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something about the feel of cashmere | sustainable fashion

state cashmere review

You know when you see a puppy and you can’t help but to dig your fingers into their soft plush fur for a scratch? Pull the sleeves down over your hands, it feels good to sink into a cocoon of luxury. Even in the summer months, there’s something about cashmere that is unlike any other material. What a privilege to experience summer with cool air vents creating a refuge indoors, where we can still afford ourselves the luxury of snuggling down in soft, plushy warmth.

state cashmere grey cardiganstate cashmere grey cardigan closeup

photography:ME | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | sustainable cashmere sweater c/o:STATE CASHMERE (use code: KRISTINA20 for 20% off)

The natural fibers fold together pulled tight by the intricate knitting. Tracing a covered hand over your face, you can almost sink into the sensation. Even cuddling a baby bunny with your bare hands is challenged by this competition of plushness.

luxury fashion blogger wears state cashmere

Cashmere. The kingsize bed of fabrics, cashmere is a wool fiber spun from select goat breads from the mountains. There’s no itch. It’s like fuzzy butter against your skin. While there are blends available, 100% pure cashmere creates the sensual touch that makes cashmere an experience of its own.

luxury fashion cardigan review of state cashmere

Lucky for me, my doorstep brought three new cashmere additions to my capsule wardrobe courtesy of State Cashmere. Sourced sustainably from happy, healthy Mongolian goats, their coats are passed down from rocky desert mountains to craftsman who spin and sew these treasured luxury experiences one sweater at a time.

wardrobe with state cashmere luxury sweaters

Sustainable fashion and transparency in manufacturing has grown ever urgent in our generation of waste. Living a minimalist lifestyle and focusing on a betterment of life is a start to reducing the amount goods we need to live a happy, satisfied life. In an era where experience is at the forefront, even fashion must speak for itself. Invest only in pieces you truly look forward to wearing for the feeling that it provides.

luxury fashion blogger wears black cashmere sweaterblack state cashmere sweater

There’s something about cashmere that creates a relaxed luxury experience. It’s pure and organic by nature. It can be crafted sustainably, and cruelty free, creating a sense of harmony and coexistence. It is a comfort on a cold day, and an embrace in cool summer evenings. It is ginger tea’s most powerful companion. There is something different about the feeling of cashmere. Take the time to enjoy it, and savor the moments you have to cocoon yourself in comfort.

Use code: KRISTINA20 for 20% off at State Cashmere


In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with State Cashmere. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


  1. Krystal Allen says

    What gel polish are you wearing? I can’t find one that opaque without layering. That color really compliments the sophisticated look of the grey and black cashmere sweaters.

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    • Ah hi!!!! Miss your face. It was by Gellen 190 I think but I ordered a pack so not positive. These were the colors I got 053, 107, 108, 109, 013, 054, 055, 056, 207, 081


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