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funnel necks and city views

One more post from the city as we toast to the show at the FFaNY after-party. Thank you for another beautiful show, until next time, cheers. Sporting a funnel neck in a sort of scuba material. Both big trends for the season, but definitely realizing it’s not ideal to wear during junk-food eating travel days #doublechin But still couldn’t resist sharing a few shots. No ootd info – mostly no names. Dread having to pack in a rush, but that’s what comes of back-to-back shows. When in doubt, basics come to the rescue. Yeah and about this 8″ thick slab of flawless marble masterpiece framing my champagne… lusting.

when i go

Back to the big apple for FFaNY, and it’s snowing. again. I’m fairly certain the shoe gods plan this particular feb event in coordinance with the most horrid weather days possible. Curse you shoe gods! One day, I’ll remember to pack snow boots. oh that’s right it’s a shoe show… so I’m not allowed to wear snow boots…. or any boots… <angry face emoji> Ah yes bliss. And there is more at stake than my frostbit piggies, with flights delayed or canceled, bad weather also makes for a slower-than-normal shoe show. WWDMagic show in Vegas is sounding better and better! (note: too bad I missed that show due to more snow. and two canceled flights). Dear shoe gods, where did I go wrong. Ok done whining. In all reality it was a fantastic trip, and thoroughly productive for myself and co-pals, and I’m getting SO pumped about the fall 2015 line of shoes. Plus we even had the luxury of having a few moments to ourselves to stroll around in the city… before I lost all feeling in my toes. About the clothes, I usually pack light …