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3 ways to pick your weekday casual in a New York minute

minimalist fashion blogger wardrobe

minimalist fashion blogger wardrobe

Relaxed, sophisticated style. That pretty much sums up the ideal wardrobe situation for a girl on the go. But it’s not always easy looking effortlessly chic when you need to be dressed and out the door in 10 minutes. Balancing a full-time career as a creative director and managing a fashion blog on the side can be a challenge – especially when you try to squeeze world travel into the mix. I’d say I’m pretty happy with the balance I’ve found so far, but I’d be lying if I said I walk out the door every day feeling great about the outfit I grabbed. I mean loose jeans and a raggedy sweater from ’09? What was I thinking. I often try to share tips on work life balance as I know many of you understand the struggle is real. Here are a couple tips I incorporate into an (almost) fool proof recipe for fast, wardrobe grabs when you need to get out the door in a hurry and look fab all at the same time.

Choose a key fashion piece you know

Start with an obvious win. For some reason, we try to think a little bit too out of the box when we’re in a hurry. Trying to find fashion pieces that pair together in your unique sense of flair may not be a great idea if you’re in a rush. Instead, start with a piece you know you look good in, and work up from there. I call these “good-with-everything” items “key pieces” – the ones that go with everything, and you never regret grabbing for your go-bag. In this case, these leather crop leggings, courtesy of David Lerner. David Lerner has been a forever favorite of mine for workday essentials, and these leggings have been worn to the max since their arrival just a few weeks back. I’ve worn them traveling, in the office, and out for cocktails. They’re a truly versatile piece worth the investment for no-brainer style. Plus the fitted leg and flared hem make them flattering with a variety of tops and shoes. The small side slid on either leg is a cute added detail playing off of the trend of statement hems.

casual fashion ootd

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | leather leggings and pullover c/o:DAVID LERNER NEW YORK | statement luxury jewelry c/o:GDSN | leather slides c/o:SHOES OF PREY | crossbody cahier bag:PRADA

Don’t overthink your basics

Pair with a basic. If your short on time, don’t get too fancy. Grab a basic T, a simple blouse or a sweatshirt like I did if you can be super casual. Again, overthinking when you’re half awake and in a rush always ends badly. Don’t. Do it.

Make your statement with accessories

Kill it with accessories. Just because you’re going basic in your wardrobe choices, doesn’t mean you need to be boring. Make your statement in accessories where you know you can’t go wrong. For this look, I grabbed my newest Prada statement bag, and stacked on jeweled pieces sent from new friends at GDSN. GDSN is a luxury jewelry line inspired by art, fashion and treasures.

“With an unwavering focus on quality, the bespoke Godsson collection is hand-made using only the finest of raw materials. We aim to create inspired jewellery pieces that are timeless and unique to the wearer.” – GDSN

The blackened silver metal and polished stones reflect a unique, handcrafted quality you don’t find in everyday wrist gems. In a jewelry box of all silver, gold and rose gold, the darker tones become an eye-catching statement of a further depth and personality. They can appear quite sophisticated with evening attire, and are also well suited for casual fashion pieces. You can select most pieces with your choice of variant stones in their assortment of geometric-inspired pieces.

luxury jewelry accessories gdsn

Choose shoes for the occasion

Before you walk (run) out the door, consider your shoes. Shoes are one thing I choose specific to the occasion, rather than just to suit the outfit. With the acceptance of athleisure and free-form fashion, you can get away with paring just about any shoes with your look. So before reaching for your 6” stilettos, consider your agenda for the day. Running across town between meetings? Grab sneakers. Going to be sitting at your desk and then hot cocktail hour afterwards? Go ahead and grab those heels. Spending some time outdoors and need to be able to get around quickly? Go for slides. This pair is from the innovative fashion company, Shoes of Prey, allowing you to play designer on their online store. Pick from dozens of silhouettes, heel styles, colors and materials to customs-create a pair that’s perfect for you.

For a relaxed, luxurious look, I went for these slides in heavy pebble grain leather. I now have quite a few pairs from their collection, and have been recommending them to several friends looking for occasion shoes or something more unique than your everyday finds. So be sure to check them out.

shoes of prey designer slides

Take a quick look in the mirror, smooth your hair, and out the door you go! It’s not always easy to pull together casual luxury fashion in minutes, but understanding which items in your closet are “key pieces” and learning how to pair them can definitely help you out the door in a minute’s time. Also remember, you don’t always have to make a statement. As a fashion blogger, it’s easy to forget that sometimes. Feeling comfortable in the skin you’re in is important, and sometimes jeans and a T aren’t so bad, and an occasional fashion faux pos isn’t life threatening after all (trust me, I know).

Here’s to the days you look effortlessly chic, and to those where you don’t. Heck, I love you anyways.

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with David Lerner and GDSN. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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  2. circé says

    hi ,I’m just crazy of your shoes ! the Converse which are silver 😍where did you buy it ?


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