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whispers of the past

Welcome inside the famed Khajuraho temples of central India.The Chandela dynasty to be specific, between 950 and 150 AD. A hidden grove of ancient architecture, famed in darkness for it’s reputation of erotic sculptures lining it’s walls. I went in slightly braced, and hugely curious.

What I discovered, was a beautifully enchanting retreat that had a way of encompassing one with feelings of unchecked fantasy and whispers of the past.

Its sculptures were much for focused on that era of everyday lifestyle, war, peace, rulers, etc than that of a suggestive nature. Only small segments on one of the over 20 temples, displayed any form of sexuality. Though what they did show… they showed a lot. Like everything. And some pretty weird stuff too…

So on that note, let’s move on to fashion shall we? Disregarding the previous insights, India has actually an extremely modest nature throughout. So wardrobe options in 90 degree weather were limited. May I advise loose, breathable clothing should you venture there. The leather crop I’m wearing here was super cute and flattering with the flowing culottes. However,… it was soaked… by the time we left the temple. Kudos to Victoria’s Secret gel petals for holding up (literally) through the sweat bath.

Favorite pieces to note: new ChloeAlyson beadery. I make it a habit to pack light for trips, and these were one of the few accessories to make it with me on my journey. The artisanal nature of the styles is perfection for a wandering spirit.


photography:KUNDAN KUMAR | camera:CANNON 5D MARK III | top:NASTYGAL | culottes:NASTYGAL | bracelets c/o:CHLOEALYSON | shoes:OTBT


A special thanks to ChloeAlyson jewelry for providing me with the trip’s essential jewelry pieces. When Adriana contacted me, I was elated to be able to feature her pieces just in time for this India tour. The intrinsic value of her designs was exactly what I was looking for to compliment my basic pieces packed for the journey ahead. And can’t say enough about how much I was impressed upon receiving them!

Each piece came packaged in a cutely labeled gift box, with a sheer turquoise bag cradling the beadwork (which are crafted with the highest quality semi-precious stone beads and gold-filled toolings). Info card with the material and stone details included. All topped off with a neatly tied bow, which makes these babies great gift items if you’re looking for something unique and hand-crafted. I like supporting local, family run businesses, so you’ll be seeing more of these jems in posts to come. In the mean time, check them out!



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