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b.tempt’d review | intimates for every woman and every occasion

Wispy laces, modern silhouettes. I had been in need of an intimates refresh, and this season’s updates came with all of the upgrades one could desire. While fashion selects are often redefined each season, one must never forget to keep their underthings in order. There’s something empowering in being completely put together. For me, that starts from body to soul, and each layer that we choose to dress ourselves in. In this b.tempt’d review, I will touch on an assortment of essential pieces that I’ve integrated into my lingerie collection, and how each serves a different purpose in my personal and professional lifestyle.

b.tempt’d review bralettes wardrob
photography:JOEL CORSON | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | lingerie c/o:B.TEMPT’D

First, let’s talk about some key elements every woman should consider when selecting their delicates – fashion and function

When wearing bras, both comfort and style must be considered. I can be quite utilitarian with my fashion choices. Managing 80-hour work weeks in fashion marketing while also maintaining a luxury fashion blog requires thoughtful fashion choices that are not only in vogue, but also functional. I need to be able to power through my day without fashion getting in the way. Yet, style is engrained into who I am, and I’m not ready to sacrifice an expression of who I am for complete utilitarianism.  

b.tempt’d review bodysuit

Bodysuits – alluring silhouettes, versatile fashion

For undergarments, that means they need to work seamlessly underneath my clothes, or work fashionably as a part of the ensemble. If they can serve both purposes, you have my attention. In this first line of thinking, let’s talk bodysuits. Bodysuits have become a staple that we truly can’t live without. The flattering fit, the sexy allure – they’re an exemplary choice for versatility in lingerie that can function both as an undergarment, as well as a fashion statement when paired with high waisted jeans or a playful mini skirt. 

bodysuit with jacket b.tempt’d review

b.tempt’d bodysuits review

For this review, I have selected two b.tempt’d bodysuits, the Ciao Bella Bodysuit in White and the b.charming Bodysuit in Night. Let’s start with the plunging lace of the b.charming Bodysuit. The visual appeal on this piece is evident. The upper half is designed with delicate triangle lace cups which fall into a deep V of lace that trails down the midsection of the bodysuit. It’s a flattering silhouette that frames the neckline just so, with lace edging that graces the collar bone down to a low plunge. The mesh midsection gives the piece a touch of edge, and it’s finished with a low lace detail that hugs around the hip line. 

b.tempt’d review bodysuits
b.tempt’d review

More than just style, the entire bodysuit has some serious stretch – which aids in conforming to your body’s every curve. This is going to give you a more flattering fit, while making the piece extremely comfy. The piece is completely sheer, without wires or padding of any kind. As such is  incredibly comfortable all day as a sexy, empowering under-piece, or as a sleep thing to wear at night. 

And yes girls, it’s a thong. As all bodysuits should be. 

Next up, the beautiful white lace b.tempt’d Ciao Bella Bodysuit. Similar to the b.charming Bodysuit, Ciao Bella is quite stretchy and flexible, but it offer a bit more structure in the cups with a thin opaque lining. The silhouette is more feminine with scalloped lace edges that trail down the frontline from the neck to the waistline. The halter neck is adjustable, so you can customize your ideal fit. 

b.tempt’d review white lace bodysuit
b.tempt’d review white lace bodysuit

With a bit of extra material, though still delicate in form, this piece can be worn similarly to the b.charming Bodysuit as an undergarment – or, you can wear it as a layer under a blazer for daywear. Feeling especially risqué? Pair it with your favorite denim and sport this piece on its own while you embody the energy of cocktail hour on the rooftops of the city.

b.tempt’d review white bodysuit luxury fashion spring trends
b.tempt’d review lace closeup

The essential strapless bra, but better

Every woman needs a strapless bra in her wardrobe. The struggle, they really never stay up, or if they do, they’re so tight they’re anything but comfortable. The Future Foundation Backless Strapless Bra is, “The ultimate solution for open back bra problems…” – b.tempt’d. I’d have to say, I’m prone to agree.

b.tempt’d review strapless bra

In short, here’s what I love about it:

