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leave a legacy of love, that’s all you need to know

all you need is love

In a herd of a thoughtless, self-absorbed generation, it’s easy to get lost. It’s easy to be distracted, to forget about others in our quest for happiness and self fulfillment. We seek happiness. We chase our dreams. We desire to leave a legacy.

travel adventures with friendsfriends are our legacy

What is success without someone to share it with? What is happiness when no one else is smiling. What is a legacy with no one who will care enough to remember you?


We live in an era of darkness, where visions are clouded. We fight, strive and seek for ourselves. We forget about the people around us. We forget that they too are chasing their own dreams and fighting for their own lives.

my best friend

People all around us suffer with emotional damage, baggage and hopelessness. Our mental health is slowly slipping. Not for just those who suffer with severe anxiety or depression – but for everyone. Gasping for air so deeply they can’t imagine sharing their breath with another. Yet, maybe that’s the very thing that keeps us above water.

People are made for each other – to coexist in ways that strengthen, renew and empower each other. We all have that power, yet so few use it.

Above all, may your legacy be love. Fight for your dreams, but love along the whole way. Actively seek new ways to love the people, even when they can’t love in return. Be the change that will make the world a better place – one worth remembering.

silly friendsfriends

Dedicated to my beautiful family, friends that have become family, and strangers that are a part of all of our extended families. I’ll hold you when the night gets cold. You’ll never be alone, and that’s all you need to know.


“Simple as can be
I got your hands in mine
And you don’t have to listen carefully
I’ll tell you a thousand times
Anything you feel, put it all on me
All of your thoughts, I want everything
And when you get sad, like you do sometimes
Put it all on me
Put it all on me

I’ll lift you when you’re feeling low
I’ll hold you when the night gets cold
You’ll never have to be alone
And that’s all you need to know
No love lost, we’ve got you and I
No clouds, we shoot them out the sky
You’ll never have to be alone
And that’s all you need to know”

– All you need to know, Griffyn, Slander


  1. These words resonate with so much of my own perceptions and beliefs. Thanks for sharing well-developed thoughts that made me revisit the post a few times “What is a legacy with no one who will care enough to remember you?” 100% Agree!

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