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i am the sea

travel blogger on minimalist beaches of costa rica

The sun had just begun its last descend. We had arrived there for a purpose, but that purpose was quickly lost. The golden sky-paint was kissing the stones and sea. The faint smell of rum and ocean beings came in waves with the breeze. The sound of reggae could be heard faintly playing on a beach far off. It was all too perfect to focus on anything but that. We had arrived to Costa Rica, on the sandy sunset beaches of Tamarindo.

travel blogger in the sea with minimal golden backdrop

photography:JOSH WOLFE MUSIC | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk dress c/o:GIGI MODA


Our hearts were stirred and as if we had became a part of this place. A sort of blissful drunkenness swept over. Not from the rum punch or local beer, but from the air itself. A feeling of light and movement consumed us. The sand was soft, and just cooling from the afternoon sun. The water had a crisp bite that ways playful and inviting in the warm air.

minimalist travel blogger wading into the sea of costa ricawet silk dress in the sea

A group of a dozen comrades joined us there. A moment of true, un-adultered happiness shared by all created a sort of high that was tangible. We all spread our wings and flittered around the beach, each finding his own true meaning of happiness. Some wandered carelessly to the tiki bar for a beach cocktail. Some laughed and played in the sand. Others site quietly gazing into the endless waves and miles of vacant beach. I went to the sea, hearing its call like a force in my veins.

i am the sea

The water was cool, but the cold felt enchanting, like a temptress with a frozen heart. I waded in slowly at first, allowing my body time to understand her world. Staring into the sea, you realize how big the world can be. How limitless the possibilities truly are. If there had ever been a moment I desired nothing more than to live a minimalist lifestyle never leaving the sea – it was that moment.

a minimalist lifestyle means happiness is the seaminimalist blogger playing in the seaplaying in the sea in a silk dress

Then, as if overtaken by the purest of joy at the thought, I could feel a soft laughter emerging. Not the funny sort of laugh, but the laughter that comes only from raw happiness that touches deep in your soul. I let the water consume me. Her cold facade lifted, and she became a welcoming place of enchantment. We laughed together, played in the golden light of the sun. In those moments you are not in the sea – I am the sea.

I am the sea

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