  • Wide range of sizes for the perfect fit
  • Strapless silhouette that doesn’t slide down with extra gap pads
  • Sexy low caged back strap hides under most low or backless tops
  • Light cup boning that provides structure without discomfort
  • Stretch foam cups that contour to your body and create a seamless fit
  • Smooth microfiber finish
strapless bra microfiber b.tempt’d review

It’s a piece that answers the call to every woman’s needs in a strapless bra. What makes it even more unique is the extended body line of the bra. Not only does it help provide support, it also makes the piece extremely versatile. For those who dare, wear it exposed as a corset-inspired crop, layer it under blazers or lightweight knits, or wear it over a button down blouse if you love a little lingerie exposé. 

bralette b.tempt’d review

b.tempt’d bralette review

Of course, I could not write a b.tempt’d review of intimates without mentioning bralettes. Bralettes are the new bras. In an era of women empowerment and a disregard to the norms, we embrace the freedom a bralette provides over a traditional bra. They’re really pretty little things that make us feel sexy and confident under our clothes, while being more relaxed in nature . The Lace Encounter Bralette is a piece that ads a touch of sparkle underneath your attire. It features crisscross back straps, lightly lined lace cups, and a quite festive velvet and metallic strap. The lace has a fairly smooth finish, so you can layer it under fitted tanks, boxy tees and lightweight knits.

fashion blogger wearing b.tempt’d review bralette
b.tempt’d review bralette and denim jacket

For days you want to be sleek, minimal and comfy

When considering a refresh of your undergarments, don’t miss the essentials in your hunt for sexy staples. Lace and frills have their place, but if you’re like me, sometimes clean lines and simplicity a of equal aesthetic appeal. The b.tempt’d Comfort Intended Bralette is true to its name. Not only is the silhouette modern and fresh, this ultra soft, stretchy bralette is extremely comfortable. I mean, extremely. For those who lean towards minimalism, this is a piece you’ll want as an essential item that you can stock a couple of to wear between washes.

b.tempt’d review comfort bra and white suit

While I like to think of myself as somewhat of a minimalist, I have to admit – I’m just not willing to weed my wardrobe down quite that far. However if I was more restricted to a capsule wardrobe, this would be a go-to staple item that I’d stock 3-4 pieces of in core colors – disregarding all other athletic bralette selections. Why I find it such a core item? Not only does it meet the essential requirements of comfort, style and quality of materials (seriously, this is so soft and comfy), the longline nature of this athleisure bralette makes it extremely versatile. Why? It’s just long enough for a brazen woman like myself, it doubles as a short crop.

b.tempt’d review comfort crop

Truly, there are not many pieces I consider versatile enough to wear this way, and it should be mentioned that the fabric plays a big role in this as well. The knit is quite fine, so the piece doesn’t appear to be strictly an “under-thing.” It’s also woven in such a way, it masks enough of your feminine curves so that it doesn’t require a second layer for the sake of over exposure. Regardless if you’re one to take that risk or not, it’s an essential piece for either innerwear or outerwear – or both if you dare.

b.tempt’d review bralette

Selecting new delicates to fit your lifestyle

Just like your fashion choices, your delicates are a reflection of who you are and your lifestyle choices. They deserve a periodical refresh. To perfect your next selects, make sure they meet your baseline requirements to avoid purchasing items that will hang with tags for the next unforeseeable future.

Consider the following guidelines for lingerie (and other attire) that you’ll actually wear:

  • Comfort (no pinching, pulling, scratchy for this body)
  • Style I can embrace (if it’s not “me” I won’t wear it, no matter how cute it is)
  • Versatility (the more ways I can wear it, the more I’ll wear it, the less I require additional items)
  • Quality (consider investing in price per wear for long lasting items)
  • Fit (as much as you might love it, if it doesn’t fit, it’s not going to look good, and you won’t wear it)

I’m happy to report the lingerie selects for this b.tempt’d review meet my standards for this edition of lingerie refresh. Their pieces are also quite affordable compared to many of the other brands I’ve purchased, making a reboot of essentials quite attainable for every woman. Select your new pieces to be a core element of your lifestyle, and you won’t be disappointed. 

b.tempt’d review bodysuit

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this post is in collaboration with b.tempt’d. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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