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versatility at its finest, NAME activewear review

name luxury activewear bag

Gym, then coffee date. Office to happy hour. Yoga to the market. With people overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, it’s unusual for one to be able to step out of the house for just one thing. My list is normally a mile long of a few errands I’ve been putting off, some element of work and probably trying to squeeze in some social time between appointments. In NYC, that means packing a change of shoes, my laptop and sometimes even a change of clothes. Versatility is key for my lifestyle. If the stuff I tote along with me can’t keep up, its going to end up staying in the closet.

In the era of wearable technology, robotics and AI – why can’t a girl get a bag that’s just well, smarter?

That’s why I’ve partnered with NAME, a luxury fashion brand to introduce their newest activewear bag. Taking a stance on redefining luxury, NAME understands that a women of our generation seek not only beauty and elegance in fashion, but also functionality that can help get us through our day.

name gym bagin the bag

photography:KUNDAN KUMAR + KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | activewear bag c/o:NAME | glass water bottle c/o:SOMA | iphone cases c/o:RICHMOND & FINCH | sunnies c/o:WYETH | coffee thermos and cashmere travel blanket c/o:MASON | thick knit scarf c/o:ASBYDF

You know those things in life that you just don’t know how you managed before you had them? Well this is a pretty good example of that. The ultimate active bag, the NAME satchel is made with antimicrobial nylon and genuine Italian rubberized leather – making the outer shell water resistant and gorgeously luxurious. It was designed exclusively for an active lifestyle – blending the functionality of a gym bag with the elegance of a handbag.

“NAME designs around three principles: luxury, function, and technology. As a result, each bag is a balance of timeless simplicity and modern functionality.” – NAME

If that doesn’t sound like everything you might want in a bag, I’m not quite sure what is. So now for the inside scoop, how does NAME hold up in a few of my lifestyle stories?


The first story of my NAME is as an activewear bag. Designed for gym, yoga, kickboxing or any other sport in which you may normally bring a backpack or duffle bag, you can finally skip the grunge and get straight to work. The difference, you hardly look like you’ve just been grinding out 80 squats when you come out of the gym with this bag. Wash your face, pull your hair back and NAME can go with you for brunch or happy hour (I mean common, how else do you reward yourself for a workout).

minimalist bag for activewearwhats in the activewear bag

What fits? A change of shoes that’s conveniently placed in collapsable pockets on either side of the bag. A wet/dry pocket keeps sweaty after-gym clothes separated from all your clean things. There’s even a front yoga mat pocket in case you’re into pilates or Bikram. If not, no unsightly straps or empty pockets – you’ll hardly notice it’s there. I also pack an “overnight” bag of sorts to freshen up after a workout in case there’s somewhere else to run.

Other than that, a water bottle, earbuds and my cell for music is all I need to get a head start on New Year’s resolutions. Using the NAME bag for activewear was by far my favorite application of them all, mostly because it’s so hard to find a cute luxury bag that doubles as a gym bag. The material is perfect, and I don’t feel like a hobo if I need to run errands afterwards.


The second story of my NAME, daywear. Though perfectly functional as an activewear bag, it also doubles as the perfect office or daywear tote. It’s chic, and doesn’t collect the dust of the city when walking about. The mesh material also makes it much lighter than leather counterparts. My office is in the heart of NYC, and if you’ve lived there or even visited for any length of time, you understand the need to look polished and professional, while still being capable of walking block after block, carry a change of shoes, and of course laptop, cosmetic bag, you name it.

name daywear bagblogger's bagwhat's in the bag

For placement, I used the wet/dry pocket to snug my iPad. There’s no laptop pocket, but a sleeve works perfectly to slide your computer in the main compartment. The collapsable shoe pockets worked great for a pair of flats, and I also tested them for coffee thermos and flower holder – happily pleased with the results. The yoga pocket I considered leaving empty, but found it to be useful for a thick-knit wrap that I’ve been bringing everywhere in the colder season. NYC office temperature is nearly impossible to control. Trust me on this one, you’ll want to bring layers. It fit perfectly. There’s also a small interior pocket that’s perfect for cosmetics, sunnies and a phone.

The gold hardware and matte black finish are a classic, high end design that really pulls a day look together. And the rest of your office crew? Won’t even know you secretly stuffed your activewear bag with today’s essentials.

flatlay bag


Last but not least, NAME is also a story of travel. Spending half my time in Virginia and the other half at my office in NYC, travel is sort of like the back of my hand at this point. My work week packing system is down to a science, and what used to take me hours now takes 20 minutes to get packed for a two-week trip. And now thanks to NAME, I have one less bag that needs to make the trip since this can double for so many uses in New York.

travel bagtravel bag flatlay

Packed for daywear upon arrival, in transit the NAME satchel works nicely as a carryon, housing all the essentials for traveling in comfort. What fits? Coffee thermos again makes the cut – this is essential for a 7 hour train ride. I also swap out my earbuds with my noise canceling Boss to drown out either flight or track.

I’ve learned that no matter the mode of travel, it’s always best to keep a few essentials on hand, so my overnight bag, a small cashmere travel throw and drivers make the cut for keeping comfy and fresh on long trips. You’ll notice I didn’t use the yoga pocket for this function, and you can hardly notice it’s even there when not in use.

name activewear gift ideas

Like the concept? Shop similar travel bags here. Awesome Christmas gift for active women who appreciate luxury, travel and functionality. Plus it comes packed in a cute gift box so no wrapping required. Thank you NAME for filling the gap of the ultimate active bag for a woman on the go. NAME truly delivers luxury and lifestyle. Activewear, gym, yoga, daywear, travel, overnighter, beach tote, shopper… the stories are endless. My NAME is everything, what’s yours?


  1. Your blog and aesthetic is amazing! Also this bag is perfect for me, I go to yoga daily in the mornings and hate carrying my yoga mat plus my cell phone and my keys and my water bottle…you get the idea 😂 Great post!

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  4. I’m obsessed with your aesthetic. I’m also a big fan of monochrome and marble so I was in awe of these pics. Nice post!


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