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filled with wanderlust for the sea

faded, so lost

A soft crackling noise can be heard from below, tiny crabs letting loose of the rocks, fleeing for the sea with the sound of our feet landing on each new stone. The air smells like salt with a hint of coconut breeze between, or perhaps that’s just what’s left of the island’s native beverage of choice lingering on my bottom lip. I lift my eyes slightly to see his feet leading the way, and up just farther into the expanse of the never ending horizon of the sea. After a 24 hour delay, we made it – this was India, on the shores of Port Blair of the Nicobar Islands. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR & KRISTINA PETRICK | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | location:PORT BLAIR IN THE NICOBAR ISLANDS, INDIA | dress c/o:JOAH BROWN After much ado, welcome into a few of the first moments of the travels across the world to a tropical escape tucked just far enough away to escape the touch of most human contact. Like a hidden corner of the earth left just …

bermuda triangl

Couldn’t think of a better thing to write about than vacation to get through the mid-week blues. At least my mind can be in a happy place while my butt is glued to this uncannily uncomfortable office chair. Need a break but stuck in a swirling vortex of work and life chaos? Take a day – or a half day. Or a couple hours with your favorite glass of wine. The reset is crucial, especially when you don’t have time. Eat, drink, breathe, repeat… then get your lazy butt back to work. Only twice I have felt the sun and shade of palms this year. Once during my tour of India, and the other last weekend just for a day at the semi-local beach in VA. Posting a couple pictures of both to aid in my mental getaway. Also taking my new Tringl suit for it’s first spin. It’s made from scuba… how cool is that. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:NIKON D90 + HTC RE | suit c/o:TRINGL | cosmetic bag c/o:SNAPMADE | portable charger c/o:LEPOW | nail laquer c/o:INTENSAE Beach …

running from waves

One more day by the sea. Though the mornings were beyond crisp, the afternoons were perfection with a light breeze and 70’s sun. Just enough to bring out more freckles on my face. I’m still in denial that they’re actually sun spots. I knew it would be much too cold to get in the water, so I opted for some knit Bermuda shorts (that I’m absolutely obsessed with) and a jacket. Needless to say, they were both wet by the time we departed. I just can’t resist the salty goodness. Also noticing I’ve put my slides through a lot, time to shop for a replacement pair! photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | fleece:NASTYGAL |  slides:NICOLE