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all we need is time

The sunset was reflecting a spectrum if iridescent hues in the traffic paint. A softened depiction of the vibrant sky above. That’s when I knew I was dreaming again. And what a feeling. Like a cool spray of sea quenching a desert soul. 

I have learned a lot during this past year of accosted endeavors and ceaseless pursuits. The most life changing of which – work can be the most devastating sabotage of progress if it consumes time beyond its purpose. 

We should all pursue growth. Attack life with ferocity that overcomes challenges, and discipline ourselves enough to accomplish even the most arduous tasks. But, we must never let that consume us. Or else, you risk losing everything – even the outcome you so earnestly pursued from the start. 

We are all human. As such, we’ve been created with an innate desire to learn and grow. But, when we channel our vision, we loose sight of the inspiration around us. We forget to breath. We don’t pause to listen, to learn. 

There’s a point where pursuit becomes the antithesis of progress.

While I cannot begin to assume where that line is for everyone, I urge you to discover your own. You can accomplish everything, but it takes time. Time is one of the most valued possessions on earth, and it is one we do not own. Don’t take it for granted. And wield what you have in wisdom. 

Decide what is the most important to you. Spend time on that, while it is still yours.

For me, I give a nod to the year past – and to a society that breathes for self-fulfillment in endless pursuit. For me, I will keep dreaming. I will bask in the ever inspiring beauty of God’s creation. I will pursue what is right, above worth. And I will be spending my time reveling in the most of these – love.

“I just need
A little time to show you I’m worth it
I know that I can be a difficult person
I’m a stress case drive you up the wall when I’m workin’
Actually I’m prolly worse when I’m not you don’t deserve it
Make you nervous ’cause you know I’ma break soon
Every time I do I say something that hurts you
Actin’ like I’m gone, but we both in the same room
I don’t like to be wrong which I know you relate to
And I know I make you feel like you’re at the end of your road
That’s when I look at you and tell you I’d be better alone
That’s just the pride talkin’ isn’t it cause both of us know
I’m the definition of wreck if you look into my soul
Comes out the most
When I feel I’m in a vulnerable place
Made a lot of mistakes
I wish I knew how to erase
When I’m afraid
Might get distant, and I push you away
But no matter the case
I’ma do whatever it takes
Even if
Even if we both break down tonight
And you say you hate me
And we go to bed angry
I know everything will be alright
I’ll be here waiting
I promise I’m changing
I just need time”

– NF, Time

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