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flying first class in FENDI

flying first class in fendi

The clouds swirl in motion from the movement of the plane. The light is bright white, like being covered in a new sheet.  There’s nothing quite like the rush of energy that comes from being 25,000 feet in the air. Running away from reality for the weekend. From the east side to Europe, the next 6 days will be spent wandering the streets of Milan for an afternoon – then shifting to Lugano for a week of design work in the studio under the Swiss mountains.

travel blogger flies first class in fendiair plane window seat

The feeling is adrenalizing. I’ve spent a lot of time spinning dreams in my head as of late. Letting go of safety lines, the temptation to be truly free from restraints has been overpowering. First class, FENDI, sipping a Tito’s and OJ, overlooking the world mixed in a heavy fog below, it’s not hard to imagine. Safety has brought me where I sit here today. It’s been my constant. I made my safe bets and found a way to achieve a certain level of success in reaching my dreams of luxury and adventure. But what if there’s more?

view of the clouds

Humanity drives us to want more, no matter what we achieve in life. That desire and lust for life can become intoxicating to the point of destruction. Or, it can be a force that empowers us to make the tough choices needed to progress.

Find your balance. Be content with whatever you have. Today is a part of your dream. But never give up on reaching those ideals that you hold closely to your heart. When we are children, they tell us we can be whoever they want. But they don’t really mean it. They tell us our dreams need to be practical. Going to space is great but what about being a lab tech instead? If you want to go to space, go. Be willing to fight and do whatever it takes to get there. But you can. You can achieve anything if you want it badly enough. You want to take over the world, just do it.

rainy flight

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