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the most perfect day at Rosemary Beach, Florida

rosemary beach summer home

Just be. Sit. Inhale. Exhale with your entire body so that it can refill on nothing but the sea-filled air. This is the moment you’ve been holding your breath for. A single wisp of cloud moves ever so slowly with the late summer breeze in our exclusive private residence club in rosemary beach. The sound of waves crashing is all that breaks the silence.

rosemary beach access


Welcome to Panama City Beach, Florida. Not quite the tourist trap as Miami, not the cultural experience of Bali or Costa Rica. Only simple, uncomplicated beauty lies on the horizon. This place is one to relax. It is the time to enjoy a moment of complete stillness.

vacation rental properties at rosemary beach florida


A small entourage of comrades join together to enjoy this extended weekend getaway. We’re all here for the same reason. Where the beach is, happiness ensues. At that bliss is all that fills our hearts.

We dreamt up this moment for what feels like an eternity. The 5-day sanctuary from our daily lives has begun. The escape to the beach was a success, and we’re so, so ready.

beach front properties at rosemary beach florida vacation home



What’s different this year? No lists, no sites to see, no activities to arrange – this trip is about letting go. There are plenty of memories to be made traveling the world. Today, this endless beach is not one of them.

The warm sand feels to comforting. The sea feels so encompassing. Just a few short miles away from the “best” beaches in the area, we’re able to enjoy a luxury experience on the private access point of Rosemary Beach.

Crabby Steve’s Highpointe is the only point of access on the quite beach for seafood bites and cold drinks. The atmosphere, casual and relaxed. The lobster rolls were piled with meaty pieces. The chilled shrimp were only outdone by the rum-topped Piña coladas. All were just the refreshing treat and break from the afternoon sun we needed.

rosemary beach

IMAGE CRED: Somers & Co.

A mixed crowd of summer home dwellers and bachelorette parties lined the bar stools. We sat, ate, drank and enjoyed what the beautiful day had to offer.

Never underestimate the power of time to truly get away. For me, this trip was life changing – an escape long overdue. A reminder to all in this era, don’t forget to unplug.


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