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spring style preview

A year since lockdowns, there have been a slew of fashion revelations and new trends that have risen from our new lifestyles. It was a year that proved nothing can come between true fashionistas and their passion, not even a global pandemic.

With the world reopening and society normalizing, we are fully ready to embrace fashion once again. Goodbye sweats. There is an amazing assortment of fashion pieces now being designed and showcased by women of all ages worldwide to celebrate the ‘rebirth’ of their style. 

If there is anything that lockdown taught us is that nothing is predictable. Fashion is a reflection of society and humanity. Our fashion forecast has shifted more dramatically in the past year with the adaptation to our new lifestyle habits. Without further adieu, let’s jump in to some of the biggest spring style fashion trends of 2021 today.

spring style trend 2021 preview mirta crossbody bags

Handbag Styles in Spring 2021

This season it is all about the handbag. Since many of us haven’t been able to carry a gorgeous luxury handbag for so long, now is the time to show off a new bag. Get yourself a statement bag. Not just any bag – go for a cross body in a pastel color (for spring..duh). What’s so great about cross body bags is that you can fit everything in and still keep your hands totally free to re-explore the world. 

spring style trend 2021 preview crossbody bag

You can find some amazing timeless yet trending fashion cross body purses via luxury fashion sites like Mirta, that offers an assortment of artisan bags made in Italy that ship directly to you. It’s almost as good as traveling abroad to pick up something special at a local boutique, but you can shop from home.

The Scoop on Skirts and Shorts

Spring is time to make a fashion comeback. Skirts and shorts are trending in a big way in a variety of silhouettes. If you’re looking for the most relevant updates, update your wardrobe with leg grazing skirts and pair them with either a pair of boots or fashion sneakers. Why skirts and sneaks? Embrace the feminine beauty and confidence of leg baring styles – while maintaining the comfort you’ve gotten used to in sneakers. It’s sort of a win win on the fashion scene this season. 

In shorts and skirts, mini is still our main story of the season. So prepare to bare those stems in pride. For those who are bold, grab some flatform sandals to elongate your legs even further.

spring style trend 2021 preview  floral print dress
IMAGE CRED: @girlwithclass4

Bold Prints

Leopard, snake, cow and florals… It’s time to have fun with prints. Don’t be afraid to mix them either. On several (virtual) runways all over the world, you probably spotted leopard print mixed with zebra print pants, and so many other wild combos your head might be spinning. Everybody has a print that suits them so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit here to see which print(s) work best for you. 

Spring fashion trends are all about expressing your unique style and personality after so long indoors. So do so with pride.

spring style trend 2021 preview floral print dress
IMAGE CRED: @interiordesignerella
spring style trend 2021 preview printed suit
IMAGE CRED: @olivialaura_
spring style trend 2021 preview strappy sandals
IMAGE CRED: @lisaholdshteyn

Updated Strappy Sandals with a Heel

Strappy sandals have always stolen the show in spring because you can wear them with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Try an updated strappy sandal with a distinct block heel, or “barely there” sandal exposing your fresh pedi. They are easy to wear and simple above all. A wardrobe staple for minimalists and trend followers alike. The assortment of delicate toe loops and straps available on the market make the shoes an elegant transitional fashion trend that can go from daytime to the evenings. 

spring style trend 2021 preview strappy sandals
IMAGE CRED: @de_rococo
backless dress
IMAGE CRED: @allchloerose

Backless Tops and Dresses

Hello sultry sophistication. Wearing backless tops and dresses exudes confidence without baring it all. Have some fun with these looks by adding a long statement necklace worn backwards dangling down your spine. 

The direction of fashion trends is often a reflection of our society and the state of humanity. The past year has been a challenge, but born from that is a great revolution and new understanding of style and functionality.

spring style trend 2021 preview backless dress
IMAGE CRED: @laurencefortincote
spring style trend 2021 preview backless

It is up to you to embrace the new fashion frontier – whatever that may mean to you. Whatever you choose, make this spring one to remember, as you present the bold new you in a truly one-of-a-kind step-up to the season. The world has changed, who will you be? 

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with Mary Davis. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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