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it started in september

Ever wonder what it would be like if every whimsical notion that popped into your head was not only entertained, but thought through and dissected for the possibility of execution – rather than locked away into your mind’s file cabinet of endless ideas without further engagement? Well, there would probably be a lot of failures, and impossible amounts of wasted time and resources. But a precious few of those ideas would be given the opportunity to escape the mind’s prison and become something beyond it’s otherwise zero potential, opening up a world of unlimited possibilities.

All that to say, today I’ve decided to start a journal of a day in my dreams.

This particular day was what I like to think of as perfection. Nothing is better than a warm breezy day in September being spent outdoors with nothing in particular pressing to do, other than take the time to enjoy the moment. Stop and get a cup of jo at the local coffee shop, take the pooch for an extended stroll, eat a cucumber wrap with hummus, and take a few quick snaps for my latest whim of choice: #bloggerlife.

I chose to wear one my favorite dresses by Zara. It embodies so many of my favorite qualities in my habit. It’s simple, neutrally toned, draped, and comfy. The slight geometrical reference of the neck area is a total bonus. I have an obsession with monochrome, so the accent pieces are all of the nude persuasion. Having a sweater tied has been my most handy accessory of sorts, especially during this time of the season when it’s warm and balmy in the day, and perfectly chilled in the evenings. Rings are my favorite jewelry, especially midi rings. The more the better. The slides are also a necessary mention. One of my staple pieces, I own these in three colors. Neutral for normal days, black for everyday, and leopard print for, well,.. other days.

2014 0928 blog 01
photography: KUNDAN KUMAR | camera: CANNON 5D MARK III | dress: ZARA | chunky sweater: H&M | light sweater: NEW YORK & CO | shoes: NICOLE | accessories: FRANCESCA’S

2014 0928 blog 03

2014 0928 blog 062014 0928 blog 07

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