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what’s in the bag | shoot day edition

travel bag

Happy near the end of the week fashion friends. In working with some amazing brands the past several weeks, I found it funny getting back into the mode of regular shoot-days to pack all the goodness in a short timeframe. In doing so, thought you guys might like to see what’s in the bag on shoot days.

what's in the bag

photography:KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | leather travel tote c/o:DAGNE DOVER | water bottle c/o:TEATANK | sneakers:ADIDAS ORIGINALS | scarf c/o:LULUS | lipstick c/o:BITE BEAUTY | sunnies c/o:WYETH

First matter of conversation, the bag itself. Just in from Dagne Dover, this beaut is a supple leather, multi-pocketed masterpiece of design. Why I love it? It has pockets. for. everything. iPad, laptop, cords, lipsticks, sunnies, phone – you name it. It has a place. In fact, it even has a nook for a water class or umbrella. Took it with my to NYC (and carried it around this very day) discovering that nook also makes a great carry area of cushion for a camera lens or other items you want to stay secure. Again preaching on quality over quantity, if you’re looking for an investment bag this could be your pot of gold. Check out the shots below… tried to get some deets of the pockets so you guys can really see it in use.

While on this particular journey, the contents are more work orientated (work keys, notebook, computer) I thought I’d focus this bag dump on what comes with for a fashion shoot for a day out. So check it out. These is the complete roll-out from shoot day!

what's in my bag bite beauty lipstick

When shooting multiple outfits in a day, my bag is primarily stuffed with every sort of accessory you can think of. Jewelry, sunnies and lipsticks for a quick change of looks for different outfits. Just got this new collection from Bite Beauty so it’s been play time for me on the daily. PS… no I don’t usually take my passport on shoot day… but it looked cute in the shot. Don’t judge.

adidas originals

No matter the look or accessory, you can bet I have my Adidas originals packed along for the ride. You’d be surprised how much walking around happens between shots, and comfort is always a priority. Phone is kept at easy access… you never know when there’s a story you might need to share.

Fun fact, shoot-days usually lead to grocery shopping (apparently photos make me hungry?!) and I always pick up a fresh bunch of flowers on my way out the door… also tossed into the bag. As many of you already know, I also totally freak on water… so a bottle is never too far from grasp.

travel bag


Outside of shoot days, it’s been my go-to grab for the office, and it’s large enough for a weekend bag if you pack smartly. It’s held entire outfits, shoes, sweaters, smaller bags, laptops (yes plural) makeup bag and more on a single go. Bet my bag is bigger than yours.

That pretty much wraps up my shoot-day grab-bag essentials! What do you cram in your bag? Between stuffing shoes with accessories and twisty-tying jewelry to hangers, sometimes the blogging life calls for some creativity. I’m still a work in progress, but at least this tote is helping me get there – one pocket at a time. And any accessory that’s going to help me stay organized, gets an up-vote from me.



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