few dozen fashion timepieces is one of them. As one of my favorite accessories, you probably see me posting on Instagram on a regular basis. Want to get a timepiece of your own but not sure where to start? Here are my 5 pro tips on how to find a perfect watch from an avid (obsessed) collector, plus a Filippo Loreti review as the newest piece to my collection.

Look for the “wow” factor

As one of the biggest accessory trends of the generation, there are thousands upon thousands of fashion watches for consumers to choose from. Having dozens myself, I’ve started to notice many brands producing nearly identical designs. If you’re looking for a single fashion statement, look for a watch that has a “wow” factor that sets it apart from the crowd. Whether it’s a unique face, material or dial design – details matter. This doesn’t mean you have to opt for opulent design, it just means you should be looking for something special enough that it catches your eye that you won’t find for half the price somewhere else.

Filippo Loreti has an impeccable “wow” factor with luxury details you just don’t see in most watch designs. It’s elegant, and the beveled curves give it a really rich look and feel. It’s a great statement piece that instantly ups the countenance of any look.

filippo loretti watch review in packaging box

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | timepiece c/o:FILIPPO LORETI

Consider the design

How does a timepiece fit into your personal style? Do you dress minimal, chic, urban or street? Consider a design that’s going to work well with your wardrobe. I tend to mix things up a lot in my personal style (hence the need for a couple dozen watches). So for me, I look for pieces that compliment a certain mood or genre of fashion that I wear frequently.

I have an unnatural obsession with the moon, so the Venice Moonphase watch by Filippo Loreti especially caught my eyes. There is a subtle star print in the cut-out just above the logo, and the stone-grey face is reminiscent of the glowing moon itself.

filippo loreti gold watch reviewsophisticated filippo loreti watch review closeup

Understand value

With a market flooded with so many timepieces to choose from, it’s important to understand value. Prices for a fashion watch can range from fifteen dollars to hundreds (and that’s before we even begin to talk about luxury timepieces). When you’re trying to find the perfect watch, do your research and compare what’s on the market in a similar price range, and select based on the highest quality. What features are important to you? Details like the thickness and material of the watch band, to the level of intricacy on the face all play a factor in pricing. It’s important not to make unnecessary sacrifices – instead choose based on balance of cost and worth.

Filippo Loreti timepiece selections have excellent value, and the quality can be seen in their designs. The band is extra thick, and the finishes are flawless and smooth. If I had received the watch without first knowing the retail price, I would have guessed it much higher based on the quality – making this piece a high value selection.

filippo loreti gold watch band review

Seek versatility

As a minimalist fashion blogger, I do seek to live a minimalist lifestyle to the best of my ability. Though that an be a challenge with such a influx of new products arriving on almost a daily basis, some versatility incorporated into fashion goes a long way. For timepieces, I like to look for options that minimize the number of pieces I need in my wardrobe. Changeable bands is a huge benefit that doubles the value of your timepiece through versatility.

This Filippo Loreti watch features small notches that make a band change effortless. I selected the gold mesh Venice Moonphase, with this beautiful grey croc leather band that gives the face an entirely different look. The design makes it ultra versatile, working with different outfits, looks and styles that suit your every mood.

filippo loretti interchangable croc leather bandfilippo loreti watch review with croc band

Select quality

Last but not least, if you want to reduce to a capsule wardrobe quality is a must. Few pieces afford you the luxury of choosing quality with a less-is-more approach. This was my first watch from Filippo Loreti, and it’s always exciting for me when the package first arrives and you get a more hands-on experience.

Filippo Loreti timepiece selections are a gorgeous statement accessory with accentuated details that really set them apart. Quite frankly, the watch was even more beautiful and high quality than I had expected. The band is extra thick and the clasp hardware is robust and luxurious. Even the back of the face has an intricately engraved detail featuring the Basilica Di San Marco. The frame is luminous with a flawless finish, and after a couple weeks of constant wear, there’s still not a scratch to be seen.

filippo loreti watch review with engraved back facesophisticated filippo loreti watch review

Over all, I have been thrilled with my first experience, and was happy to share this Filippo Loreti review. Hoping to share more down the road, and keep your eyes on on the Filippo Loreti instagram feed to keep up with what’s fresh in their collection.. May these 5 tips for finding a perfect watch help you on your buying journey!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Filippo Loreti. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!