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this time last year

fall fashion

fall fashion

This time last year, I was a different person, but weren’t we all? Just like the unremitting flux of the seasons, we continue to shed our leaves and go through stages of dormancy, change and regrowth. Yet somehow, part of us always remains the same, the core of our being, who we are, always were, and will always be.

This time last year, my hair was darker, complexion lighter, and my skin had fewer scars and freckles from life’s undertakings. But physical change is a part of nature, and no being is excluded from it’s irrevocable effects. It’s a blessing to have been given the opportunity and time that these signs of weathering were born from.

This time last year, I had gone through fewer heartbreaks, hurts and struggles. But had not yet had the opportunity to learn from them, and grow stronger instead of harder. It’s important to embrace both the wonderful and seemingly inconvenient and regrettable junctures in life – which is the place we often learn the most.

This time last year, I was in a different place, surrounded by different faces. It’s true people come and go, and the places we travel to won’t be the same for long. I have learned to value every moment of life’s journey with those I love, and to love freely with my whole heart and no regrets.

fall fashion trench coat

photography:JOEY PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | jeans c/o:PARKER SMITH | shoes c/o:NICOLE | bag c/o:STATUS ANXIETY

This time last year, I did not know what changes would take place, who I would see in the mirror, what joys and sorrows were on the horizon, and who would be there with me. I do not know if any of these changes are here to stay for a lifetime or only a season, passing with the wind or holding firm for an eternity.

Today, this year, what I know is God has blessed me with a beautiful life, and I will continue living, trusting, and moving forward with open arms for whatever it is that comes my way. With an open heart, and an open mind, one thing which is constant – praising Him for each and every day.

fall fashion blogger


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