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bermuda triangl

Couldn’t think of a better thing to write about than vacation to get through the mid-week blues. At least my mind can be in a happy place while my butt is glued to this uncannily uncomfortable office chair. Need a break but stuck in a swirling vortex of work and life chaos? Take a day – or a half day. Or a couple hours with your favorite glass of wine. The reset is crucial, especially when you don’t have time.

Eat, drink, breathe, repeat… then get your lazy butt back to work.

Only twice I have felt the sun and shade of palms this year. Once during my tour of India, and the other last weekend just for a day at the semi-local beach in VA. Posting a couple pictures of both to aid in my mental getaway. Also taking my new Tringl suit for it’s first spin. It’s made from scuba… how cool is that.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 + HTC RE | suit c/o:TRINGL | cosmetic bag c/o:SNAPMADE | portable charger c/o:LEPOW | nail laquer c/o:INTENSAE


Beach day essentials: reggae playlist, sunscreen, portable phone charger, a cold drink (or five) and you + me + sunshine.

RE CameraRE Camera 2015-0829-triangl-102015-0829-triangl-03_DSC0916RE Camera RE Camera2015-0829-triangl-152015-0829-triangl-13

Dear sun and shadows, thank you for making my butt and legs look way more toned than they actually are, now if only you could do that all the time… happy humpday!


  1. Those pictures look incredible, like the usual! :) I do love triangl bikinis, and that one not only is beyond gorgeous, it also looks perfect on you dear! Great post!

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