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fashion forecast for summer 2019

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Getting desperate for summer sun, evening mojitos and an escape from the dredge of winter. In lighter notes, spring has nearly arrived, and it’s time to start assembling a summer wardrobe. Just returning home from a season of the biggest women’s fashion conventions in Vegas and Atlanta, I’ve had the opportunity to have first looks of what’s coming up on the fashion forecast for summer 2019 and into fall/winter of 2020.

Everything in the fashion world is changing

Many trends transpire season to season. This year, expect everything to change. Evolution is the foremost word of the season, with unexpected combinations and futuristic looks. Thank an overrun media or boredom with current style. Fashion is a reflection of culture, and it’s clear people are ready to change. Your eyes will be delightedly confused as runway fashion hits mainsteam style, and a juxtapose of classic and hyper modern elements come together for fashion without a filter.

2019 spring and summer fashion trends suiting

photo cred: ImaxTree

minimalist fashion blog, fashion trends 2019, 2019 fashion trends women’s, 2019 fashion trends summer with pepamack

photo cred: pepamack

Classic tailored suiting gets belted

Starting on runways and luxury fashion street style scenes this winter, classic suiting is back, but with an entirely transformed attitude. Tailored classics used to feel formal and inflexible. The new tailoring is oversized, edgy and rebellious. We see this in a few ways, most notably worn much like a motto jacket layered over basics. The form is boxy and 3 sizes larger than your frame. It’s a statement of understated luxury – strong and confident without trying. Wear an oversized blazer over basic classic-cut jeans and an oversized t-shirt, or swap jeans for biker shorts if you are feeling especially brave. Your accessories should be simple – vintage sunglasses, gold jewelry and chunky sneakers mark the look.

oversized blazer 2019 summer fashion trend

photo cred: @beatrice.gutu

For those who identify with a more playful, sophisticated and daring take on fashion, suiting has also evolved alongside athleisure. In this look, blazers are worn more naturally fitted with coordinating suit pieces, track pants, biker shorts and no top at all. Instead, let the cut of the blazer jut deeply down your chest with a tightly cinched belt at your waistline. The look is fierce and mischievous. Wear your hair tied back in a tight pony or neat knot. Accessories are slightly more feminine to contrast with the suiting. Pair with 90’s kitten heels or booties with architectural details.

belted blazer for 2019 summer fashion trends

photo cred: emfashionfiles

The death of minimalism, sort of

A couple years back, minimalist lifestyle blogs exploded with the fastest fashion trends coming out of Australia and the UK. While these looks are still on point, a shift is seen with the direction of minimalist styling. Oversized everything is being replaced with vintage jeans and enormous t-shirts tucked to show your waistline. Stark lines and contrast have moved more towards our evolution of suiting, and minimalism has taken a turn backwards. In fact, the most unexpected clash of trends has now begun merging. The new minimalist is rooted deeply in boho vintage style. Where boho used to be represented in chunky jewelry and tacky prints, it’s now become refined and feminine, meeting minimalism half way. Accessories are dainty, and footwear, belting and handbags have become more bold. Don’t worry, the crazy prints aren’t coming back. Rather, subtle pinstripes, monotone mini-floral prints and other barely-there details pair with the most minimalist basics. Pair with a short wavy bob cut and an effortless awareness of your surroundings.

2019 summer fashion trends, the new minimalist boho vintage

photo cred: streetstyleseekers

trend of vintage boho styles for summer 2019

photo cred: Vogue France

Dress is back

After months of fashion refusing to put forth effort, dress is back. Athleisure dominated style long enough. While you don’t have to ditch your new expansive sneaker collection just yet, be prepared to mix in kitten heels and dressier accessories. We are realizing once again that just because the relaxed look of athleisure is easy, it’s also adrenalizing to step out of your comfort zone. Dress is coming back, in a small way for now. Expect to see heels, silk dresses, even sequins and other feminine pieces mixed with the undying athleisure styles.

2019 kitten heel trend

photo cred: Vogue France

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