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not the same as I was with you

Back where we started, and doin’ just fine. Change is in the water, and the water feels right. The sky is pale, and the faint smell of my packed sandwich is somehow suffocating. The train is in motion, and it’s moving fast – goodbye NYC, the journey back to where it started begins. The mood? Calm. Still like the water in the windless exterior on the other side of the glass. Out there it’s deceivingly cold, with only a faint chill creeping through the window sill. Song on repeat: Frenship’s Capsize. 8 hours left to go and I’ll once again be home. Catching up on notes from the week, sorting through holiday photos reliving time well spent. Giving in to the journey set before me, today and for the years to come. Contemplating life’s most recent twists and turns, and once again find myself facing uncertainty… but with open arms. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III |ootd c/o:LULU’S | luxury sterling silver and diamond jewelry c/o:MICHAEL HILL Change is inevitable. I’m only grateful for those opportunities that …

grana silk holiday dress

holiday fashion guide for the minimalist

Snowflakes drop heavily against the darkened NYC skyline, then flitter away suddenly with each breath of wind. White lines the window sills and rooftops. The sky is darkened, yet somehow spirits are light. Twinkling lights from street to the highest high rise, the shops have begun their elaborate display of Christmas. A tree every-other door, ornaments dangling from store windows tantalizing passerbys with an overwhelming urgency for shopping. Restaurant windows glow with a warm light and scene of smiling faces toasting to the day, a most welcoming sight from the cold of the streets. Visitors and NY locals alike flood the streets, bundled in down coats with hoods up, rushing to find the last items from their holiday list. It’s Christmas in New York, the most magical time of year. I’ve never been one for much holiday decorations, but I must say, it’s a beautiful sight to behold. It’s as if the world for a moment forgets the harsh cold of winter – warmed by thoughts of family and festivities to come. And so many …

name luxury activewear bag

versatility at its finest, NAME activewear review

Gym, then coffee date. Office to happy hour. Yoga to the market. With people overwhelmed with too much to do and too little time, it’s unusual for one to be able to step out of the house for just one thing. My list is normally a mile long of a few errands I’ve been putting off, some element of work and probably trying to squeeze in some social time between appointments. In NYC, that means packing a change of shoes, my laptop and sometimes even a change of clothes. Versatility is key for my lifestyle. If the stuff I tote along with me can’t keep up, its going to end up staying in the closet. In the era of wearable technology, robotics and AI – why can’t a girl get a bag that’s just well, smarter? That’s why I’ve partnered with NAME, a luxury fashion brand to introduce their newest activewear bag. Taking a stance on redefining luxury, NAME understands that a women of our generation seek not only beauty and elegance in fashion, but …