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Who wants to detox when you can teatox? Introducing the newest health craze, teatoxing! Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like… (detox was so yesterday). If you haven’t already caught wind of it yet, you might live in a cave. But for those of you who aren’t quite sure, let me break it down for you. Detoxes became a huge phenomenon along with the trend of eating clean (no chemicals, artificial flavoring, etc) a few years back. It’s basically meant to tone up, loose a bit of weight, and cleanse out all the yucky stuff we eat everyday by limiting yourself to a select group of foods or liquids. TEAtoxing is basically the same thing. The difference… I still get to eat my pizza. That’s right ladies and gentleman… PIZZA. (not that I’m recommending chowing down on junk food in the process)… just saying, I don’t have a lot of self control. So a detox that allows me to keep my regular eating habits, sounds pretty good to me. The directions, simply sip a cup three times a day before meals. …

you and the moon

Worlds colliding this week with preparation for FFaNY and WWDMagic, in addition to having family in town for the next couple of days. Yet again, finding myself wishing there were a few extra hours in each day, but then – that’s better than wishing them away. The past few months have brought with them many changes, and I find my heart to be as restless as the world around me. On the brink of a breakthrough, or on the edge of devastation – some part of me finds pleasure in the conflict. It’s like being a speck caught in a whirlwind – and as unsettling as that might sound, the adrenaline rush is totally worth the ride. Carrying over the winds into this week’s wardrobe, I found myself playing a lot with combining sport elements into a casual-tailored blend. Those mornings when you find just the right combo and think… “yes. heck yes. today is going to be a killer day…” yeah, it was like that. photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | kimono:FOREVER21 | shoes c/o:CLARKS  |  double bar cuff c/o:ROCKSBOX (use code:DAYINMYDREAMSXOXO for a free …

white out instagram moment

Enjoying a bit of unseasonably warm weather in VA… and couldn’t resist a quicky of the #ootd. It’s been a crazy week as usually getting ready for shoe show season, and I have two more looks in the queue waiting for verbiage. So in the interim, stay posted with the all-mighty Instagram and it’s mastering of my on-the-spot capturing of moments! These were taken just a few hours ago, welcome to the nitty gritty inside of the corners of my life haha. Instagram: photography:KUNDAN KUMAR  | camera:iPHONE6 | overcoat:FOREVER21 | pleat skirt:ZARA | shoes:NICOLE