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what to wear to work and the after party

what to wear to the office

what to wear to the office

It’s a weekday. And you’ve been staring into your wardrobe with the blank “I need coffee” stare for the past 10 minutes. Wore it last week; I think it’s supposed to rain today; I just can’t handle tight jeans right now; do I have time to get doughnuts before work; I wonder what they’d say if I showed up in a sweatshirt; I wish the neighbor’s dog would stop barking; do people still even watch walking dead??

So the work week begins. You’re pretty sure you’re already late, and you haven’t even filled your eyebrows yet. A whole closet full, yet no idea on what to wear to work. Plus you’re supposed to meet the girls for happy hour straight from the office.

Work appropriate and cute enough to compete with your local version of housewives of NYC?

As a fashion blogger, I have a huge closet plump full of this seasons hottest trends. But the struggle is real for all of us. It’s 7:15am, that’s just too much for the mind to handle right now. I wonder if the Keurig has finished warming up… sound familiar?

all white silk david lerner luxury fashion

photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | silk blouse and all white chino pant c/o:DAVID LERNER | nude pumps c/o:M.GEMI | minimalist cape blazer c/o:LAVISH ALICE | grey cross body bag c/o:STATUS ANXIETY

If you’re anything like me, pulling a look together that’s great to wear to work and cute enough to wear out after can be a big challenge (at least in those first hours of dawn). So I’ve broken it down to a science to save time and the precious brain power I’m going to need to find my car keys. If you know the struggle is real, here are a few blogger’s tips on what to wear to the office that will transition you flawlessly into your evening after party plans.

Invest in office-worthy fashion pieces

This sounds like a no-brainer, but you’re not going to be able to quickly pull together your look for your 9-5 if you haven’t equipped your closet with the right suit of armor. If you’re concerned about what to wear to work, you probably have a job important enough that you need to dress appropriately. Invest in office-worthy fashion pieces that are to your taste, while closely following your office dress-code policies. That typically means nothing too tight, sheer or short. Are your after party plans already sounding difficult to dress for? There are a couple quick solutions.

My go-to solution for what to wear to work and after – David Lerner. The pieces are classy, tailored and professional while maintaining a certain New York edge. This look: their white chino pants and white silk blouse for a monochrome Monday workday win.

Wear a blazer

Blazers are a beautiful thing. They can transform even the most casual outfit (like a T-shirt and jeans) into something that you can wear to work in a business-casual environment. You’ll look professional, modest, and demand a certain level of respect. Plus, it gives you the freedom to wear a sexy silk cami or blouse underneath, ready to pop out as soon as the clock strikes five. You can shop this minimalist cape blazer at Lavish Alice.

blaser for office fashion


luxury fashion

Wear heels

One of the biggest differences between business attire and a casual night out – the sex appeal. Even uttering the word sexy in the office might cause your cell mates some strife. But if you have plans after, a simple solution is wear heels. After all, no one can see your feet are dressed inappropriately. Heels add an immediate shift in attitude and perception to any style. Look for pairs that are comfortable enough for a day at the office, but sexy enough for a night out. M. Gemi has been my go-to for staple pumps for office and beyond.

m. gemi heels

photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | striped blouse and chino pant c/o:DAVID LERNER | black pumps c/o:M.GEMI | grey crossbody bag c/o:STATUS ANXIETY

Try convertible fashion pieces

No, that doesn’t mean the top is optional. I mean choosing pieces that can be worn a few different ways. Take this David Lerner blouse as an example. 9-5, this was worn tucked in as all good girls should do. After the office, the front is shaped to be easily tied up for a cute low-cut crop, perfect for that happy hour with the girls. Matched with some killer accessories and the black chino pant (also from DL), you can easily transition from desk to daiquiri.

business casual fashion


luxury accessories

Looking for some more tips on how to dress business casual? Check out this NYC fashion blog post on tips for dressing for the office on the go!

luxury streetstyle

In accordance with the FTC regulations for Influencers, this is a sponsored post in collaboration with David Lerner. All thoughts, comments and musings are made of my own opinion and honest, personal experience with the products reviewed or mentioned. I hope you’ve found this post informational and inspiring!


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