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the best of winter fashion essentials

Wide leg trousers, sweater vests, utility boots – some are quick to grab up some of the biggest fall and winter trends before the season begins. Then the snow comes. The cold sets in, and we gravitate towards the pieces that not only preserve a thread of what makes us feel like “us”, but also the pieces that work functionally into our everyday lifestyles.

It’s mid January. There’s plenty of winter left, but it’s been long enough for us to establish just what is essential in our winter wardrobes.

As such, here is the best of winter. A collection of pieces that are not only on trend, but ones that have proven themselves throughout the season to be wardrobe essentials.

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Wide leg pants

For you lovers of skinny jeans, I’m sorry. This year, the vote is in and wide leg trousers are the pant of choice. In the minimalist fashion world, they’ve been well embraced for more than a couple of seasons. This season, they’ve made it to mainstream. If you don’t feel quite right rocking this menswear inspired trend, opt for a more fitted top to shift the focus of a flattering form that you’re more used to getting with a fitted pant.

The oversized blazer

Girl, if you still haven’t gotten one, I’m not sure what lightning you’re waiting for. An oversized blazer is a warm layer that makes any ensemble a bit more sophisticated. Say hello to making tees and leggings appropriate for the office. Working an 8-5 in the fashion world, this is a piece I wear 2-4 times a week, and well worth investing in a luxury quality style that you’ll be able to wear years to come.

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Leather leggings

A favorite for a few seasons, there are so many reasons you need a pair of leather leggings in your wardrobe. The outfit ideas for leather leggings are truly endless, and they satisfy both categories of comfort and sex appeal. Is there any more winning combo than that? I’ve found mine on repeat every week.

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Utility boots

We’ve now seen a few days of snow on the East coast. Utility boots are not only the most iconic silhouette for footwear this season – they’re also highly practical during winter weather. If you haven’t purchased a pair, go ahead and treat yourself. The good news is, they’re forecasted to continue well through the next few seasons.

The leather shacket

Leather jackets are always a wardrobe staple. This season, the boxy sister is queen with an oversized fit and utility pockets. Like a blazer, this piece is a great layering piece for winter style, and the leather gives your look a bit of edge. I’ve had my favorites in my capsule wardrobe, and they’re getting a workout this season.

image cred @ingridedvinsen

A baseball cap

Hide yesterday’s hair and keep warm with the athleisure accessory of the season, a baseball cap. Good news is, you can keep wearing this winter essential through spring.

With these wardrobe staples, you can freshen up just about any combo in your winter wardrobe. Need a few more essentials? These 8 must have fall fashion essentials are still going strong through the winter season. 

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