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funnel necks and city views

One more post from the city as we toast to the show at the FFaNY after-party. Thank you for another beautiful show, until next time, cheers. Sporting a funnel neck in a sort of scuba material. Both big trends for the season, but definitely realizing it’s not ideal to wear during junk-food eating travel days #doublechin But still couldn’t resist sharing a few shots. No ootd info – mostly no names. Dread having to pack in a rush, but that’s what comes of back-to-back shows. When in doubt, basics come to the rescue. Yeah and about this 8″ thick slab of flawless marble masterpiece framing my champagne… lusting.

work hard, play harder, and eat a lot

At FFaNY! For any of you not in the shoe business (…probably all of you)  That is not some weirdly brilliant acronym I was cool enough to make up for your amusement, it’s a shoe show held 4 times a year in the city, and one of my bitchin perks of the job. The December show is the ultimate pleasure… it’s the first time our team gets to lay eyes on our new crop of product for the following year (so this time, we’re planning styles for our Fall/Winter 2015 collections). Wishing I could share a sneak peak at some of the eye-candy, but all under wraps for now! (AH THEY’RE SO GOOD!) X) Aside from the buzz and hustle at the showroom, a bit of time is also spent catching up with a few dear friends local there, enjoying the views and delicacies (so many treats for a small-town girl like me!), and of course, an insanely well-planned wardrobe. First day of the show, sporting perforated leather joggers (one of my prize investment pieces), …