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3 ways to pick your weekday casual in a New York minute

Relaxed, sophisticated style. That pretty much sums up the ideal wardrobe situation for a girl on the go. But it’s not always easy looking effortlessly chic when you need to be dressed and out the door in 10 minutes. Balancing a full-time career as a creative director and managing a fashion blog on the side can be a challenge – especially when you try to squeeze world travel into the mix. I’d say I’m pretty happy with the balance I’ve found so far, but I’d be lying if I said I walk out the door every day feeling great about the outfit I grabbed. I mean loose jeans and a raggedy sweater from ’09? What was I thinking. I often try to share tips on work life balance as I know many of you understand the struggle is real. Here are a couple tips I incorporate into an (almost) fool proof recipe for fast, wardrobe grabs when you need to get out the door in a hurry and look fab all at the same time. …

microsuede shorts by david lerner

because some days, we don’t want to wear pants

Rain drizzles incessantly just on the other side of the bedroom window. Don’t care. Don’t want to. Wore them yesterday… there are truly ample enough reasons not to wear pants. There is a level of comfort that abhors anything too tight or pulling across the skin. A desire for liberation, freedom, comfort… But before you shock your neighbors away with a drastic lifestyle change, it’s time to consider other solutions. Introducing microsuede shorts by David Lerner. By now, you know I’m a huge supporter of the brand, a company bringing superior, attainable luxury fashion to a needed space in the fashion market. They invest in supple materials and well crafted designs. One of the more exciting materials of the season – micro suede. I tested out the material in form of shorts in black and blush, as well as an equally velvety micro suede bomber jacket. The reviews – raving. photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | micro suede jogger shorts and biker jacket c/o:DAVID LERNER Here’s the inside scoop. Micro suede is a luxurious fabric made from microfiber …