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funnel necks and city views

One more post from the city as we toast to the show at the FFaNY after-party. Thank you for another beautiful show, until next time, cheers. Sporting a funnel neck in a sort of scuba material. Both big trends for the season, but definitely realizing it’s not ideal to wear during junk-food eating travel days #doublechin But still couldn’t resist sharing a few shots. No ootd info – mostly no names. Dread having to pack in a rush, but that’s what comes of back-to-back shows. When in doubt, basics come to the rescue.

2015 0202 funnel necks and city views 022015 0202 funnel necks and city views 032015 0202 funnel necks and city views 062015 0202 funnel necks and city views 05

Yeah and about this 8″ thick slab of flawless marble masterpiece framing my champagne… lusting.


    • you are too kind my friend. you should go white! only thing I’ve noticed is if it cracks… it’s really noticeable =/ but mine lasted about 2 1/2 weeks or so none the less!


  1. Tell me about that marble top, seriously something I need to lighten up my living room! You look amazing Kristina, working neutrals so well like a boss! Girl take care and have fun traveling! :) xo~ Lena

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    • thanks carmen! personally i love it… lightweight and doesn’t wrinkle easily (which is great for trips) it’s a bit stiff in comparison to most fabrics, so you have to like boxy cut


    • haha that’s ok, I’m falling quite behind myself. I think I’ll be glued to my computer catching up on everything for weeks after I return! X) thank you =)

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