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Rubin clip in hair extensions review

rubin clip in hair extensions review

Curious about trying clip in hair extensions? It has been a year of transformation. This summer, I went from dark brown, 22 inch hair locks to a short grey bob. Thankfully, my virgin hair took only one bleaching session to lift the color.

blurry clip in hair extensions

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | clip in hair extensions c/o:RUBIN EXTENSIONS


The short, quirky style is a better fit for my soul’s energy. But on an occasion, I do miss the long locks. Having tried brown hair extensions in the past, I was altogether too excited when Rubin Extensions reached out offering a collaboration to provide my thoughts in a remy hair extensions review.

In this clip in hair review, I’ll be providing my feedback on color match, quality, use and styling these new platinum blonde hair extensions.

about rubin deluxe line hair extensions package

About Rubin hair extensions

Rubin hair extensions is the prominent expert on real hair extensions in Switzerland. Newer to the US market, it was the first I had heard of them. Their market now extends to Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, France and Australia.

rubin hair extensions sections

I did some digging into the brand. Rubin offers products ranging from clip in hair extensions to long ponytail extensions, flip on extensions, clip in bangs and more. All are made with the highest quality of real, human hair.

They have a cult Instagram following with nearly 60K followers and a highly engaged audience watching videos and tagging their own experiences.

clip in back of hair extensions

Deluxe Line clip in hair extensions

For this review, I selected the Deluxe Line clip in extensions in Pearl Blond. 20 inch hair extensions are an industry average. This set is 60cm long (23.6”) giving them a bit more length to play with. The weight is 170gr. For those who aren’t familiar with weight of extensions, that’s a fairly full head that came with a total of 8 separate pieces.

deluxe line rubin hair extensions clips

The Deluxe Line is made with Slavic human hair in Remy quality, even better than the coveted Indian hair extensions. Between the 8 separate pieces, there are a total of 19 clips separated into the following pieces:

  • 1 piece with 4 clips – 21 cm wide
  • 3 pieces with 3 clips – 14 cm wide
  • 4 pieces with 2 clips – 7 cm wide

Rubin hair extensions quality

Rubin uses Remy hair quality to make their extensions. Not all hair extensions are created equal, especially in the realm of straight hair clip ins. That’s because the quality of the hair really makes a huge difference in how well it will blend with your own, as well as how long they’ll last.

deluxe line hair extensions quality

If you’ve checked out a few Remy hair extensions reviews, you may already know the difference between different levels of quality of human hair. Remy extensions are made with higher quality human hair in which the hair’s cuticles are kept in tact. Because all hair strands follow the same direction, there will be almost no tagging in Remy extensions when cared for properly. With Remy hair, you can expect your extensions to last a year or more. I’ve found mine last much longer with light to moderate wear.

rubin hair extensions volumerubin hair extensions

To the touch, the hair feels silky and soft (certainly better than my processed hair). The volume it created is so sexy. I would expect these to last a long time.

Color matching clip in extensions

Color matching clip in extensions can prove to be quite a challenge, especially when ordering online. Rubin has 10 natural shades of Deluxe Line hair extensions to choose from. I found the extensions to be true to color on what was depicted on the site.

checking color of clip in hair extensions

Having said that, I tone my otherwise platinum locks to get more of the edgy grey hues. For this review, I skipped my toning purple shampoo for a couple of weeks, and the Pearl Bond hue was a perfect match for my hair. I plan to try toning the extensions before my next review – send me a message if you’re curious to see how it goes.

hair without clip in extensions

Styling and blending clip in hair extensions

I have the most difficult cut to blend extensions – a blunt cut bob. That put these extensions to the ultimate test. For the best blend, I use the longest piece at the base of my neck with just about an inch of hair under it.

rubin hair extensions platinum bond blondeblending hair extensions

Then, section your hair upwards, allowing .5-1” of hair between rows of clipping. They’re easy to do, and with these 8 clips I layered 4 different layers in the back of my head. To make it look natural, always keep a couple of small 1-2 clip sections to clip in more near the front of your hair.

To better blend a tough cut like mine, curl your natural hair clip ins integrated with your own hair. Curls can hide a lot of uneven lines. For this look, I did a loose wave, which perfectly masked the extra long layers of the extensions.

Pro tips for cutting hair extensions to help them blend

Another blending tip, don’t be afraid to cut your extensions. They come long for a reason. Tailor them to your style. To blend my blunt bob, I cut a couple of the 2-clip pieces about 4 inches shorter than the rest.

layered look from cutting clip in hair extensions

Clip the shorter hair extensions closer to the front of your face, and it will blend the blunt line of your hair into what looks like a long, beautifully layered style.

Rubin clip in hair extensions review

Have you ever tried clip in real human hair extensions? What are some of the top rated hair extensions you would recommend? Since shooting for this review, I’ve worn my extensions out a couple of times and am very happy with the quality and volume Rubin hair extensions provides.

rubin hair extensions in review

The best clip in hair extensions are always an investment, but one well worth making. These gorgeous, human hair locks are luxury quality. That’s what’s going to make them look like an extension of your own natural hair.

It will be exciting to see this top rated European brand continue to take over the world as they offer their luxury quality extensions in more and more countries. Very happy to have had the opportunity to welcome them the the US market.

You can shop their clip in hair extensions selection online, and if you try them out – please do share your experiences!

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with Rubin Extensions. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!

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